Happy Tax Day

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WTF is a “Snooki”

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and why is it in the news? And why does it matter for what politician it votes?  And why is it so revoltingly orange, that orangutans in a zoo are hurling their excrement in a jealous rage?

First, Snooki took on Obama over Twitter. Then, Obama said he didn’t even know who she was. And on Thursday night’s second season premiere of MTV’s “Jersey Shore,” Snooki took the ball back, and went after Obama again.

In one scene, Snooki — with her impressively orange tan — broke the shocking news that she’s been staying away from her home away from home: Tanning salons.

“I don’t go tanning anymore because Obama put a 10% tax on tanning. McCain would never put a 10% tax on tanning. Because he’s pale and would probably want to be tan,” she said.

Congratulations, America.  This is what votes for politicians in this country, and that’s why you’re left with the shoddy choices at election time.

And you wonder why this country is so monumentally fucked?  Because this insipid twat’s vote counts as much as yours!

This should be our new Great Seal

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Someone in Washington State has a terrific sense of humor… or a terrific understanding of reality.  A measure filed with the Secretary of State of Washington proposes changing the seal of the State of Washington from a depiction of George Washington to…

…a tapeworm dressed in a three-piece suit attached to the lower intestine of the taxpayer as the central figure and encircling the vignette the words, “Committed to sucking the life blood out of each and every tax payer.”

Given the current Congress and Administration, the seal would be more appropriate in Washington, DC.

Here comes the econ

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For those of you still doubting that this administration is economically boneheaded, I present…

More evidence!

In order to boost government revenue at a time of slow economic growth to fund their insane spending spree, the libtards have decided to hone in on capital gains.  That is, they want to tax them some more.


Maybe they should hire REAL economists for the job?

Oh, NOW the debt is unsustainable?


So three weeks ago, when the Congresscritters betrayed those who put them in office by passing a measure that would give them control of a huge chunk of the American economy, the Congressional Budget Office claimed the bill was deficit neutral. Now that it’s been signed into law, not so much.

The nation’s fiscal path is “unsustainable,” and the problem “cannot
be solved through minor tinkering,” the head of the Congressional Budget
Office said Thursday morning.

Doug Elmendorf, best known for arbitrating the costs of various health
care proposals, added his voice to a growing chorus of economic experts
who predict dire consequences if political leaders don’t scale back
spending, increase taxes or both — and soon.

Elmendorf noted a recent CBO report that pegged an increase in the
public debt from $7.5 trillion at the end of 2009 to $20.3 trillion at
the end of 2020 if President Barack Obama’s fiscal 2011 budget were to
be implemented as written. As a percentage of gross domestic product,
the debt would rise from 53 percent to 90 percent, CBO forecasted. The
last time the percentage was that high was right after World War II.

The Maastricht Criteria for joining the Eurozone mandates that the national debt be no more than 60 percent of GDP and the deficit be no more than 3 percent of GDP.  With our deficit projected to rise to more than 11 percent of GDP this year, we couldn’t join the Eurozone even if we wanted to! 

But now, that Obama has signed the health care bill into law… NOW the CBO tells us, “Ooops!”

And of course, they’re now going to use the CBO’s minor boo boo to push for a value added tax! “Oh, we’re sorry!  Now that we passed this monster bill, and our fiscal situation is unsustainable, we need some way to fix it, so we have to implement yet another tax!

Dan Mitchell explains more.

The real-world evidence shows that VATs are strongly linked with both
higher overall tax burdens and more government spending. In 1965, before
the VAT swept across Europe, the average tax burden for advanced
European economies (the EU-15) was 27.7 percent of economic output,
versus 24.7 percent of GDP in the United States. But the Europeans began
imposing VATs in the late 1960s, and now the European Union requires
all members to have a VAT of at least 15 percent. Good news has not
followed. By 2006, the average tax burden for EU-15 nations had climbed
to 39.8 percent, versus 28 percent in the United States. The spending
side? In 1965, pre-VAT, government spending in EU-15 nations averaged
30.1 percent of GDP, against 28.3 percent in the United States. By 2007,
government spending consumed 47.1 percent of GDP in EU-15,
significantly higher than the US burden of 35.3 percent. Nor has the VAT
stopped Europe from raising other taxes. Taxes on income and profits
consumed 8.8 percent of GDP in Europe in 1965 — below the US level of
11.9 percent. By 2006, the European burden had climbed to 13.8 percent
of GDP, slightly higher than the 13.5 percent US figure. (The same trend
holds for corporate-tax data.)

How much longer will the thinkers and producers of this country tolerate this rape of their earnings and achievements?

Top reasons NOT to use Turbo Tax this tax season


Did Geithner use Turbo Tax?  Maybe!

1 – They’re incompetent. They make mucho mistakes, they claim to check for errors, and they screw the pooch, for which you will wind up paying out the nose

I was a deployed Soldier in 2006 and 2007.  A Soldier deployed to a hazardous duty zone.  My now-ex husband used Turbo Tax to file our taxes for those two years.  He followed the instructions precisely, and Turbo Tax supposedly checked his work.  We got refunds for those two years.

Seven months ago, the state of Virginia contacted me and informed me that I owed them $1500.  That’s right – one thousand, five hundred dollars.  My first reaction was “WTF??????????”  My ex called the state Department of Taxation and was informed that Turbo Tax was wrong. We owed money, and they expected $1500 from us, including interest and fees.  My ex then called Turbo Tax, and they promised to carefully study the case and take care of the problem if the error was on their part.

