Terrorists among us?

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In 2011, Waad Ramadan Alwan and Mohanad Shareef Hammadi were arrested by the FBI for terror-related activities, including planning to attack targets in the United States and sending weapons to extremists in Iraq. Alwan was apparently allowed in the United States as a refugee of the Iraq war. How did he get here? Apparently, he wasn’t the only one.

Several dozen suspected terrorist bombmakers, including some believed to have targeted American troops, may have mistakenly been allowed to move to the United States as war refugees, according to FBI agents investigating the remnants of roadside bombs recovered from Iraq and Afghanistan.

The discovery in 2009 of two al Qaeda-Iraq terrorists living as refugees in Bowling Green, Kentucky — who later admitted in court that they’d attacked U.S. soldiers in Iraq — prompted the bureau to assign hundreds of specialists to an around-the-clock effort aimed at checking its archive of 100,000 improvised explosive devices collected in the war zones, known as IEDs, for other suspected terrorists’ fingerprints.


An ABC News investigation of the flawed U.S. refugee screening system, which was overhauled two years ago, showed that Alwan was mistakenly allowed into the U.S. and resettled in the leafy southern town of Bowling Green, Kentucky, a city of 60,000 which is home to Western Kentucky University and near the Army’s Fort Knox and Fort Campbell. Alwan and another Iraqi refugee, Mohanad Shareef Hammadi, 26, were resettled in Bowling Green even though both had been detained during the war by Iraqi authorities, according to federal prosecutors.

The story goes on to assure us that the majority of Iraqi war refugees living here today are harmless, law abiding citizens. OK, let’s say I believe it. How many more are still here who are extremists and potential terrorists?  The FBI got two. Two. Worse yet, Alwan lived on the taxpayer dime, in public housing and on public assistance. All while planning attacks on Americans. How many more are here, living on public assistance, playing on the sympathies of the authorities, making up horror stories about their lives to gain entry to the United States?

Yes, the vast majority may be peaceful, but even one terrorist is too much. Two is too much. How many more?

The FBI acted on a tip when it began pursuing Alwan and Hammadi, and the nation lucked out. The article assures us that our screening techniques are being continuously improved. But again, I ask: how many more are already here?

And what about the civil war in Syria? Refugees are already pouring into neighboring nations from Syria, bringing diseases such as polio into nations that allow them to escape the crisis in their homeland.  More than 2.2 million Syrians have already registered as refugees, according to the United Nations. So far, they’re headed to Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt and Jordan. But the numbers are growing. How long before they begin to seek asylum in the West? In the United States? Al Jazeera reports that the United States has taken in only about 90 Syrian refugees so far. And the pressure is mounting for us to take in more.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) has an answer.

“About six months ago I organized a letter to the secretary of the Department of Homeland security – to grant humanitarian parole to about 6,000 Syrians who are trying to be reunited with their families here in the United States.” He says it’s something we can do to help with the refugee problem, “obviously just a small piece, given there are millions of refugees. But here’s an opportunity for us to do our part.”

With the humanitarian crisis mounting in Syria, do we honestly believe that there are no extremists and terrorists in the refugees’ midst? With all the suffering and confusion, would it really be so difficult for a terrorist to meld in with the thousands of people leaving their country? How long before pressure on the State Department results in a flood of refugees entering this country?

And what about the mounting pressure to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens living in this country? How many of them could be just waiting to attack this nation?

Probably not a lot. But it wouldn’t take a lot, now would it?

Traitors (UPDATED)


I’ve spent quite a bit of time processing what I know about the Tsarnayev brothers this weekend. I didn’t want to jump to conclusions or make emotionalist, rhetorical statements on my blog when I was upset and enraged that once again a terrorist attack could happen in our country. I needed time to cool off and examine the facts with a level head.

I was and am incensed! Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnayev were immigrants from Russia – just like me.

They came to this country with their families (ostensibly seeking freedom) – just like me.

They went to school here, grew up here, went to college here, had opportunities they would have never had in their country of origin – just like me.

But whereas I finished school, graduated from Johns Hopkins, served in the American military and continue to serve my nation the best way I know how – not just as a job, but as a “thank you” to the country that gave me so much and provided me with so many opportunities…

…these two monsters chose to spit on their adopted home and murder Americans.

