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I love my job. My job is a public trust. The taxpayers pay me to provide what I consider to be a pretty important service, and in return they expect me to do my job to the best of my ability.

I take nothing for granted. My job could disappear tomorrow, and my bosses – THE TAXPAYERS – could decide they no longer need my services. It’s as simple as that.

Yes, I sometimes have to do things I don’t like. I have sat through all-day meetings. I have sat through mandatory training that lasted several hours. Staff meetings, PowerPoint presentations… you name it.

But I sit through them, and not once have I whipped out my phone and decided that the taxpayers will now pay me to play video games, instead of doing my job!

That’s why shit like this really pisses me off:

Yes, sir! It is a scandal! If my bosses caught me playing video games on my fucking phone during the work day, I would at the very least get a letter of reprimand, and at the very worst lose my job!

You may not take your job seriously, having been sucking on the taxpayer teat longer than I’ve been alive (slight exaggeration, but you know what I mean), but we, the people who pay your salary and your benefits, do take it seriously! And we take it seriously, because every decision you make affects us and our lives, you supercilious, arrogant, worn out colostomy bag!

We pay you to be one of the people who leads this country. We pay you to goddamn pay attention – especially when the hearing is about waging war and possibly sending our children into harm’s way!

So yeah, it is a scandal, John McCain! Maybe you should reexamine your fucking priorities, and remember who it is you’re working for, and who pays you to do the right thing!

Tax Hike Bob Is In Serious Trouble…

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…and it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. He needs to resign. Shaun Kenney has the story. And I think a lot of people owe Willie Deutsch an apology if he does. RLCVA board member Joshua Huffman has more.

I haven’t liked or trusted him since he immediately began running for Governor in 2005 upon being elected Attorney General by a razor-thin margin over Sen. Creigh Deeds, the same man he would best in the 2009 gubernatorial general election. I’ve met Bob McDonnell on roughly ten occasions, having had extended conversations with him twice, and he has come off as agenda-driven, ambitious (even by politician standards!), disingenuous, and always looking around the room to see who he should be talking to, regardless of who it is he’s speaking to at the time. In short, he’s an example of the problem with the Republican Party of Virginia. He, along with George Allen and Bill Bolling, marshaled their establishment hack minions on the RPV State Central Committee to depose Jeff Frederick as RPV Chairman and replace him with Uncle Pat Mullins, a longtime GOP establishment fixture in Virginia. This was all before he declared his candidacy for Governor and the deal was done with Bolling. They also recruited John Brownlee to try and stop Ken Cuccinelli from becoming the nominee for AG in 2009.

Upon becoming Governor, he made a litany of promises about how he was going to cut government, fix VDOT, etc. Name a conservative promise of good, honest and open government in Richmond, and he probably made it either during the campaign or immediately around the time of his inauguration. He deserves credit for floating the plan to sell off the state-owned liquor stores, but he didn’t really throw his full political weight behind it, so no one backed him up on it in the General Assembly. He spent a lot of time recruiting businesses to come to Virginia from various and sundry hopeless blue states, with a fair degree of success. The bad news: He often promises them goodies in the form of sepcial tax breaks, which of course, translate into tax increases on everyone else. He topped off his mediocrity of an administration by cooking up Plan ’13 From Outer Space with Bill Howell, Tommy Norment, Bolling and some Democrats in the GA, and passing it over the objections of conservatives.

Please, Bob. Just go. I’m sure Bill Bolling will be more than pleased to sit in the big chair, if only for a little while.

I Got Yer Obama Phone Right Here!


You remember this noxious piece of detritus last year, don’t you?

This is the screeching shrew who encouraged welfare hogs to vote for Obama, because he gives them free phones. “Obama phones,” she called them.

Good lord! The voice emanating from that foul maw make my ear drums melt and ooze out of my nose! If her shrieking, soul-gnawing howling doesn’t make you want to eviscerate her with a plastic butter knife, I don’t know what will!

Now, to be fair, the Lifeline program for the poor began quite a few years ago, and was meant to provide cheap phone service. It was expanded to cell phones during the Bush era, but has literally tripled in cost from 2009 to 2012!

Started in 1985, Lifeline pays companies $9.25 per customer per month. It disbursed $772 million in 2008 and $2.2 billion last year, according to the Universal Service Administrative Co., a Washington-based nonprofit that oversees the subsidies.

TracFone is the largest prepaid wireless company in the U.S., with 23.2 million customers at the end of March and $4.8 billion in revenue last year. Lifeline accounts for about 3.6 million of those customers…

TracFone received about a quarter of the funds from this taxpayer subsidy, and the fraud-ridden disaster benefits Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim.

The program became known as Obama Phones, because apparently hogs who like to live off the efforts of others saw Obama as the giver of free stuff. Kind of like the banshee in the video above.

