Election Eve 2014 in Virginia


Greetings, folks. Yes, I know it’s quite some time since you’ve heard from me in this space, but I figured this was an important enough occasion for me to pop my head up. As those of us in Virginia no doubt already know, thanks to the deluge of election mailers, emails and robocalls, tomorrow is election day. Annoying as all that is and has been, everyone should still get out and cast an educated vote tomorrow, if they haven’t voted absentee already.

At stake this year is about one third of the U.S. Senate, the House of Representatives, and various of sundry gubernatorial, statewide, county, city and local races around the nation. As it stands, the Republicans currently hold the House, and the Democrats control the Senate, along with, of course, the White House. The electoral environment is particularly good for Republicans this cycle, more due to the combination of far-left ideology and rank incompetence on display by the Democrats than anything the Republicans themselves have to offer. Here in Virginia, U.S. Senator (and former Governor) Mark Warner is up for re-election, endorsed by his predecessor (no relation) John Warner, a notoriously weak Republican who was never popular with the grassroots among his own party. Mark Warner was actually a decent governor, aside from pushing the largest tax increase in Virginia history through the General Assembly. He was even fairly pro-gun as governor. Then he ran for U.S. Senate in 2008, promising to be a ‘radical centrist’ if elected. He has not been. As Republicans love to point out, he’s voted with President Obama 97% of the time. And he’s been effectively anti-gun, as his endorsement by MomsDemandingAttention/GunHysteriaNonsenseInEverytown shows:

Mark Warner voted for the Manchin-Toomey Amendment (S.AMDT.715) to S. 649, the Safe Communities, Safe Schools Act of 2013, which would require background checks for guns sold online, at gun shows, and through classified ads.

As such, the most important thing is for everyone to get out and vote AGAINST Mark Warner in Virginia. The aforementioned anti-gun nutbag hysteria machine has also endorsed some Democrats running for U.S. House in Virginia: incumbent Rep. Bobby Scott in the 3rd District, Don Beyer here in the 8th District, John Foust in the 10th, and incumbent Rep. Gerry Connolly in the 11th District. If you live in any of these districts, please get out and vote to DEFEAT these weasels.

Lastly, if you live in Arlington County, please, please, PLEASE vote for John Vihstadt for County Board tomorrow. He represents the only independent, non-Democratic voice on our board, and is carrying the banner of good government and fiscal responsibility. Want our horrendous roads fixed? Want to put a stop to the wasteful Artisphere, Columbia Pike streetcar, aquatic center and other vanity projects being pushed by the current Board majority? Support John tomorrow.

That is all.

Cowards, Corruption, and Conventions


By now, most observers of Republican politics here in the Old Dominion know what transpired down in Virginia Beach Monday evening. Gary Byler, the current chair of RPV’s 2nd Congressional District Committee, is a supporter of conventions to determine our statewide nominees, and the establishment old boy network of our state party doesn’t like conventions anymore, so they wanted to replace him. He elected NOT to run for re-election, and the Vice Chair of the 2nd, Curtis Colgate, stepped up. He also is a supporter of conventions, and is a fairly big donor, has a long history of party activism, and notably owns the historic Cavalier Hotel in Virginia Beach. Establishment Senator Frank Wagner (R-7th) put together a campaign for the chair of the 2nd before Byler announced he wasn’t running. You may remember Frank Wagner is the genius who introduced, along with his buddy Del. Scott Taylor (R-85th), bills in both houses of the General Assembly this past session to forbid any method of nomination except open primaries by ANY political party for statewide candidates. Thankfully, this effort went down to ignominious defeat after a popular outcry.

Senator Frank Wagner, the man who would be king.

Senator Frank Wagner, the man who would be king.

