I used to get so angry when my family referred to my late brother’s alcohol and drug abuse as a “disease!” They would tell me how he was “sick,” and how I should have felt sympathy for him.

I did not.

Calling him “sick” diminished the very real fight of every cancer survivor and the plight of diabetics, people who contracted cholera, polio, meningitis, plague, and every other actual disease!

Sure, he got sick from his alcohol and drug abuse. He had liver issues, blood problems, edema, etc. Yes, he was sick. But make no mistake – alcoholism and drug abuse in and of themselves are not sicknesses. They are CHOICES. And those choices result in sometimes tragic consequences. But they are, in fact, choices. And I refuse to feel sorry for grown human beings who choose to abuse their bodies and then demand we give them sympathy and money to counter the illnesses that result from said choices!

No. Just no.

That’s why Matt Walsh’s blog entry on obesity hit home for me as well. As someone who has a hard time losing weight and must work her ass off to do so, this entry is particularly relevant.

Bottom line: stop treating choices as illnesses, stop acting like victims, and get up off your ass and do something about it.

Originally posted on The Matt Walsh Blog:

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According to a new study, it does more harm than good to label obesity a “disease.”  Shockingly, the study finds, when you tell people that they are victims and that they have no control over their physical condition, you ultimately discourage them from attempting to improve themselves.

So when the American Medical Association suddenly decided to throw science out the window and declare that body fat is a disease like cancer or malaria, they knowingly and purposefully stoked the feelings of helplessness that many of us already struggle with on a daily basis.

They also enriched themselves by ensuring that government health insurance plans would cover obesity treatments and diet pills, but I’m sure that was totally not a factor in their decision.

Beyond the findings of this survey, there are many other problems with calling obesity a disease. Here’s one: it isn’t true.

Obesity is not a disease.

Of course it isn’t.


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I’m a liberal because I think Starbucks has private property rights



More on the Starbucks controversy. The money shot:
“I received several emails from people proud to show me photos of their “demonstration.” Invariably, it was an image of some guy flashing his holstered firearm in the middle of the store, while a lady in the background looks on with an expression of concern and befuddlement. My response was always the same: the store let you carry that inside, why are you punishing them for it? Yes, perhaps other patrons shouldn’t be worried just because half of the people in the store are armed to the teeth, but they will be worried. And you know it. So your act of “appreciation” is to hurt the business you claim to appreciate by abusing the thing you appreciate them for? I’m confused. And befuddled. Actually, I guess I can relate to that woman in the photo.

This is like if I permit you to wear shoes in my house, so you, rejoicing my leniency, celebrate by jumping into a mud puddle, stomping on my carpet and putting your feet up on my coffee table. Congratulations, I’ve just amended my shoe policy, and it’s all your fault.

I love gun rights, I’m a humongous Second Amendment advocate, and I have consistently and passionately used whatever little voice I have to advocate for the rights of gun owners, but this — this is not activism. This is a disservice to the gun rights movement. Responsible gun owners don’t parade around coffee shops with their shotguns just so they can post a photo of it on social media. Responsible gun owners aren’t impressed with themselves; they see the gun as a tool — not a toy, not a fashion accessory, not a “point,” not an excuse to cause a scene — and they carry that tool with a sense of maturity and discipline.”

Originally posted on The Matt Walsh Blog:

I remember when a fast food chicken sandwich restaurant became, out of nowhere, a hotly contested battle ground in the gay marriage debate. Everything was fine, everything was normal, everybody was eating chicken, until suddenly liberal activist organizations were encouraging gay men have heated make out sessions at their local Chick-fil-A, and Christians were countering with a Bible in one hand and waffle fries in the other. Boycotts, rallies, Appreciation Days, demonstrations, fundraisers — it was war. Personally, I have plenty of opinions on the topic of gay marriage, but on the topic of Chick-fil-A all I ever cared about was their chicken.

Millions of people cried out, “We must win Chick-fil-A to our side!”

And I courageously stood and shouted, “Can I get a number one with a Diet Coke?”

I didn’t think political discourse could get any more absurd than the Gays vs. Chicken War of 2012, but…

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Newspaper publishes map of gun owners. Editor fired in mass layoffs.



Finally! Someone is being held accountable. Took them long enough!

Originally posted on SlowFacts:

I’ve nothing to add except this is wonderful news.  A newspaper accessed the names and addresses of registered New York gun owners through a public records request.  The paper then published a map of registered gun owners who live just north of New York City.ny go

The editors and staff were shocked by the unfavorable public response.  They received angry phone calls and even face to face criticism at their office.  The home addresses of the newspaper employees were published online by another group.   The managers of the paper hired armed guards for physical security.  The newspaper staff were openly mocked in online videos.  Advertisers in the newspaper received many critical comments and the paper’s advertising revenue fell.  All this happened in a suburb within commuting distance of New York.  I guess you don’t have to get far from Manhattan to loose the luster of liberalism.

Now 17 newspaper employees

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Read and Heed!


If you don’t, I’ll cut you.


RLC National: Wrong On Immigration


A couple weeks back, I laid out my vision on the immigration issue. No amnesty, border security, one set of rules for everyone. Pretty straightforward stuff, even mostly endorsing a plan put forward by a Republican Liberty Caucus national board member.

Sadly, RLC National has gone ahead and released a plan that panders to Hispanics and apologists for illegals, with a supporting op-ed in the Examiner by RLC National Chairman Dave Nalle. I should point out that this is likely the only significant national issue where I disagree with Dave; however, this issue is very significant. I will urge the RLCVA state board to oppose this plan.

Amnesty now will be like the 1986 amnesty times ten, and there still won’t be any border security. We’ve seen this movie before. Washington will spend more energy coming up with a hundred excuses why they can’t secure the border than it would take to actually do so. No amnesty. If you’re illegal, go home and go to the back of the line, whether you entered illegally or overstayed a visa. No whining, no excuses.

Get well soon

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I don’t agree with Hillary Clinton on practically anything, but that doesn’t mean I’m callous. I do wish her a speedy recovery. A blood clot is nothing to mess with or joke about.

And honestly, I’m in no mood to deal with conspiracy theory assholes who claim this is nothing but a plot to prevent her from testifying about Benghazi. So if you’re here to do that, go away.

Get well soon, Madame Secretary.

The. End.

Never Forget

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It always amazes me how people go about their lives on this day without a thought to the thousands who died needlessly from the 9-11-2001 terrorist attacks.

I’ve always tried to make September 11 as happy a day as possible for my son, whose fourth birthday was marred by the terrorists, but it’s always in the back of my mind. It’s always lurking, scraping at my psyche – that on this day we were irrevocably changed.

I still can’t look at the images of that day and not get torn up inside. I rushed home and held my kids. I tried to call friends in New York City, who I knew worked nearby, to see if they were OK. I frantically called fellow Soldiers at the Pentagon to make sure no one was injured.

And yet, through all that panic, there was this little bright light – a little redheaded boy, who made my life complete from the moment I first held him in my arms on September 11, 1997.

I have many reasons for never forgetting this date – some of them joyous, and some of them tragic.

And I will be forever grateful for my son, who was born on this day – a day that became a symbol of fear, horror and tears for so many…

…and a day of hope for me.

Happy birthday, Redhead!

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