Dear World – Please Come Kick Our Asses


And also push us down on the playground, take our money, and laugh at us, because our society has climbed the Cliffs of Insanity, and landed on the other side where we found Wretched Pushover Land.

Two Edina elementary schools, worried about the politics of the playground, are taking an unusual step to police it: They have hired a recess consultant.

Some parents have welcomed the arrival of the firm Playworks, which says recess can be more inclusive and beneficial to children if it’s more structured and if phrases like, “Hey, you’re out!” are replaced with “good job” or “nice try.”

But some of the kids at Concord and Normandale Elementary say they are confused, or that the consultants are ruining their play time.

“The philosophy of Playworks does not fit Concord,” said Kathy Sandven, a parent of twin boys who attend the school. “It is a structured philosophy — an intervention philosophy — not allowing kids for free play.”

This is quite possibly the dumbest thing I’ve seen all year, and I’ve seen quite a lot of stupid.

It’s indoctrination into a PC mentality at playground age. It’s a limit on free thoughts, free ideas, and free play. It’s an effort to bring “special Snowflakeism” to kids at a very early age, ensuring they never experience any type of challenge of adversity, and even indoctrinating them into the Perpetually Outraged and Offended club (the POO club – I kind of like that)!

playgroundAnd all for a measly cost of $30,000! Another school actually pays $14,500 for an “on-site coordinator” to spend one week per month at the school and police kids’ plan. I wonder how many school books that money could buy…

They control what kids say, how they interact with their peers, and what kinds of games they play at recess. They take away their choices and self-determination, such as it is, at that young age. They shield them from all offense, all challenges, and consequently, from real life.

These are the kinds of schools that will pump out precious, entitled cupcakes, who are incapable of independent thought, because everything is controlled for them – even recess play.

These are the kinds of schools that will let outraged snowflakes loose on the world, who are incapable of accepting constructive criticism and are unable to question authority. After all, if others are prevented from using hurtful words around you, and you are forced to conform to whatever games the consultant feels are appropriate at recess, do you think you’ll be capable of dealing with real life situations or having the courage to challenge questionable decisions?

I see this as the creation of a class of perpetually outraged sheep, whose existence is validated by participation trophies and who are unable to accept any kind of criticism or even a hint that they may not be winners! These sheep will ultimately grow into incapable adults, who demand respect without doing anything to earn it, and who feel that skill, knowledge that challenges their worldview, and ability is not necessary to advance, but their mere existence as special snowflakes should be sufficient.

Don’t say “you’re out” or “you lose.” That would imply that your opponent is somehow less skilled than you are. We can’t have special snowflakes thinking they aren’t as special as other special snowflakes, can we? This way, everyone is equal, and the job you do, the skills you display, and the victory that you earn don’t matter, because they might make someone feel mediocre.

Why would you want to bother working hard and achieving, if in the end, no one is allowed to criticize you, and proclamations of victory are now considered hurtful words?

I can see no better, more effective way of stifling initiative and drive. Can you?

So Now What?


Well, if you aren’t aware, there was another campus shooting yesterday. An unhinged loon opened fire on unarmed students at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon. I didn’t want to write anything about this yesterday, because details were scarce, and initial reports are almost always wrong.

Preliminary information indicates 10 people were killed and more than 20 others injured in a shooting at Oregon's Umpqua Community College on Thursday, said Oregon State Police spokesman Bill Fugate.

Of course, that didn’t stop the White House from doing a blood dance on top of the bodies of the victims before they were even cold. Spokeshole Josh Earnest spewed the usual “sensible gun laws” mantra before the details of the shooting were even revealed.

Earnest said the “vast majority of Americans” support stricter gun laws, including closing the so-called gun-show loophole. But he said Obama is “realistic” about the dim prospects of congressional action on gun control.

Dear Spokeshole – you might want to check your information before puking forth utter garbage.

Most Americans do NOT support stricter gun laws. This has been proven again and again by various polls. But in addition to that, Oregon already has universal background checks! That law has been in effect for two months, genius, and it did absolutely nothing to stop this shooting.

But hey, never let facts get in the way of a good panic mongering!

It doesn’t matter that we don’t know how Christopher Mercer-Harper got access to firearms.

We don’t know if he was in any way prohibited from owning them in the first place.

We don’t know his motives, and we don’t know how long he had planned this massacre.

This White House doesn’t care. It just continues to push the old, hackneyed “sensible gun control” mantra, disregarding the fact that it’s about as sensible as a football bat…

Ignoring – apparently willfully – the fact that this loon was specifically executing Christians (because apparently only minorities, non-Christians, and other “protected individuals” can be victims of discrimination and hate)…

Overlooking the fact that by the time police arrived at the scene, nine people were killed and several more wounded.