They chose to ignore all the opportunities and freedoms they received here and to take up arms against the United States.

They chose to become terrorists – to murder innocent men, women and children – and to shoot police officers in the back of the head.

These were their choices. These two were legal adults. They became citizens of this nation. They swore an oath to be true to this nation’s laws.

And then, after taking advantage of all this country had to offer, they murdered innocent civilians in cold blood.

They are traitors. They are terrorists.

And I have come to the conclusion that they are enemy combatants, despite having become US citizens, and ought to be treated as such.

That decision was not easy for me to reach, because ultimately, I’m someone who is about rule of law, blind justice and human rights.

And as I think about what these two did, I can’t help but compare them to another traitor – Ana Montes.

In the aftermath of 9-11, it was easy to forget Ana Montes, who was probably one of the most prolific and dangerous spies America has ever seen. A lengthy article in the Washington Post this weekend recounts the saga of Ana Montes – her background, her crimes, her betrayals, her state of mind, and her motives.

Ana Montes was born in the United States.

She was a committed leftist, who hated the US government and saw it as an oppressor.

She methodically gained access to the highest classified information, and not only passed it on to the Cubans, but used her status as a top-notch analyst at the Defense Intelligence Agency, to advocate for a softer US approach to Cuba and understate the danger Cuba posed to the United States.

Ana Montes did it, because she shared an ideological link with the communists.

And while we don’t know what motivated the Tsarnayev brothers, I think it is safe to assess that at least the older Tsarnayev was motivated by religious ideology – radical Islam.

Ana Montes did it for her radical leftist ideology.

The Tsarnayev brothers appear to have done the same. ITAR-TASS reports the elder Tsarnayev took a trip to Dagestan and Chechnya and took an interest in radical Islam. His own comments on the Internet certainly confirm this, as do the Russians.

The FBI admitted that in 2011 they received a request “from the intelligence services of a foreign state,” which said that Tamerlan Tsarnayev is a supporter of radical Islam, and that, according to unconfirmed information, starting from 2010, he was preparing to leave the United States in order to “join an unnamed underground group” in the Russian Federation. However, a probe conducted in this connection detected “no evidence of terrorist activity.” In summer 2011, the FBI passed the collected data to the Russian authorities, requesting for “more specific additional information.” The US intelligence agencies have not received an answer to the request.

“Many experts in the United States say that jihad in the North Caucasus is not part of the global jihad, therefore the North Caucasus underground groups should be treated in a way different from al-Qaeda,” expert at the Centre for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies Vasily Kashin told the Vedomosti newspaper. “But the biography and actions of the Tsarnayev brothers have shown that this is not so,” Kashin said.

In the view of the expert, they are no different from people coming from Pakistan, Somalia, Arab countries and other troubled regions with passports of Western countries who travel to conflict zones, are inspired with the ideas of jihad there and are regarded by Western intelligence agencies as the main source of recruitment of terrorists.

Ana Montes was not a terrorist. She compromised assets, influenced US policy and betrayed her nation. But she was not a terrorist.

Montes spied for 17 years, patiently, methodically. She passed along so many secrets about her colleagues — and the advanced eavesdropping platforms that American spooks had covertly installed in Cuba — that intelligence experts consider her among the most harmful spies in recent memory. But Montes, now 56, did not deceive just her nation and her colleagues. She also betrayed her brother Tito, an FBI special agent; her former boyfriend Roger Corneretto, an intelligence officer for the Pentagon specializing in Cuba; and her sister, Lucy, a 28-year veteran of the FBI who has won awards for helping to unmask Cuban spies.

The Tsarnayev brothers were and are terrorists. They targeted innocent men, women and children at a public event. They caused panic. They prompted a near-shutdown of the city and caused terror among the populace. They caused us to lose confidence in our leaders.  Conspiracy theories about a “false flag” operation were tossed out before the blood was cleaned from the streets, and while these theories are mostly viewed as garbage by anyone with half a brain cell, they are out there – they’re on the forefront of people’s mind – and they’re propped up by the measures authorities took to catch the remaining terrorist, Dzhokhar Tsarnayev after the death of his older brother. This is exactly what terrorism is.  And they should be treated as such.

