Some Random Thoughts


I’m home sick today. This is what happens when you work in an enclosed environment with folks who have kids. Kids are kind of like little vats of infectious disease. I found that out when my own kids were in school and would bring home all sorts of germs. But now that both my kids are gone, I miss the little disease-carrying petri dishes of crud!

Speaking of which…

I took my son to start his freshman year at UNC Charlotte three weeks ago. I didn’t cry. I swear! I was actually quite relaxed for a parent who has delivered her firstborn into something resembling adulthood! He immediately got involved in a fraternity, which he plans to rush this semester. He’s now involved with the College Republicans, and he’s doing ROTC. Oh, and that’s in addition to his part-time job, which he works to pay for his car and auto insurance. To say I’m proud would be an understatement.

Oh, and he turns 18 tomorrow.

The house still hasn’t sold. What the child molester Cooper and his scummy hag of a wife did to me is indescribable. In addition to having caused thousands of dollars worth of damage to my property, they also ruined my chances of selling this house at the peak of when I could sell it. Now, the house is beautiful, but the season for selling a home has passed. I’m paying 80 percent of my take-home pay for my rent and the mortgage on the house. I’m turning to my parents for help, which I hate to do, but don’t have much of a choice. I hope to pay my parents back after I sell the house, but at this point, I’m just hoping I can sell it and not lose my shirt. The Coopers are the lowest form of scum.

My friend Evelyn is shuttering her crochet business. It’s too bad, because she’s a phenomenal talent! But she is having a sale on her Etsy page, so if you want something beautiful for a Christmas gift, or just for yourself, check it out.

Speaking of Christmas… I saw a Christmas commercial. The day after Labor Day. While we’re going through a heat wave here in DC. What. The. Fuck.

Here’s something I’m beyond belief excited about. Two of my favorite authors are collaborating on a novel. Sarah Hoyt and Larry Correia are writing a Monster Hunter International novel “Guardian.” Together. Actually, “excited” is sort of an understatement. I’m losing my shit thrilled!

No, I’m not blogging about that hypocritical twat Kim Davis. No way. But for those who want me to say something…


Donald Trump once again stuck his foot in his mouth. Seriously, how Trump supporters can take that fucking buffoon seriously, I can’t even imagine! He may be a good businessman, but he’s borderline retarded when it comes to anything else related to foreign policy, diplomacy, and being a decent human being.

“Look at that face! Would anyone vote for that?” Trump said to [Rolling Stone writer Paul] Solotaroff. “Can you imagine that, the face of our next president.”

This coming from someone who looks like this:


Can you imagine something that looks like this being our President? Why would anyone vote for that?

Of course now, the cock slurper is backing off and claiming he meant Fiorina’s personality. No, REALLY!

Survey says…


Oh, and by the way, my buddy Mike Williamson won an award for his short story “Soft Casualty.” I’ve often told him this is one of the best stories he’s ever written, and seems I was right, as I told him in a text recently.


If you haven’t read it yet, you should. It’s free, and it’s here. Enjoy!

I agree with another friend of mine, who says that this Baen award is much more interesting than the Hugos have become.

Another friend commented that “one side benefit of this whole Hugo kerfuffle has been the introduction of many new and wonderful books and authors…”

I think at least one Sad Puppies goal has been accomplished. Kudos to Larry Correia, Brad Torgersen, and others for making that a success!

I should really post more


I know it’s been weeks since I’ve written anything. I needed a break. I haven’t really been in the mood to write. First, there was the snow, which prompted me to sit around in bed all day in my pajamas drinking hot tea and watching Law & Order reruns.

And now… I’m off on temporary duty to Miami.

I know… HARDSHIP! But you’d be surprised how crappy it feels to go from a foot of snow in DC to 85-degree heat with 10000 percent humidity down in southern Florida! So if you have a snarky comment about how you feel oh-so-sorry for me being down here, keep it to yourself, punkin, because all you’ll get from me is a one-fingered salute.

As for what I’ve been up to?


For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been a regular part of the GunBlog Variety Cast along with some awesome folks, including Sean Sorrentino and Erin Palette. I’ve been doing this for a while now, but I’ve been an abject FAIL at blogging about it, because I’m lazy. So go over there and listen. Surprisingly enough, I don’t bloviate about guns on this one, but rather foreign policy. Erin talks about prepping, Sean and Adam talk about… stuff, and other incredible, talented, and intelligent folks talk about guns and tech. It’s fun. You should check it out, if you want to find out what I sound like on the air (shout out to my broadcaster background!).