After we sent them copies of all returns and all other relevant paperwork.

OK.  Fine.  The paperwork was sent.  They promised to get back to us in 6 weeks.  We waited.

On another note, I talked to my tax preparer this year, and he informed me that he corrects more mistakes on Turbo Tax returns than he cares to mention.  Would have been nice to know two years ago…

2 – They stall.  Turbo Tax people are much like health insurance companies. I think they just keep you hanging until you just get sick and tired of it all and quit harassing them.

We waited six months.  They did not get back to us.  In the meantime, I had arranged a payment schedule with the State of Virginia, and was dutifully making my payments, while awaiting an answer from Turbo Tax.  An answer that never came.

My ex finally called them to see what the problem was.  They claimed they never received one piece of paperwork.  They claimed they contacted him about it. They claimed they needed that piece of paper to process our case. 

He says he doesn’t remember receiving that communication.

OK… mistakes happen, I suppose.  So he dutifully dug up the one piece of paper they claim they needed and faxed it to them.

We waited again.

We’re still waiting.

He called.  Several times. They had him on hold for so long, he finally gave up.  He emailed them.  They claimed they never received the paperwork he faxed them.  From a government fax.  The kind that usually gives you a confirmation that your fax went through – at least every government fax I’ve ever used does.  This time they didn’t even bother claiming that they contacted us about the missing paperwork.  They did no such thing.

You know how your health insurance company will deny your claim, put you on hold when you call, give you the runaround, deny your claim again, and stall until you get sick and tired of dealing with them and just pay your bill?

Yeah.  That’s Turbo Tax.

3 – They lie. Their claims that they contacted us regarding this missing paperwork ring hollow, especially in light of the fact that the paperwork was faxed to them again from a government fax machine, and they still claim they don’t have it.  They didn’t bother contacting us, and I don’t believe they bothered the first time around either.

I realize that this is tax time, and they’re busy.  But you know what?  Customer service doesn’t end when their product is purchased and the taxes are filed.  We’re out $1500 because Turbo Tax screwed up, and then refused to take responsibility for their mistakes.

Instead they just choose to claim they never received the necessary paperwork and avoid accountability altogether.

Nice, Turbo Tax.  Real nice.

Well, since you refuse to deal with the problem you created, choosing instead to simply give us the runaround, I have news for you.

I will publish this publicly, and I will spread the links far and wide.  I’m not saying my little problem will bankrupt you.  I’m sure that’s not the case.  But I will certainly make sure that as many people as possible know how duplicitous, lying, pathetic and incompetent you people are.

Oh, and by the way, I’m apparently not the only one who has issues with Turbo Tax.

And apparently I’m not the only one who has had issues with the State Tax filing either.

In other words, Turbo Tax – YOU ARE REPULSIVE!

I’m beginning to think Tim Geithner had a good excuse.

Taxing the rich

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Did I somehow enter Bizarro world?  Am I in some kind of medically induced coma? Did I fall down a rabbit hole?  Is the New York Times actually saying that Obama’s plan to tax only the rich is unrealistic and will not work?

Yep, apparently they are.

Behind Democrats’ struggle to pay the $1 trillion 10-year cost of President Obama’s
promise to overhaul the health care system is their collision with
another of his well-known pledges: that 95 percent of Americans “will
not see their taxes increase by a single dime” during his term.

This will not be the last time that the president runs into a
conflict between his audacious agenda and his pay-as-you-go guarantee,
when only 5 percent of taxpayers are being asked to chip in. Critics
from conservative to liberal warn that Mr. Obama has tied his and
Congress’s hands on a range of issues, including tax reform and the
need to reduce deficits topping $1 trillion a year.

Now, I want to put aside for a moment the idea that taxing the most productive, hardest working members of society is somehow moral. It’s not. It’s penalizing achievement and hard work, and it’s a morally repugnant principle.

But Obama’s promise to tax “the rich” to pay for every boneheaded social welfare program he and his socialist posse in Congress brew up in the dark of night will leave no “rich” left to abuse in a very short time. Someone has to pay at some point, and taxing the rich into poverty will leave only us – the middle class – as the new “rich.”  It will reduce production (after all, who wants to work hard, achieve and succeed if they know that the government will only appropriate everything they think is extraneous profit and redistribute it to others?).

So who will be left to pay?

Mr. Obama’s vow to tax only the rich is a variation “of Bush’s
policy that nobody has to pay for anything,” said Leonard Burman, a
veteran of the Clinton administration Treasury and director of the
nonpartisan Tax Policy Center.

“Democrats are more worried about
the deficits,” Mr. Burman added, but “they put the burden on a tiny
fraction of the population that they figure doesn’t vote for them

Mr. Burman and others recall that in the creation of
Social Security and Medicare, Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt and
Lyndon B. Johnson insisted that beneficiaries contribute through
payroll taxes, both to finance the programs and to give all Americans a
vested interest. The same philosophy should apply to seeking universal
health coverage, they say.

This idea that everything new that
government provides ought to be paid for by the top 5 percent, that’s a
basically unstable way of governing
,” Mr. Burman said.

Whoa!  Did a Democrat, and a former Clinton Administration Treasury staffer just say that???

Will the current administration listen?

Don’t bet on it.

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