Both sets of traitors caused unspeakable damage.

Both sets were American citizens (Montes was natural born, while the younger Tsarnayev took the citizenship oath in 2011 – on September 11, of all dates).

I do understand the continued quest to assign a motive to these traitors’ actions. The Washington Post feature went to great lengths to explain Montes’ background, an abusive father, a love for the underdog, the desire to retaliate against authoritarian and the “arrested psychological development” due to her father’s explosive temper.

And yet, Montes’ sister and brother are both respected FBI agents. They are not traitors, and they appear to be – by all accounts – horrified by what their sister did, despite being raised in the same authoritarian home until their mother finally divorced their father and raised her four kids on her own. They appear to have gone to great lengths to elicit sympathy for Montes, who was described as lonely and aching for love and respect.

Spying was lonely. Montes could confide only in her handlers. Family gatherings and holidays with her two FBI siblings and their FBI-employed spouses became tense affairs. At the beginning, the Cubans provided enough of a social life. “They were emotionally supportive. They understood my loneliness,” Montes told investigators. But as she turned 40, Montes became despondent. “I was finally ready to share my life with someone but was leading a double life, so I did not feel I could live happily,” she revealed. The Cubans set her up with a lover, but after a couple of days of fun, she realized she would not find happiness with a “mail order” groom.

Ana’s alienation only grew when, by strange coincidence, [her sister] Lucy began working on the biggest case of her career: a massive crackdown on Cuban spies operating in the United States. It was 1998, and the Miami field office had uncovered a Cuban spy ring based in Florida, the so-called Wasp Network. More than a dozen members strong, the Wasp Network was infiltrating Cuban exile organizations and making inroads into U.S. military sites in Florida upon its capture. For Lucy, the Wasp case marked the crowning achievement of her career. The FBI had called on her to translate hours of wiretapped conversations of Cuban spies who were trying to penetrate the U.S. Southern Command base in Doral. Lucy earned praise from the FBI brass and an award from a local Latin chamber of commerce. But she never shared the news with Ana. Although Ana was one of the preeminent Cuba experts in the world and should have been ecstatic that her sister had helped expose a Cuban spy ring, Lucy was convinced Ana would just change the subject. “I knew she would have no interest in hearing about it or talking about it,” Lucy said.

But Lucy’s triumph became Ana’s despair. Ana’s handlers suddenly went dark. They refused to contact her for months as they assessed the fallout from the investigation. “Something that gave me fulfillment disappeared,” she later told investigators. Ana bottomed out. She experienced crying spells, panic attacks and insomnia. She sought psychiatric treatment and started taking antidepressants. CIA-led psychologists would later conclude that the isolation, lies and fear of capture had triggered borderline obsessive-compulsive traits. Montes began showering for long stretches with different soaps and wearing gloves when she drove her car. She strictly controlled her diet, at times eating only unseasoned boiled potatoes. At a birthday party at Lucy’s home in 1998, Ana sat stone-faced and barely spoke. “Some of my friends thought she was very rude, that there was something seriously odd with her. And there was. She was cut off from her handler,” Lucy said.

Meanwhile, as more details begin to emerge about the Tsarnayev brothers, sources are beginning to blame the older Tamerlan, who was indoctrinated into radical Islam, for corrupting his impressionable, younger brother.

But you know what? None of this matters to me.

Psychologically, the traitors are an interesting study. From a profiling standpoint, it’s nice to know and understand a little about their motives.

But overall, as far as I’m concerned, there’s no excuse.

Ana Montes was solely responsible for her actions. She was a radical socialist, who wanted to challenge the capitalist country where she was born. She did this on her own. Her father was not responsible for her actions. She was. Montes’ sister Lucy refuses to make excuses for her sibling.

…While her late father did have a frightening temper, Lucy also remembers him as a compassionate man with solid values. “We all grew up in the same household, we all had the same parents, so you can’t blame everything on what happened at home,” Lucy said. “If there’s one thing my father taught us, it’s respect for the law and authority. It never even entered my mind that my sister would be capable of such a thing, because we weren’t raised that way.”

Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnayev were raised in this country from childhood. They enjoyed the rights and freedoms this nation affords more than any other country on earth, and they spit on it. They spit on a nation that gave them refuge, opportunities and freedoms they would not have had in their homeland. But they chose to place bombs at the feet of innocents and watch as a little boy lost his life. Dzhokhar stood feet away from a little boy and his family and callously placed a bomb that ended a child’s life.

There is no amount of rationalization that will mitigate this fact. None.

I don’t care how young and impressionable he was. Placing a bomb at the feet of a child should be considered morally repugnant, no matter what kind of influence your big brother had! And if that didn’t occur to Dzhokhar, he shouldn’t be inhabiting this earth.

I disagree with some of my friends who assert that Tsarnayev should be treated like a criminal.  The definition of “enemy combatant,” according to dictionary.com is:  any member of the armed forces of a state with which another state is at war; also, any person in an armed conflict, including terrorism, who could be properly detained under the laws and customs of war.

Tsarnayev took up arms against the United States.  He engaged in an act of terrorism against US citizens. And he took part in a jihad, a war waged by the radical Muslims against the United States and its citizens. This was not just a simple crime, and shouldn’t be treated as such.

They were not just traitors to this country, but they also waged war against it as part of a larger radical jihad.

Not only do they not qualify as common criminals, but they also do not deserve the Constitutional rights meant to protect the citizens of the nation they betrayed.

I’m not a lawyer. My opinion is about as informed as anyone else’s on the matter. But these are my thoughts, for what it’s worth.

UPDATE: It doesn’t really matter what I think. Tsarnayev will not be charged as an enemy combatant.

Marathon Complaint

Using and conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction resulting in death.

Malicious destruction of property by means of an explosive device resulting in death.

It’s Over


Boston is free of yet more Islamic militant scum.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev is dead. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has been captured. Their little jihad is over.

David Sirota must be weeping hysterically, wiping his dripping nose with his sleeve and pounding his keyboard in frustration that the bombers turned out to be Islamist Chechnyans instead of white Americans.

The End.

Two Chechnyans Attack the US (UPDATED)


Just a quick update on the Boston bombing situation. From what I understand, two brothers from Chechnya entered this country legally. They are the ones responsible for the explosions at the Boston Marathon.  One (the one in the black hat) is dead after a shootout with police. The other one is still out there, and a massive manhunt is underway.

Boston has essentially been shut down. No schools. No businesses. No public transportation. Nothing.

The suspects were identified to The Associated Press as coming from the Russian region near Chechnya, which has been plagued by an Islamic insurgency stemming from separatist wars.

A law enforcement intelligence bulletin obtained by the AP identified the surviving suspect as Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev (JOE-khar Tsahr-NEYE-ev), 19, of Cambridge, Mass.

The two men are suspected of killing a Massachusetts Institute of Technology police officer on campus in Cambridge late Thursday, then stealing a car at gunpoint and later releasing its driver unharmed.

No more details for now. I’ll update as needed.

Police have descended on a home in Watertown. Stand by.

Third person of interest – a member of the suspects’ family.

Activity on the ground in Cambridge.

Both activities have calmed down for now. Police going door-to-door.


Watch live streaming video from necn_live at livestream.com

Boston Bombing Suspects


The FBI has released images of the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing.


Please look closely and contact the FBI with any information.

If you know these guys, help the FBI get them!

It took a whole 24 hours for Jim Moran to exploit Boston bombings to push gun control


We know he’s shameless. We know he’s corrupt. We know he’s a disgusting thug, who will tell any lie and hurl any insult to advance his leftardist agenda. So I really shouldn’t be surprised at the following letter. But Jim Moran’s gall is appalling, and what’s worse, judging by my limited interaction with his drooling, fucktarded supporters, they will nod enthusiastically upon reading this dreck and toss this bastard more money for his re-election campaign.

What occurred in Boston is a sad reminder that terrorist threats are a part of all our lives. But they will not damper the American spirit that defines us. Even in the midst of yesterday’s chaos, first responders, volunteers, runners and spectators rushed to the bomb site to help the injured, putting the lives of their fellow man ahead of their own personal safety. That instinctive call to action to help our fellow citizens is part of what makes this country great, and why no act or acts of terror will ever break us.  