And no, I don’t curse.

So what’s been going on?

Well, for one, we kicked Maduro and his band of Venezuelan thugs in the nuts with some sanctions last week. And if you hear them whining that this means the United States is about to launch into some kind of military action against them, you can laugh a little, because they’re either ignorant, or just want to raise the level of whining. Fact is that they were sanctioned under the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA), which authorizes the President to regulate commerce after declaring a “national emergency” in response to any unusual or extraordinary foreign threat. It certainly doesn’t authorize any kind of military action.

Specifically, the E.O. targets those determined by the Department of the Treasury, in consultation with the Department of State, to be involved in:

  • actions or policies that undermine democratic processes or institutions;
  • significant acts of violence or conduct that constitutes a serious abuse or violation of human rights, including against persons involved in antigovernment protests in Venezuela in or since February 2014;
  • actions that prohibit, limit, or penalize the exercise of freedom of expression or peaceful assembly; or
  • public corruption by senior officials within the Government of Venezuela.

The E.O. also authorizes the Department of the Treasury, in consultation with the Department of State, to target any person determined:

  • to be a current or former leader of an entity that has, or whose members have, engaged in any activity described in the E.O. or of an entity whose property and interests in property are blocked or frozen pursuant to the E.O.; or
  • to be a current or former official of the Government of Venezuela;

What does this all mean? It means we don’t like corrupt thugs who steal money from their own people while undermining their basic rights using the U.S. financial system. So we cut off their access to it.

What else has been going on?

The Justice Department determined there was no basis for continued legal action against Darren Wilson, who last year shot Michael Brown in an action which was determined to be justified. Of course, Holder and the DOJ can’t leave well enough alone, so even though the shoot was good, they put out a report citing racism in the Ferguson PD writ large in an obvious attempt to mollify the screeching race hustlers. It is interesting to note that the report cites revenue generation being emphasized in the PD’s approach to law enforcement.

Patrol assignments and schedules are geared toward aggressive enforcement of Ferguson’s municipal code, with insufficient thought given to whether enforcement strategies promote public safety or unnecessarily undermine community trust and cooperation. Officer evaluations and promotions depend to an inordinate degree on “productivity,” meaning the number of citations issued. Partly as a consequence of City and FPD priorities, many officers appear to see some residents, especially those who live in Ferguson’s predominantly African-American neighborhoods, less as constituents to be protected than as potential offenders and sources of revenue.

This is a problem that’s not just limited to Ferguson. Nothing new and different there, and I’ve often been appalled at the outrageous fees and penalties imposed on citizens for engaging in a simple mistake or minor traffic violation. So I get it. It sucks.

But in the same breath, the DOJ’s report claims that “The harms of Ferguson’s police and court practices are borne disproportionately by African Americans, and there is evidence that this is due in part to intentional discrimination on the basis of race.”

Lemme ask ya something. If it is obvious that the city’s focus is on revenue generation, rather than public safety, and therefore, it views the PREDOMINANTLY AFRICAN-AMERICAN city as a source of revenue generation, wouldn’t it stand to reason that in a predominantly black city, the brunt of those revenue generation policies would be… um… black, and that the reason Ferguson’s law enforcement practices and policies overwhelmingly impact African-Americans is because THAT’S WHO PREDOMINANTLY LIVES IN THE FRIGGIN’ CITY?

But hey, some of us don’t go looking for racism under every bed and around every corner.

In response to said report, Ferguson’s city manager has resigned and a state judge will be in charge of all Ferguson cases. Every town needs scapegoats, I suppose. That, of course, didn’t mollify the stampeding hordes, and just this past weekend, two police officers were shot after working crowd control in Ferguson. Police charged Jeffrey Williams with the shooting. The suspect admits he fired the weapon, but claims he was aiming at someone else in the crowd.

I’m trying to wrap my head at the amount of fucking stupid it takes to make such an admission. Stupid #1) You fire your weapon into a crowd of fucking people. Stupid #2) You admit to doing so, but hey… you weren’t aiming at police, and I guess you were expecting to hit your mark dead on. In a crowd. You dimwitted, miserable FAIL of a fucktard. Stupid #2) The only two people you conveniently hit are two cops. How propitious, considering the demonstrations were all about supposed police “racism.”