Dial 9-1-1 and wait.

I don’t mean to impugn police response to this tragedy. They got there quickly and took out the maggot efficiently. But the average police response time to an emergency in this country is nine minutes. Even if the cops had arrived at lightning speed, and even if they only took five minutes to get to the scene, it was too late. How many victims do you think could be shot in that awesome five minute time period?

I hurt for the victims and their families. What happened is a horrifying tragedy. My son is in college now, and I do think about what would happen if there was an active shooter on campus. Certainly, he has no access to firearms over there, and he’d have to cower under a desk with his fellow students should this ever happen, waiting for the police to arrive, and hoping against hope that they don’t take too long as he watches his fellow classmates get murdered.

Yes, these thoughts do stomp on my brain. He’s my child. He and his sister are my life. He’s the sweet, redheaded baby I held in my arms 18 years ago and whose little face I kissed as he grinned that toothless grin at me. Would I demand more disarmed victims should, dog forbid, something happen to him? Would I pressure the legislature into giving psychotic murderers more targets to shoot at with impunity?


I’d want as many trained, law-abiding citizens as possible to be able to carry their tools of self defense in as many places as possible, including my son. I’d want him to be armed, trained, and ready. No, I wouldn’t want him to live his life in fear, but I would want him to be situationally aware and to know what to do in case tragedy strikes.

I will probably never see those common sense changes to this nation’s gun control mentality – at least not in my lifetime. After all, never one to let a crisis go to waste, Hillary Clinton is already making gun control part of her presidential platform. So I guess for now, I’ll settle for this administration shutting the fuck up until they get the facts, instead of rolling around naked in the blood of innocents and then doing a little dance on their graves.

Social Justice Warriors Take on the Sombrero


What, you think I’m kidding?

Nah, folks. Luckily this isn’t taking place in the United States, but rather at the University of East Anglia in the (formerly) Great Britain. Although if you think that America’s SJWs won’t be looking to this example to end cultural appropriation, white privilege, cisnormativegender… something… I have no idea, let me disabuse you of that notion at once. Just think about the current discussion here in the United States about whether or not braids represent “cultural appropriation.”

But back to the University of East Anglia, where the student union has banned students from getting free sombreros from a local Tex Mex joint.

The University of East Anglia student union officials even took the big floppy hats from students at the Freshers’ Fair, because non-Mexicans wearing the traditional item of headwear could be seen as offensive, according to a new initiative.

The Union has stated that the handing out of sombreros breached a key advertising policy which was sent to all stallholders before the event, prohibiting any use of stereotypical imagery in advertising.

Because sombreros are considered not only racist, but “cultural appropriation.”

It’s OK. I’ll wait until you pick your jaw up off the floor. Here’s a comedic interlude while you do so.


Done? Good.

Next up, we will have DNA tests to prove you’re really German before we allow you to wear the lederhosen, mein freund. There’s a reason why now has that mouth swab thingy you can send in to find out what your DNA says about you! We wouldn’t want you to be culturally insensitive, now would be?

Screw diversity. Screw getting acquainted with and celebrating other cultures. Screw joy. You’re not allowed, you white, privileged racist.

Oh, and by the way the British Mexican Society backed the Tex-Mex eatery for giving away the free hats. The Mexican group dedicated to promoting the Latin American country’s cultural heritage praised Pedros for giving out the free sombreros. “We are delighted to learn that there is a Mexican restaurant in Norwich and hope that they would like to join us to become members of the British Mexican Society,” they said.

The douche pickle trying to whitesplain the contrived outrage is Campaigns and Democracy officer Chris Jarvis, who is quite obviously not Mexican, but is offended on their behalf anyway.

Chris Jarvis BANNER

“We know that when it comes to cultural appropriation the issues can sometimes be difficult to understand and many don’t realise that they may be about to cause offence or break a policy.”

Well thanks for the palesplanation, ass goblin. We’re so glad we have you to explain the outrage on those poor, uneducated Mexicans’ behalf!

Smart Phones, Stupid Kids

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Yes, we survived the blood moon. No we did not prep for the apocalypse. Yes, I did glance sideways at my zombie survival pack during “Fear the Walking Dead” last night.

But in the end, I rolled out of bed at zero-dark-thirty today, and headed out to earn a living.

Ever since the advent of smartphones, we’ve been listening to alleged “experts” tell us how these little computers are going to make our children stupid. They degrade communication. They make kids anti-social. They discourage active learning.