Today is also the sad milestone of a horrible massacre that occurred close to home, in Blacksburg, Virginia. On April 16, 2007, 32 students and teachers were murdered on the campus of Virginia Tech in a senseless act of gun violence.

In the six years since the massacre at Virginia Tech, over 180,000 people have been killed by gun violence, including murders, suicides, and accidental deaths. And last December, our nation was once again reminded of the fragility of human life when 20 young children and 6 adults were murdered in Newtown, Connecticut.

Following the tragedy in Newtown, millions of Americans in communities across the country have joined together to call for improvements in our gun laws.


Today is the day after a tragic bombing in Boston, and as you remember the horror, also remember that six years ago – on the day after yesterday’s bombing, a gun walked in and killed a bunch of people at Virginia Tech…

Or something…

Over the next few weeks, the Senate will consider legislation to expand background checks to all commercial gun purchases, strengthen gun trafficking laws, and increase funding for school security measures.  I am hopeful that the Senate will pass meaningful gun reform legislation and that Republican leadership in the House will allow an up or down vote on the bill.

Because allowing an up or down vote on more infringements on your Second Amendment rights will prevent more bombs… um… or pressure cookers and shrapnel. We must check you out before you buy kitchen implements. And also running is bad for you, so we need background checks.

Or something…

Expanded checks are the only systematic way to keep guns out of the hands of felons, the severely mentally ill, and other dangerous people.  Far from creating new gun laws, mandatory background checks simply allow for the enforcement of laws already on the books.  This is a common sense reform that polling shows is supported by 90 percent of the American public, 82 percent of gun owners, and even 74 percent of NRA members.

Yesterday, pressure cooker bombs went off in Boston, and today we remember those who died in those bombings by pushing for more gun control, which would not have prevented a massacre six years ago in a gun-free zone.

Or something…

Now Congress must act. We owe it to the victims at Virginia Tech and everyone whose lives have been touched by the horrors of gun violence to enact sensible gun safety legislation. As we remember the lives lost and forever changed by the massacre six years ago, let us come together as a nation in continued vigilance against gun violence.

Because only background checks will stop bombings in Boston.

Or something…

Leave it up to Moran to exploit yet another tragedy that has absolutely nothing to do with gun violence to promote the destruction of your rights!




Assholes at Salon: Let’s hope the Boston Marathon bomber is a white American


You think I’m kidding? Loathsome asstards at Salon actually published this drooling dreck of a piece by some self-loathing, metrosexual cockgobbler named David Sirota, who vomits his sincere desire to see a white guy be responsible for the murder of three, including a young child, as well as hundreds of grave injuries.


Because you see, since white people are privileged, and therefore aren’t immediately suspected of terrorism. It’s mostly the poor, underprivileged minorities that get the blame and are “collectively slandered” whenever mass murders happen.

…privilege tends to determine: 1) which groups are — and are not — collectively denigrated or targeted for the unlawful actions of individuals; and 2) how big and politically game-changing the overall reaction ends up being.

This has been most obvious in the context of recent mass shootings. In those awful episodes, a religious or ethnic minority group lacking such privilege would likely be collectively slandered and/or targeted with surveillance or profiling (or worse) if some of its individuals comprised most of the mass shooters. However, white male privilege means white men are not collectively denigrated/targeted for those shootings — even though most come at the hands of white dudes.

Likewise, in the context of terrorist attacks, such privilege means white non-Islamic terrorists are typically portrayed not as representative of whole groups or ideologies, but as “lone wolf” threats to be dealt with as isolated law enforcement matters. Meanwhile, non-white or developing-world terrorism suspects are often reflexively portrayed as representative of larger conspiracies, ideologies and religions that must be dealt with as systemic threats — the kind potentially requiring everything from law enforcement action to military operations to civil liberties legislation to foreign policy shifts.

There is so much FAIL here, I’m getting a headache just thinking about it!

Apparently, even though data show that more terrorist attacks have been perpetrated by non-Muslims than Muslims, Shitslurper over there is upset that we’re waging a “War on Terrorism,” because it’s, by its nature a war on Muslim terrorism.