And, of course, Holder has been sniveling about how much acts of violence against law enforcement are not to be tolerated. Never mind he and his DOJ are the ones fomenting said unrest!

OK, enough about that.

There was supposedly a ceasefire agreement reached in Ukraine. Well, it was reached, but if you’re thinking that it’s somehow been effective, you’d be wrong. NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg says the ceasefire is “fragile.” I think while violence has been reduced some, he’s the master of the understatement. If you want a boots on the ground (so to speak) glimpse into what’s going on, you should follow U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt on Twitter. The Russians will tell you it’s not their fault – that it’s the separatists failing to abide by the ceasefire – that they have no control over said militants. Um… yeah… right. If you think that Moscow isn’t behind the continuous arming of separatists in the region, I have this bridge…

Yes, I know I should keep up with my blogging, but even I need a break sometimes, so if I’m not around, it’s because I’m busy having a life.

A few observations


So I’ve been sick for the past week. I get a couple of evil colds per year, and I thought this was one of those, but it turned out to be an evil, nasty, gross, phlegm-covered bacterial infection.

The bronchitis was not awesome. I wound up going to Urgent Care on Saturday, getting a nebulizer treatment, some oxygen, a Z-Pack, a steroid pack to reduce inflammation in my bronchial tubes, Tylenol 3 with Codeine, and an inhaler. I was also told to stay home and not bring this plague into the office, so I festered in bed for three days, doing nothing more than gobbling medicine, drinking hot tea, and moaning miserably on occasion.

The good (or bad, depending on how you look at it) thing is that I had the chance to catch up on the news, friends’ Facebook posts, my often-neglected Twitter feed, and my photography.

I played with Photoshop and did a few new art prints for my Society6 page. If you like framed prints, or even non-framed ones, check out the site and order something. It helps pay the bills, ya know?

Here are a couple of samples. cherry blossoms


I’ve also caught up with some of the causes that appear to be popular on the Interwebz lately.

Vaccines and anti-vaccine stupidity are once again in the spotlight, because some tool at Disneyland decided to take its plague to the amusement park and infect a bunch of folks with measles.

A few observations about this:

If, given the vast amount of scientific, rational, and factual evidence out there about the safety and effectiveness of vaccines, you still choose not to vaccinate your spawn, do us all a favor, and keep your precious snowflakes away from society. That means keep the hell away from schools, sports teams, scouts, etc. No one wants your vat of plague, especially not children with serious immune issues.


I’m not a person who believes in government force. You don’t want to vaccinate? Don’t. If your kid dies of encephalitis brought on by measles complications because you failed to be an objective, rational parent, you should be charged. Otherwise, it’s on you. If you or your crotchfruit are proven to be “patient zero” in an outbreak, because you decided it was your right to parade your infectious ankle biter around other people without regard for their safety, you should be sued. Otherwise, it’s on you.

And vaccination is not a government conspiracy, you bloody tards. Try science.

Another observation: Some people’s lives revolve around “The Walking Dead.” Literally.

That’s all they talk about. That’s all they desire. Their lives on social media consist of counting down how many days until the next episode and searching out every photo of every cast member they can find.

Seriously. What?

I’m as big a fan of the show as anyone, but yet, my life doesn’t consist of half nekkid photos of Norman Reedus, posting to “The Walking Dead” discussion groups or collecting action figures.

ISIS/ISIL/IS: I’m sick of them. Can we please just nuke the lot of them? They’re savages, who have no respect for human rights or human life. Fuck ’em. High time we got serious.

Random thought: I wonder if the renovations going on in my office and the consequent glue smell can really make me high.

Also… Katy Perry… Shark… I don’t get it. No, I didn’t watch the Super Bowl. I was stoned on a lot of medication.

Some people are really good at crafts – knitting, crochet, art, etc. I’m not one of those people. My mom tried to teach me to knit as a kid, and the result was usually something that looked disastrously like a monkey knitted it with its toes. While high on meth.

Everyone gets record snow this winter. But not DC. Because we suck.

I love snow. I love big, fluffy flakes falling from the sky. I love 2 feet of the stuff lying on the ground while I’m warm and toasty inside with a mug of coffee and my woobie.

And by the way… Rob doesn’t understand the excellentness of woobies. Light, fluffy, warm, packable, poncho liners that are so comfy, that you don’t want any other blanket.


He just doesn’t get it.

