This is why we’re raising a bunch of victims


I often have written about school zero tolerance sense policies and obscenely biased, wimpy, cowardly and downright idiotic policies that are churning out panty-soiling ignorami into our society. These are victims who are unable to stand up for themselves, who are too weak and ineffective to defend themselves, too lazy to take personal responsibility for their own safety, and dependent upon others – anyone but themselves – to keep them safe.

Want to see how schools spawn such gutless, torpid, pathetic excuses for actual human beings? They start with this.


This is the advice a school in Nebraska gives to children faced with bullying.

Do not stand up for yourself.

Do not treat bullies like enemies.

Be a good sport, and don’t tell on the person who is abusing you.

Just sit there and take it like a good pathetic victim!

This repulsive set of rules may be the most egregious example of the seeds of cowardice and ineptitude. This is where it all starts – in schools that breed spinelessness and impotence.

Luckily, after being inundated with a plethora of parental outrage, the school apologized and sniveled and finally sent home a flyer that at the very least doesn’t encourage kids to lay down and take it like good little victims.

When the Redhead was just a little guy – all of maybe 2-3 years old – he attended a private daycare near where we used to live. A small kid I’ll call Projectile (you will understand why in a minute) picked the Redhead as a chew toy. To this day I’m not sure what in the world the mother of that kid was doing to him. He bit, scratched and hit. He ate gravel. He refused to stop, no matter how much the staff of the daycare center tried to control him.

Poor little Redhead came home every day with welts all over his body – arms, legs, neck, torso – no part of his little body was immune to Projectile’s teeth! The staff didn’t know what to do other than to lock up Projectile the entire day, but that wasn’t exactly an optimal solution. So the Redhead and I sat down and had a little talk. And by talk, I mean I taught him how to hit – how to hit hard. If you think toddlers can’t learn this effectively, you’re sadly mistaken. We practiced for several hours, and I told him that if Projectile bit him again, he was to defend himself the way I taught him.

Well, wouldn’t you know it, I got a call the very next day. Apparently, Projectile decided that the Redhead tasted better than his lunch, so he sunk his teeth into his leg yet again.

That’s where it ended. The Redhead, I was told, struck out. He struck Projectile with such a forceful punch, that Projectile apparently flew back about three feet (hence earning his nickname), and sat there dazed for a minute.

The daycare director told me that while they do not condone violence, and they had no authorization to use corporal punishment on a child in their care, they could only watch the Redhead’s strike (and applaud internally, I was told).

End result: Projectile never bit the Redhead again. Ever.

He was still an odd child. He was sort of a savage kid, who still insisted on eating gravel and destroying books and toys. But at least he didn’t use the Redhead or any other kid as a chew toy.

Sometimes, you just have to stand up for yourself. In the end, you are your last line of defense, and no one in authority should encourage the idea that your natural state is that of a victim.

That just ain’t true.

Packin’ Baristas


This is my latest for JPFO.

This is a coffee shop I’m glad to promote, and will make it a point to visit when I’m on the west coast!

via Jews For The Preservation of Firearms Ownership.

Confusing case of self defense, but still self defense?


Leave it to the Land of the Hanging Chad™ to produce this rather confusing mess.

A Florida man shot and killed a suspected female intruder early Wednesday morning, raising questions about whether the fatal shooting was self-defense or homicide.

Joseph McGuire, 64, of Archer, Florida, fatally shot 26-year-old Latreese Monroe on Wednesday around 2 a.m. after Monroe had kicked in the man’s front door, according to an Alachua County Sheriff’s Office report.

Sounds cut and dry, right?

Female broke his door in and entered his house by force.

Female also had a lengthy criminal record that included time in prison on nine separate occasions for “aggravated assault, battery, fraud, resisting an officer, suspended license and probation violations…”

What else is there to say? She kicked in his door. She broke into his house. She had a long criminal record.

Hell, I would have shot her dumb ass for that!

Except that it’s never that easy, is it?

According to the article, “Public records show that McGuire has been arrested on charges of aggravated battery.” Maybe it’s the writer’s inability to articulate properly, but I can’t figure out if the journalist meant that McGuire is currently under arrest, as the sentence implies, or whether he has an arrest record. The article earlier states McGuire was at first taken into custody, but later released, and no charges had been filed yet.

Wonder if the author of the piece, S.H. Blannelberry, is a publik skool graduate…

But regardless… McGuire also apparently knew the home invader. Numerous witnesses say she had been to his home on a number of occasions, and that they knew one another well.

Did the fact that Monroe and McGuire knew one another and the fact that she had been to his home entitle her to enter said abode by force? Did McGuire still have a reasonable expectation that whoever entered his house, would do so by invitation only? Was he a criminal in possession of a firearm?

Maybe, and maybe not. It’s unclear, but since police released him without charging him, I would think that even though there was an arrest in his past, he was not charged and not found guilty.

Another thing is clear. This was McGuire’s home, and regardless of whether or not he knew the home invader, it is quite obvious by the fact that she kicked his door in in order to gain entrance to his place, that he didn’t want her there. And since she used force to enter, he had every right to ventilate her.

So, I think this is still self defense, despite the writer’s poor ability to communicate the actual story.


Don’t Bring a Knife to a Gun Fight


And don’t mess with Texas.

Surveillance video shows the shooter, described as a 23-year-old woman, retrieving a rifle from the trunk of her car and pointing it toward the ground near a man armed with an umbrella and a pocket knife.

Then it shows the man swinging at the woman as she steps back and fires the weapon.


According to police, the shooter claimed the man had made unwanted sexual advances and refused to leave her alone. She also told police she feared for her life.

According to witnesses, the victim was acting strangely.

I’m sure hoplophobic leftards would prefer that this woman merely urinated on herself in hopes that the crazy man wouldn’t rape her, but I prefer the quick “put them out of society’s misery” route.


Good guys: 1

Armed potential rapists: 0

Those Silly, Completely Inappropriate for Self Defense “Assault” Rifles


Apparently, Joe Biden and his shotgun were not available to scare the bandits away, so this veteran and store owner used his evil, killing machine assault rifle to defend his property.

Without ever firing a shot.

Without a round going through a wall and killing a child.

[Shawn] Schank walked inside the back room, grabbed his AR 15 rifle and pointed it at the suspects.


The man asked Schank not to shoot him. The two men ran out the door and Schank dialed 911.

Schank said he usually carries a pistol but that morning he only had his rifle which he mainly uses for shooting and hunting.

I know Uncle Joe would have preferred Schank simply grabbed a shotgun and fired willy-nilly into the air, but unfortunately all he had was the killer AR-15. I guess he’s lucky that murder machine didn’t jump out of his hands, shoot the suspects, run out the door, kill some children and rape some nuns.

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