Let’s take a look and see how many fundamentalist Muslim attacks we have seen since 2000, shall we? But instead of using a link from an obviously biased source like ThinkProgress used by Shitslurper, let’s use… oh… Wikipedia.

  1. 2000 H. Rap Brown(Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin) shoots two police officers
  2. 2000 New York terror attack
  3. 2000 millennium attack plots
  4. 2001 September 11 attacks
  5. 2002 Los Angeles Airport shooting
  6. 2002 José Padilla (Abdullah al-Muhajir) Plot
  7. 2002 Buffalo Six
  8. 2002 John Allen Muhammad (Washington Sniper) killings
  9. 2003 Columbus Shopping Mall bombing plot
  10. 2004 financial buildings plot
  11. 2005 Los Angeles bomb plot
  12. 2006 Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar SUV attack
  13. 2006 Sears Tower plot
  14. 2006 Seattle Jewish Federation shooting
  15. 2006 Toledo terror plot
  16. 2006 transatlantic aircraft plot
  17. 2007 Fort Dix attack plot
  18. 2007 John F. Kennedy International Airport attack plot
  19. 2009 Little Rock recruiting office shooting
  20. 2009 Bronx terrorism plot
  21. 2009 Dallas Car Bomb Plot by Hosam Maher Husein Smadi
  22. 2009 New York subway and United Kingdom plot
  23. 2009 Fort Hood shooting
  24. 2009 Colleen LaRose arrested (not made public until March 2010)
  25. 2009 Failed Christmas bombing of Northwest Flight 253 (a.k.a. “Underwear Bomber” incident)
  26. 2010 Attempted suicide car crash on Whitestone Bridge
  27. 2010 2010 Times Square car bombing attempt
  28. 2010 King Salmon, Alaska local meteorologist and wife assassination plots
  29. 2010 Alleged Washington Metro bomb plot
  30. 2010 Alleged car bomb plot against Portland, Oregon Christmas tree lighting ceremony
  31. 2010 Alleged plot to bomb military recruiting center in Catonsville, Maryland
  32. 2010 Abu Talhah al-Amrikee death threats to South Park Creators- See: Zachary Adam Chesser
  33. 2011 Alleged Saudi Arabian student bomb plots
  34. 2011 Manhattan terrorism plot
  35. 2011 Lone Wolf New York City, Bayonne,NJ pipe bombs plot.
  36. 2011 Alleged plot to attack Pentagon, U.S. Capitol with model aircraft packed with explosives
  37. 2012 Car bomb plot in Florida.
  38. 2012 February 17: An illegal immigrant from Morocco was arrested near the Capitol after an undercover investigation into an alleged plot to carry out a suicide attack on the national landmark that houses Congress. Amine el-Khalifi, 29, was picked up while carrying an inoperable gun and a fake suicide vest provided to him by undercover FBI agents posing as al-Qaeda associates.

These are the attacks of which we are aware. I’m fairly sure there are more the general population knows nothing about. But let’s go with 38.

In comparison, since 2000, the number of other attacks is as follows:

KKK violence – 0

White Supremacy – 1 (The Spokane bombing attempt)

Christian Extremism – 1 (the guy who killed abortion provider George Tiller in 2009)

Black militancy – 1 (the nuts who planned the Sears Tower plot)

Jewish militancy – 1 (the JDL plot to blow up the King Fahd Mosque)

The only lunatics who rival the Muslims in the number of attacks are the eco-terrorist assholes, who are responsible for millions of dollars worth of property damage, but generally stick to vandalism and break-ins instead of targeting innocent Americans. But while I don’t discount them here, they’re a different animal altogether (no pun intended).

But according to this emasculated fuck, poor Muslims are constantly suspected in bombings such as this latest one in Boston, and IT’S JUST NOT FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIR!!!

And that’s why he hopes that a white American committed this crime. Because the perpetrator matters.

The death of a child doesn’t matter.

The deaths of two others don’t matter.

Loss of limbs, blood, gore and agony don’t matter.

What matters is that the poor Muslims will get the blame!

This is proof positive that the assholes at Salon who published this written diarrhea and its author are heartless, repugnant, pernicious shitstains.

In case you didn’t know.

You’re welcome.

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