Back to Monday evening at the Virginia Beach Republican Party mass meeting. Sen. Wagner knew the Beach comprises 64% of the total voting strength at the 2nd Congressional District Convention this year, so he was kind enough to help slate the Virginia Beach delegation down to just 32, including himself and his most reliable minions. This was out of nearly 1,000 people who filed to be delegates. He disenfranchised all of these people simply because some of them were Colgate supporters. The hand count was NOT done through a ‘division of the house’, so that both sides get an accurate, fair count. It was orchestrated so Wagner’s people had every advantage. If it stands, he has 100% of the Beach’s voting strength, and is now guaranteed the chairmanship of the 2nd. Slating is something that’s done to remove ineligible or compromised voters, such as known members of another political party, etc. This was done so that Frank Wagner can win. No other reason. Del. Barry Knight (R-81st) and Sen. Jeff McWaters (R-8th), along with Taylor, helped organize and lead this effort. Del. Chris Stolle (R-83rd), chaired the mass meeting and played along. The rumor is that Sen. Wagner is planning to use this as a springboard to take control of the RPV State Central Committee over the next few years, and then run for Governor in 2017 in an open primary, which he will ensure is the mandatory method of nomination. Particularly distasteful is how Wagner, Taylor and co. hide behind the “Conventions disenfranchise members of the military!” canard. This is the worst, basest, craven cowardice. I’ll bet some of the nearly 1,000 folks you slated were military, Frank.

Senator Jeff McWaters, minion of both Bob McDonnell and Frank Wagner. He made his fortune off of Medicaid, through his firm AmeriGroup, which was then sold off to WellPoint. Real conservative.

Senator Jeff McWaters, minion of both Bob McDonnell and Frank Wagner. He made his fortune off of Medicaid, as CEO of AmeriGroup, which was then sold off to WellPoint. Real conservative.

Needless to say, I have no intention of standing by and letting this happen, and I know plenty of other grassroots Republicans leaders in the Commonwealth won’t either. If they get away with this sort of underhanded behavior here, it will happen all across Virginia. Not a chance. I plan to do my part to shine a light on this, have the Virginia Beach delegation either include everyone who filed, both at the RPV Convention in Roanoke and at the 2nd CD Convention, or have the delegation black flagged (disqualified). Then I plan to help ensure Wagner, McWaters, Taylor, Knight, and Stolle all face strong primary challenges next year. Should they gain nomination, I wouldn’t mind seeing conservative or libertarian independents in the general. These men are unworthy of being leaders, and certainly unworthy of the public trust.

Shak Hill For United States Senate

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As it stands, there are only two candidates for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate in 2014 that have a reasonable chance of leaving Roanoke with the nomination: Former RNC Chairman, former RPV Chairman and former Romney campaign adviser Ed Gillespie, and former Treasurer of RPV’s 10th Congressional District Committee and former USAF tanker pilot Shak Hill. Both men have been absolute gentlemen in my admittedly limited contact with them.

What separates the two men? Their ideology and their records. Ed Gillespie has a record of supporting the Medicare Part D boondoggle, supporting the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP, the bailout), supporting “comprehensive immigration reform” (amnesty), supporting the passage of HB 3202, the ultimately unconstitutional taxing plan as chair of the Republican Party of Virginia, helping found American Crossroads with conservative bête noire Karl Rove, lobbying for Enron, and long-term association with the Republican establishment. A partial list of these would be enough to seriously damage his conservative credentials; the complete list makes a mockery of them. Now he claims to be a pro-liberty conservative. But hey, he did raise a few million dollars for Rand Paul’s Senate campaign. So he’s got that going for him.

Shak Hill is on record opposing the bailouts, the stimulus, HB 3202, and amnesty, and cannot be accused of being a tool of the national Republican establishment. He also brings a compelling personal story to the table involving his wife’s victorious battle with cancer, and fostering of over 40 children, along with his service during the Gulf War. He’s a very strong supporter of gun rights, having gotten the endorsement of Gun Owners of America Political Victory Fund. He’s gotten the endorsement of longtime conservative activists like Jim Bowden and D.J. McGuire, and today he receives mine as well. I am proud to endorse Shak Hill for United States Senate.