My cat Indy gets the woobie. He wraps himself in it sometimes, and looks really confused when he untangles. But then again, he attacks his reflection in the mirror, chews his own tail, and then looks shocked when it hurts, so he may not be the best judge of woobie goodness.

I know it’s been a while. Shut it.


Yes, I know I’ve been remiss in updating the blog. It’s been a busy week, and I don’t have a gazillion co-bloggers like some much bigger, much better blogs. I keep opening the Dashboard, looking at the blank blog form, and deciding that a nap is a much better way to spend my time. Why? Because I’m spending 11-12 hours at the office each day. Not that I’m complaining, mind you, because it’s fun, but after a while your brain just shuts down, or decides it’s going to do a tap dance inside your skull, and the only way to calm it down is a hammer…

…or a nap.

I opt for the latter.

So what’s been going on?

Well, obviously there’s this whole economic warfare thing with Russia. After Russia “didn’t” sent troops to Ukraine, and “didn’t” do anything illegal with the signed law to annex Crimea, even though the Ukrainian Constitutional Court has ruled the independence vote was unconstitutional (as I said all along – Crimea did not have the legal authority to make a unilateral decision that affects the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the nation as a whole) and “didn’t” participate in some election fraud, the US rolled out some sanctions.

Many folks scoffed, claiming, “Meh. Only 29 people were sanctioned along with one bank,” but consider the consequences of sanctioning some of Putin’s closest and richest allies (look up Ozero collective on Wikipedia, if you don’t know what I’m talking about) and a pretty large bank. Result? Russian media reports that one of Putin’s pals – a guy named Kovalchuk (known as Putin’s banker), along with the bank is losing about 20 percent of his holdings (link is in Russian). Oh, and did we mention the Fitch and S&P downgrades of the Russian Federation? And the long lines at Rossyia’s ATMs?


Some may smirk at these measures, or stupidly call them an “act of war” (yeah, I’m talking to you, Ron Paul and the Paulbots), but that just shows an ignorant lack of understanding of what this listing does that I cannot even begin to address without getting frustrated at the utter stupidity of those claims, so I won’t.

What else has been going on?

Saw the new 300 movie last week. Decided that Sullivan Stapleton is incredibly hot.

Am going to see Wicked next month in Richmond with a high school buddy of mine, whom I just don’t get to see enough. It is my early Mother’s Day present.

I loved “The Walking Dead” last week, and for those who wail about it being “too far,” because children are dying… WHAT THE FLYING, SNIVELING HELL DO YOU THINK WOULD HAPPEN DURING A REAL ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE (or more realistically, an outbreak of some kind of hideous disease)? Do you actually think children would be spared, because they’re… uh… children and cute? Do you think human nature, sociopaths, even dangerous “bad seed” children will cease to exist just because of the need to band together and help one another? Shut up and turn off the damn TV, Sparky!

Oh, yeah – and I don’t know where that damn plane is, OK? So stop asking.

What’s going on in Arlington? (UPDATED)


A friend of mine asked me that very question today when I posted on Facebook that I came home to find our trash container missing.

Yeah… really gross, smelly container into which we deposit our trash, and which is collected weekly on Thursdays.  It was put out on the curb last night. This morning it was still there when I left for work. When the Redhead came home and was walking Tucker, he noticed that our trash container was MIA.

I called the County, and explained the situation carefully. After all, this can’t possibly be a common occurrence, right? I mean, why the hell is there a demand for trash containers? They’re big, clumsy, plastic and stinky. I didn’t want the lady at the County to think I was nuts when I reported that someone had stolen our trash container.

Well, apparently, she didn’t think so at all, because it’s not a rare thing in Arlington. She very calmly informed me that we would have a new container next week, and this is not uncommon at all. It happens a lot.

Um… what?

There were a few bags of fresh Tucker poo in there. Tucker is a 183 lb. Saint Bernard. His poo is generally the size of smallish cattle. Good luck with that.

Welcome to Arlington – where your trash containers are fair game!

And then there’s the public masturbators!

Yeah, you heard me right. Apparently some guys aren’t satisfied with simply wacking their puds at home, so they’ve made it a public hobby.

Since August, there have been several public masturbating incidents.

Some dipshit was wacking it outside a Clarendon salon just last week.

Another one decided to choke the chicken at a laundromat.

And then there was the one with the shoes

And Dirty Sanchez… yes, I really did go there.

This seriously is a great place to live. I swear!