But one is supposed to be truly needy to qualify for free stuff.  Recipients of the free Obama phones generally can’t earn more than 135 percent of the federal poverty line, which in most states is $23,550 for a family of four.  There are also regulations limiting the free phones to one per household. All paid for by a little fee tacked on to your phone bill called Universal Service Fund fee. Obama supporters will tell you that is not a tax, so technically taxpayers aren’t paying for free phones for these… ahem… disadvantaged.

Yeah… semantics.

You are paying for this program, and it has bloated into wasteful mess, which is where intrepid undercover reporter James O’Keefe comes in. O’Keefe’s Veritas Project uncovered massive fraud in the program, including free phone distributors giving away phones to people who suggest that they’ll buy expensive purses and even drugs after they sell their “free” phone!

More than $2 billion to give away phones to morally corrupt swine, who are so addicted to the public teat, they’re willing to vote for Obama just to get their free cell phones!

Your government in action. Aren’t you proud?


Dear Assholes of the United Nations…


Please go fuck yourselves.

Several times.

with a pickaxe.

You want to ensure that we can’t freely exercise our Second Amendment rights.

You want to tax us in order to “spread the wealth around.”

You want to steal from our innovators, our biggest producers and hardest workers and punish them for being self sufficient, bright, inventive and courageous enough to continue producing in an environment that your leftarded supporters have created, making it unprofitable and cumbersome to produce.

And you want us to hand over our freedoms, our earnings and our producers willingly – for the greater good – to an organization that mishandled, mismanaged and outright pocketed billions of dollars over the years and funneled our earnings to some of the world’s most odious dictators under the guise of “development.”

Again, screw you, your bureaucrats and every oozing, fetid, pus-filled maggot that supports you.

“Somebody needs to pay for aaaaaallllll my children…”


No job and no marketable skills? Check.

Squeezed out 15 fuck trophies by three different baby daddies? Check.

Living off society? Check.

Bitching because what she gets completely free just for having a clown car instead of a vaj is apparently not enough? Check.

This foul leech shits out kids as if they’re not even little humans who need care, but rather just byproducts of her sexual desire, and then has the gall to DEMAND that society pay for them!

She feels entitled to the earnings of hard-working Americans, because she has no marketable skills other than spreading her legs.

She wields her ignorance and incompetence like a claim check.

She blackmails society with her kids – by keeping them unwashed, barely clothed and hungry – counting on the guilt of others to compel them to support her and pay for her incompetence.

This is the face of evil, people. Remember it. Memorize it.

She and others like her don’t bring children into this world, because they love and cherish this new life they’ve created. They fuck without thought and use the innocent lives they create to extort support from others. These whores expect to be paid for their thoughtless reproduction – paid with your efforts and your earnings – paid for their senseless, savage moral corruption – paid for their crude abuses, instead of their virtues and values.

The children are an innocent byproduct of this woman’s narcissistic need to hump like a cat in heat.

Damn shame.

h/t: Lagniappe’s Lair

A truer cartoon has never been drawn

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For those of you unfamiliar with “Project Gunrunner,” it’s an ATF scheme to allow straw purchases of guns in the United States by those connected with Mexican drug cartels, then allow the guns to “walk” over the border into Mexico, then make their way into the paws of violent thugs – all under the watchful eye of the US gubmint, allowing them to track the guns and capture the bad guys.

Not so much, that.

The program was a FAIL. The ATF lost track of said guns.  American law enforcement officers died. Attorney General Eric Holder denied knowledge until “very recently” – at least until recorded proof surfaced in which he bragged about the program at a Mexican function.


There’s enough corruption to go around in this mess.

Here’s the original link to the cartoon.  Enjoy.

It’s what’s important

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Government is about to shut down. Congress can’t seem to agree on a budget. The leftards refuse to actually cut spending. Many people, including our military (who are, by the way, required to show up to work, regardless of the government shutdown) will not get paid until this whole budget mess is over.

But what is important to Zero?

Campaigning, of course!

He’s got a reelection to win, after all, even if he did promise to work hard until the budget was passed!

Obama’s team may not include the president himself. Despite the impasse in Washington over federal spending, the president as of early Wednesday was scheduled to give two speeches outside of Washington: one on energy in the Philadelphia suburbs, then another Wednesday evening to a group of black political activists in New York.

If the schedule remains intact, it will be the president’s first trip outside the capital since he officially declared Monday he will seek a second term. And while Obama (D) and his aides have repeated said he will not focus on his campaign in the next few months, his schedule may contradict those words.

Obama’s town hall on energy will be held at a wind turbine plant in the town of Fairless Hills in Bucks County, a well-known political bellwether in the Philadelphia area. While the city of Philadelphia overwhelmingly votes Democratic, its suburbs swing between the Democratic and Republican parties, making them crucial for Obama’s 2012 campaign.

Now we see what’s really important.

Congrats, America.  You elected this. Now enjoy the spoils.

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