Nanny Bloomberg sticking his nose in the Old Dominion’s business… again.


Readers of this blog are familiar with our opinion of “former Republican” Stalinist yankee lawn gnome and New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg (Summary: it ain’t good.) He’s spending close to $2 million trying to defeat Ken Cuccinelli, the pro-liberty, pro-gun, RLCVA-endorsed Republican gubernatorial candidate this year, due to his having the audacity to stand against the Gnome’s plans to eventually disarm us all. That’s bad enough. But to make matters worse, now, he’s pouring in over $1 million to defeat pro-liberty, pro-gun, RLCVA-endorsed Republican attorney general candidate Mark Obenshain, for the same reasons.

I have had more than enough of this clown interfering in Virginia politics. From trying to ban large size sugary beverages to his ceaseless assault on our Second Amendment-guaranteed liberties, the Gnome is wrong on practically every single public policy issue of any consequence. It’s bad enough that he may succeed in making Terry McAuliffe, a contemptible human being if ever there was one, the next governor of the Old Dominion, but he’s now trying to help Mark Herring, a standard issue anti-gun Democrat state senator, come from behind to defeat Obenshain. Folks, I’ve had occasion to meet Mark Obenshain a bunch of times during the campaign. We don’t agree on every single thing, just as I don’t with Ken Cuccinelli, Rand Paul or anyone else. That said, he’s honest, forthright, down to earth, and actually listens when you talk with him. He understands the value of personal liberty, and that it’s actually possible to respect it while simultaneously doing the job of enforcing the law. He knows who he is, what he believes, and why he believes it, and is actually dedicated to public service in the finest traditions of our Commonwealth. He’s also the only statewide candidate of the seven out there to have run a relentlessly positive, upbeat, issues-based campaign. He’s actually focused on why he wants to be Attorney General and what he’ll do with the job when he gets it.

We cannot simply stand by and permit anti-liberty out-of-state influences like the Gnome to have this kind of impact unopposed. To that end, I’ll just share the image from Mark’s campaign that came out earlier today (click on it) and you’ll know what to do:


And get out on Tuesday, November 5th, and VOTE VOTE VOTE for Mark Obenshain… and Ken Cuccinelli. Talk to everyone you know who’s undecided. Convince them, and do what you can to make sure THEY get out to support Ken and Mark.

And as for Michael Bloomberg, he needs to get lost and stay there, permanently. People like him have made places like NYC and most of the Northeast into what it is today. Let’s not allow them to do the same to Virginia.

This libertarian is voting Cuccinelli


I’ve been largely silent about the elections in Virginia, mostly because I’m burnt out on politics, but also because I find my libertarian self in the unenviable position of supporting the Republican candidate for governor.

It’s not just because I simply despise the slimy, smarmy, smug putrescence that is Terry McAuliffe, and it’s not because McAuliffe is a Democrat who is backed by the likes of the Clintons, supports destructive statist redistribution programs, has no real ties to Virginia, and is only using the Old Dominion as a rung on his political ladder. It’s not even because his entire platform consists of, “I used to run a business… LOOK! CUCCINELLI WANTS TO LEGISLATE YOUR VAGINA!”

It’s because as much as I want to support the LP’s candidate for governor, and as much as Rob Sarvis seems like a nice guy, he’s much less libertarian on things that really matter to me.

For the record, I’m more concerned about Sarvis wanting to “reform” rather than end the nanny-state health care system than I am about the fact that Cuccinelli’s personal views on marriage equality do not match mine.

I’m also more concerned about Sarvis’ support for a privacy-endangering miles driven tax than I am about whether or not Cuccinelli wants to regulate abortion clinics.