As I was driving to work this morning, I was listening to Brian and Larry on WMAL – the only morning talk show I can tolerate, as a former broadcaster – discussing this article from the Washington Post with their listeners. Now, I’m not a big radio call-in person, given the fact that I’m a former radio morning show host and news anchor, and I have no need to hear myself on the air, and I can only listen to WMAL up to a certain point in my commute before it starts to fade out, so I’m not sure where the discussion ended up, but I will say, I’ve never wanted so badly to call in as I did this morning.

A couple of Fairfax County, VA teachers are writing a book about the decline in kids’ ability to communicate and reason as the result of digital technologies.

“They are good at telling me the who, what, where and when — anything Google can tell them…The ability to make connections seems to have vanished.”


They say the free periods that are part of their school schedule have deteriorated from lively talk among students and teachers to silent screen reading, each student in a little world. Online homework assignments are taking twice as long as they would if the student read a paper textbook, because programs are sometimes difficult to load and students cannot resist the temptation to play around on the same devices.

I can see how this would be disturbing. I find myself doing the same thing – playing around on the device until the information I need loads, because I get bored waiting. I get it. I also understand the concern about the inability to make connections with other humans. I find texting and emailing much more comfortable than face-to-face interaction, but that may be because I’m a painful introvert, who finds it agonizing to spend time in crowds, and who has to take a day to decompress after any social event.

I do get it.

But ultimately, I think the onus of ensuring that your kids don’t grow up to be socially deficient and downright stupid because they spend their days with their faces buried in their electronics, is on you as a parent.

I hate the dumb texting shortcuts kids use today to communicate, so I ensured that my children used proper English – even in emails and text messages. Yes, I did correct their grammar and syntax. Yes, I did force them to use full words, instead of the usual “how r u?” garbage. And when they fell into using what I call “textard” in their written communication with me, my usual response to said text was, “SPEAK ENGLISH!”

Yes, they learned, and yes, to this day, I get complete sentences, correct grammar, and good spelling even in text messages. My kids write lengthy texts, because I taught them that clear communication is important and even the occasional slip in grammar and spelling will be corrected to ensure they understand their mistakes.

I understood that the parents of today have to keep up with technology if they want to remain close to their offspring. Yes, I text. Yes, I send them funny pictures from my phone. Yes, I communicate with Daniel via FaceTime (Sarah has an Android phone, so she doesn’t have the app). Technology allows me to remain close with my kids and to communicate with them instantly. I learned how to use it, because a) it is convenient, and b) because I know they do, and I’d rather learn to take full advantage of these technologies in order to stay in touch with them, than resist and risk losing that closeness we have.

As for the concerns about making connections, I’m not sure they’re valid, and I think they’re completely dependent on other factors in the home. I insisted that when either or both kids were home, we’d have dinner together. Dinner wasn’t a time to play on your phone, but to eat and hang out with your family. There were a few times I would yell at Danny to put the damn phone down, and there were a few times he yelled at me for the same thing, but generally speaking, we communicated and had relationships outside that little screen.

The relationships between parents and kids are the basis for their other human interactions. Danny has friends with whom he has formed what I hope will be lasting bonds. These friendships aren’t based in texts and snapchats, but are supplemented and supported by those platforms, and allow the kids to keep in touch – especially now that they’re in different colleges, miles away from one another. In other words, teach the kid to have solid human interactions at home, and they will have solid human interactions outside of the home. Once those are established, the phone becomes a tool to facilitate those personal interactions, instead of a substitute for them.

The other advantage of kids texting to one another is that it allows them the time to examine what their friend said in detail and craft their answer accordingly, instead of rambling over one another without actually listening to what their interlocutor said. I find myself looking closer at what Danny and Sarah write, and reading it several times to ensure I understand their meaning before replying. In a text message they take more time to respond to one another, and ostensibly, they make more effort to respond correctly and completely.

The one thing that does concern me is the passive learning kids seem to do when heavily integrated with these technologies. Got a question? They’ll search for the answer on their phones and provide it toute suite. The problem is that they essentially suck up information without exercising their ability to analyze it. It’s easy to Google a reply, but can you extricate logical conclusions from said information? Can you look at the answer you just found on the Internet and understand the “why” and the “how,” instead of just the “what”?

Learning is not and should not be just siphoning information from the web and regurgitating the answer at test time. The smart phone will not teach kids how to assess the information they are seeing, nor will it teach them to glean important points from it or even judge its accuracy. Hence the prevalence of all sorts of false memes on the Internet. We have forgotten how to do actual research, and that’s worrisome. It’s one thing to be able to Google some keywords or phrases, but it’s quite another to be able to analyze the content and judge its veracity. This, more than anything, is where I worry my kids will fall behind. I taught them as much as I could, but the attraction of the technology is that it makes research easy. Unfortunately, it leaves logical assessments and judgments in the dust, and that, in my uneducated opinion, is what we really need to worry about.