CRITICAL UPDATE: the errant trash bin has returned. Don’t ask me how or why, but it’s back. Someone dumped the empty bin into our front yard yesterday, making me think that the trash pick up guys took the damn thing for a joy ride. No matter. It’s back from its walkabout, and it’s no worse for the wear.

Now, if we could only take the public masturbators for a ride somewhere and leave them there!

Really Random Reflections


Last night at the debate, Newt curbstomped CNN moderator John King about his question regarding the allegations of the ex.  “To take an ex-wife and make it two days before the primary, a significant question in a presidential campaign, is as close to despicable as anything I can imagine.”  I wonder… does that include fucking your mistress in the bed you share with your wife?

I wonder if my cats spend the day hiding vomit, hairballs and turds in strategic places all around my house while I’m at work. Cats do that. They’re evil.

Rob and I are going back to Vegas in May for what may become our annual vacation. No, we are not getting married.

Bacon. Want.

Rat Lungworm” disease sounds gross.  He got it while learning about organic farming.

The lungworm parasite lives in rats and comes out in their droppings. A slug in Hawaii eats the parasite and that same slug lays its eggs on fruits and vegetables. Eating some produce that wasn’t washed is likely how he got the parasite.

I’ll take pesticides, thanks.

The Russians have frozen about $6 billion in their federal budget as a rainy day fund in case there’s a global economic crisis.  Zero and Congress have spent three times that as I was typing this line.

The Russians are also mulling banning cash transactions for major purchases.  Only credit will be allowed. They claim this will foster transparency. Nothing to see here, citizen.

I had a debate with a friend once about furries: is it a harmless hobby or a weird substitute for animal fetishes? And really… who would actually want to fuck a squirrel?

Is it me?


Am I being overly sensitive lately, or has the world really turned into something hideous?

I mean, it feels like it’s raining down crap!

I know I should be grateful for what I have – wonderful friends, a terrific boyfriend, best kids I could ever hope for, a career that is so rewarding, I actually LOVE coming to work every morning, house, car, cats, parents, an awesome credit score… I’m grateful for all that. Really.

But all the good stuff in my life seems to be this huge umbrella that is keeping me clean as the shit storm comes down.

A legendary Penn State football coach is caught in the shower raping a kid. A KID! A child! And then proclaims his innocence and says that “maybe” he shouldn’t have showered with children. WTF? Why?

Zero squanders an opportunity to help create real jobs in the United States and to help increase our energy supply, so we’re not paying ridiculous amounts of money just to be able to get to work every morning. WTF? Why?

Parents are actually soliciting germs from strangers in order to infect their children in an effort to create a “natural immunity” to preventable diseases! Disease! From people they don’t know!  WTF?  Why?

Filthy hippies are infesting our cities. They don’t have a purpose. Some of them don’t even know what they’re protesting. Many of them are making demands that are so ludicrous, that they should be laughed off the national stage! Instead they’re being given media time, even as many of them demand that your earnings be stolen and given to them, and your hard work be appropriated and redistributed. They’re bringing filth, disease, crime and violence with them. WTF?

A good friend, who lives healthy, who is young and productive and vibrant and sweet, got cancer. Bad cancer (not that there’s any such thing as “good” cancer) that will prevent her from ever having children of her own – something that was important to her – and is making her go through hellish chemo. Why? I don’t get it. With no family history and low risk factors, how does someone like that get afflicted with something so horrible? She’s a fighter, and she’ll kick cancer’s ass. But I still don’t get it.

Another person, who I thought was a good friend, just cut off all communication with me. I tried to ask why. Several times. To no avail. No reply. Not even an acknowledgment. I have to assume it’s something I said or did, because this person is not the type to just toss a friendship. But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’ve been wrong for several years. Maybe I’m a horrid judge of character.  I don’t get that either.

I can’t get over the fact that the pool of candidates for President is so pathetic for next year. I also can’t believe the massive corruption in Congress that goes unaddressed by the majority of voters. I can’t believe people are actually considering voting for Newt, who despite being smart, is also an odious prick who’s left two sick wives for other women, who spent time on Nancy Pelosi’s envirowacko couch, who was for individual health care mandates before he was against them… How is this possible?

Europe is on the verge of collapse.  So is our economy.  Nothing is getting better, and I anticipate it will get worse before it gets better. I’m pessimistic.

I’m pessimistic about a lot of things.

Just venting.


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