For the record, as a legal immigrant to this country, Sarvis’ intent to “protect” illegal aliens living in Virginia – people whose first act in the country they supposedly love is to violate basic laws for legal entry – bothers me a lot more than Cuccinelli’s nonexistent effort to ban birth control pills that the liberals have been touting, despite the fact that a thorough reading of the legislation they claim attempted to do, revealed it so did no such thing. At all.

To be sure, there are issues Ken Cuccinelli and I ardently disagree on, because I’m in no way a social conservative.

But you know what?

I’ll take a guy who wants the federal government out of marriage, has turned around on marijuana legalization, wants to reduce the influence of the federal government on the Commonwealth and kick the nanny state in the nuts over the guy who wants to ensure Virginia law protects those who violate laws, doesn’t mind some government control over health care as long as it’s “reformed,” and doesn’t seem to mind the state keeping track of your movements in order to tax you.

No thanks.

And while both the Libertarian Party and the Democrats are tripping over one another to paint Cuccinelli as someone who will stick a permanent speculum up the collective vaginal canal of Virginia’s women, even though, for instance, he opposed the idiotic attempt of theocratic nutjobs to force women into a transvaginal ultrasound before undergoing an abortion, Cuccinelli is actually more libertarian than the Libertarian.

And yet, here you have Libertarians opposing the guy who actually has an overall pretty libertarian record, because… ZOMG! CUCCINELLI WANTS TO REGULATE YOUR VAGINA!

Do me a favor, Virginia. Vote with your brain, not your genitals.

Bill Bolling shows his true colors…


…at last. Not that I’m surprised. Here’s the money quote:

Also surprising was the first public indication that Bolling, the Republican lieutenant governor who said he would not endorse Cuccinelli after being outmaneuvered by him in the primary fight, is actively pulling for McAuliffe. Bolling’s spokeswoman declined to comment.

This clown has undermined Ken Cuccinelli, as your humble correspondent has related, before. However, now it’s obvious that he’s actively supporting McAuliffe, the corporatist Clintonista huckster and former DNC chair the DPV has nominated for governor. Yes, the same guy who said in 2009 when he ran for governor in the Dem primary that he never wanted ‘another coal plant built.’ Bill Bolling doesn’t care about jobs, the economy, Virginians, or the Old Dominion itself. He cares only for his own political ambitions, petty jealousy, and sense of entitlement. Between Tax Hike Bob’s scandals, Bolling’s backstabbing, and the ridiculous quixotic Libertarian candidacy, Ken is in danger of losing a race he should win. Whatever happens, I personally pledge to do my part to see to it that Bill Bolling’s feeding time at the public trough is OVER for all time, and that he’s never elected to anything ever again. Bank on it… and every good conservative and libertarian should do likewise.

Today’s Primaries

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As anyone who’s been watching TV lately knows from the deluge of political ads, it’s primary day today in the Old Dominion. The Republican Liberty Caucus of Virginia made some endorsements in a few key Republican House challenges to incumbents, namely for Mark Berg, Dave LaRock and Dustin Curtis, which I wholeheartedly support. More here from RLCVA board member Joshua Huffman. I also want to offer some personal endorsements in other select primaries across the state.

First, in the 85th District, it is absolutely critical to support Gary Byler. He’s head and shoulders above his opponents, despite the extremely negative campaign Scott Taylor has waged against him. Gary stands for limited government, and is poised to win. Help him bring it home.

Second, I also want to offer my support to Delegate Todd Gilbert in the 15th District. He’s come under attack from the “Virginia Gun Owners Coalition” the past couple of months, a group I had never heard of before that. VCDL has supported Todd, and he is among the most pro-gun members of the House of Delegates, and also responded to the RLCVA candidate survey with very positive answers. He deserves re-election, and should be supported over his primary challenger.

Last, I want to address the statewide Democratic primaries going on today. I’d urge those participating to support Ralph Northam over Aneesh Chopra, and Justin Fairfax over Mark Herring. To me, those races are more about eliminating the worst candidates more than anything else.

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