As for collaboration and conversation, I think the smartphone can be an invaluable tool, and the panic about these gadgets making kids dumb is a bit overblown.


Newsflash: We’re stupid!


I’m probably going to piss off a whole lot of you with this post, but you know what? I don’t care. I’m in a mood, so I’ll tell you right now – you’re free to disagree. If I see one post telling me how you’re offended by what I’ve said, and you will no longer read my blog, I’ll tell you to go eat a very large, fat bag of dicks. That’s how much I give a shit.



A few days ago, there was a report about a high school that was holding “Foreign Language Week.” As part of that educational curriculum, the school decided to read the Pledge of Allegiance in foreign languages, including Arabic.

Well, you can imagine the clutching of the pearls, and the shitting of the pants that resulted!

One parent claims the New York State Department of Education has regs that specifically state the Pledge of Allegiance should be read in English.

People who lost loved ones in Afghanistan (where they don’t speak Arabic, but whatever) got upset, as did Jews.

Students Tweeted. Parents screeched.

The result? The entire idea was scrubbed. That means students wouldn’t hear the pledge in Italian, French, Russian, or any other language.

So much for education.

What the hell is the matter with this country? Have we become such a nation of pansies that we can’t even allow learning and education to interfere with our delicate sensibilities? Dog forbid something offends us!

We can’t learn Arabic, because ihaverelativeswhodiedinafghanistan / imjewish / imchristian / thisisamericalearnenglishdammit!

We can’t learn about Islam, because imoffended / imchristian / imjewish / theyattackedourcountry / sendthembackiftheyrefusetointegrateintoourculture.

We certainly can’t learn about the history of Pagans or have anything resembling a pentagram on a school bus, because SATAN!

And in order to ensure that no precious Snowflake feels slighted, we have begun demanding the infantilization of our adult populations… “safe spaces,” so no one’s experiences are invalidated – even if those experiences involve Twitter Trauma and imaginary slights stemming from society’s lack of sensitivity toward treasured punkins who are just not capable of adapting to the cruel world that won’t give them the pony they’re entitled to!

Oh ferfuckssake!

Believe it or not, Islam is part of this world’s history, and Arabic is actually a language spoken by millions of people.

Banning the knowledge of its existence or exposure to it from American classrooms makes your kids sub-educated and ignorant. Is it any wonder most high school students can’t point out Sudan on a map?

Reciting the pledge in a different language, doesn’t mean you eschew English in America’s classrooms. It’s a way to expose your precious snowflakes to other languages and cultures. No matter what language you use to recite the pledge, you’re still pledging allegiance to America – to that nation that you all purport to love, but insist on keeping in the bowels of ignorance.

And by the way… the pledge – that bunch of words you all claim to hold so dear – you probably don’t know this, but it was composed by Francis Bellamy, a Christian socialist *GASP*!

The original pledge read as follows, until 1954 when Congress added the words “under God” to it: I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Why don’t you boneheads focus on learning about the world around you? Explore various languages and religions. Learn history – because believe it or not, religion is a huge part of history. Education is not indoctrination, and if you fear exposing your child to new ideas, because they might *GASP!* change their faith or become curious about other cultures, generally means your own faith in both your religion and your child isn’t too strong.

Frankly, I don’t give a damn what language you recite the Pledge in – as long as you mean it. As long as your love and your allegiance to the ideals of this country are real. No, that doesn’t mean I think you should recite a pledge of allegiance to your government, or to the idiot politicians sitting around slowly grinding the gears of this nation to a halt. You should recite it as a commitment to the ideals on which this nation was built: courage, self sufficiency, individual freedoms, limited government, limitless opportunities, and the ability to achieve and succeed by your own efforts, intellect, and commitment.

Everything else… get real!

You haven’t stopped any indoctrination by getting the idea tossed out of your high school. You’ve simply prevented them from learning.


Your list of demands is under advisement… in the circular file


The latest absurdity in this whole race relations debacle fomented by Eric Holder and his politicized Justice Department is the list of demands the Black Student Union at none other than UC Berkeley has presented to the university. This is so stupid it cannot possibly be taken seriously, but it’s Berkeley, so the Chancellor has taken the list “under advisement.”

William La Jeunesse reported on “America’s Newsroom” that the black student union wants a building renamed after Shakur, a former Black Panther and the first woman on the FBI’s list of Most Wanted Terrorists.

Shakur, who was convicted of killing New Jersey State Trooper Werner Foerster, escaped from prison in the 1970s and has been hiding out in Cuba ever since. In 2013, the FBI designated her a terrorist and is offering a $2 million reward for information that would lead to her capture.  

But the black student union at UC Berkeley calls her an “icon of resistance within oppressed communities,”  La Jeunesse reported.

“We want the renaming of it to someone, Assata Shakur, who we feel like represents us as black students,” Cori McGowens, a junior at UC Berkeley said.

In addition to demanding the building be renamed, the students also demanded that the university hire two black admissions officers, two black psychologists experienced in racial discrimination, two black advisers to recruit and mentor black students and create an African American student resource center, La Jeunesse said.

You ever see a dog when it’s really confused, so it sort of cocks its head to one side and looks at you like you’ve just presented it with a Bitcoin algorithm to solve?

That was me when I read this retardery.

Apparently black students at Berkeley feel all marginalized, excluded, and ignored. Interesting that this is ostensibly going on in a liberal utopia intent on instilling in its students a sense of social justice that’s so profound, its social justice symposiums include gems such as a workshop that “…will present a herstory of the #BlackLivesMatter move­ment and will highlight the organizing being done at UC Berkeley’s cam­pus, across the bay area, and nationwide. We will focus on the framework and hxstory of #BlackLivesMatter, the context of Ferguson, as well as the national surge in organizing around the non-indictments of the officers that murdered Mike Brown and Eric Garner. Additionally we will explore how movement leaders are centering the work on queer and trans* narratives, experiences, and leadership. Lastly, we aim to address horizontal allyship and how that has played out in organizing spaces within the movement.” — Presented by a male scholar by the name of David Turner (who probably is feeling all sorts of guilt about being the owner of a penis, and if he had the guts, would likely snip that puppy off with a pair of rusty pliers just to punish himself with pain for being a privileged oppressor).

But I digress…

Black students in this socially tolerant utopia are apparently feeling marginalized, and their response is to demand that a building be named after a…


A terrorist who escaped prison after committing an act of murder. Joanne Chesimard, (aka Assata Shakur) a member of the radical Black Liberation Army, shot and killed New Jersey State Trooper Werner Foerster execution-style in 1973, after she and two others were pulled over for a routine traffic stop. She just pulled out her pistol and shot the officer, and then finished the job with his own pistol by administering two rounds to the officer’s head.

Nice lady.

And apparently, this is what black students at Berkeley identify with. This violent terrorist is what represents the black student population at Berkeley, by their own admission.

Now, if you’re feeling marginalized and ignored, one would think you would want to do something positive to bring attention to your perceived plight. If you are feeling like you’re isolated, one would think you would want to integrate into the community in a positive manner.

And yet, these students aren’t just demanding that a building be named after a murderous terrorist, but I would submit their demands will actually further segregate and isolate them from the general community at Berkeley! Black advisors. Black psychologists. A resource center for African Americans. Instead of integrating, it seems they want to create a whole separate black Berkeley!

Segregation is so last century!

I would hope that the chancellor simply deposited that pile of excrement where it belongs, but again… it’s Berkley.

Florida State shooter


According to a police source, the guy who shot three people at Florida State University yesterday is Myron May. Here’s a profile. He was a lawyer who graduated from the university with a B.A. in economics in December 2005, and then proceeded to get his JD from Texas Tech University School of Law in December 2009.

The gun grabbers’ usual cacophony of “MOAR GUN CONTROLZ LAWZ” has already begun on my Twitter feed.

None of them can tell us which gun control initiative they advocate would have stopped this shooting.

FSU is a “gun-free” campus (and by “gun-free,” I mean the university disarms its students, in delusional hopes that crazed gunmen will also abide by their disarmament policies). So what are the gun grabbers going to do? Ban guns twice? Yeah, that’ll stop them.

Myron May was an attorney. Until September of this year, he was a felony prosecutor in New Mexico. Fairly sure he probably wasn’t a person who would have had a problem passing a background check.

From his Facebook page, it appears he lost his job as a prosecutor in New Mexico and moved back to Florida in November.

He was very religious, and eerily enough, here was his last Facebook post.


So what initiative would have stopped this guy, who quite obviously was out to commit suicide by cop? When ordered to put down his weapon, he fired at police instead, releasing a shitstorm of bullets.  He did not kill anyone. Two victims have been hospitalized. One has been released. It’s quite obvious the coward didn’t mean to kill anyone – just inflict enough damage to have the cops do what he was apparently too chickenshit to do.

So how would MOAR GUN CONTROLZ LAWZ have stopped this?

I’d love to hear some answers from those who advocate said folly.

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