The Flint Water Crisis – Solutions not Whining


by Jonathan LaForce

Jonathan LaForce is a former Marine 0811, who deployed with 1st Battalion, 12th Marines to Helmand in 2011. He currently operates a BBQ food truck called the Aloha Snack Bar, and writes romance novels and poetry in his spare time. Cases of Dr. Pepper are always appreciated.


flint water

No, that’s not a bottle of urine. That’s water in Flint.

Water is an important item we all need. Every day. A question posed today by Alex Bradley, in the form of a meme asked this thought and question:

The Flint Water Crisis is now entering it’s second year. Why haven’t we seen the military step in and handle the matter? Where is the Army Corps of Engineers laying down new pipes to bring in water? Where are the filtration systems? We can invade a foreign power inside a matter of hours, so why can’t we take care of problems within our own borders?

Now, that is a very good question. And seeing as I’m something of a wordsmith when it comes to such matters, I’m going to answer all of the above.

Number 1: Landing an armed force on foreign soil (whether by sea or land) has its own logistical chain. Its purpose there is to smash and break things with violent efficiency and lethality. Nothing less will do. Suppose we’re talking about a Marine artillery battery moving across the Eastern Polish border to defend Ukraine against Russian invasion (not entirely impossible these days; Vlad Putin is at the “use it or lose it” stage).

Every single vehicle in the battery is already loaded in such a manner as to most rapidly and effectively go into a combat zone. Dismounting and fire-capping a towed Howitzer is an art and a science all at once. All the gear on board in the back end of the 7-ton truck towing that Howitzer is staged and arranged so that even with the normal jostling and bouncing of travel, it will be at hand where it is most needed for the speed and efficiency of the gun crew to get the gun up and firing. That’s what we train for all day every day. It is what we exist to do.

But our supplies are limited. We only have so much effective range and supplies. We’ve already prioritized our needs and what we can carry; there is quite literally no more room unless you’re willing to add more vehicles to the battery, which increases all sorts of variables. Because of this, there is a necessity for logistical chains and follow-on support. But even those can only carry so much food, water, bullets, beans and TP.

Operation Desert Shield began after Saddam unjustly invaded Kuwait In August 1990. At the same time, 13th Marine Expedition Unit was afloat at sea. Within five weeks, the MEU had swelled to become 4th Marine Expeditionary Brigade and was fully ready to launch an amphibious assault into Kuwait. Valiant though this effort would have been, without the support of follow-on forces, the 10,000 Marines of 4th MEB would have died when they ran out supplies and munitions. In the end, six months would pass before the U.S. Army had staged enough men and material to make driving Saddam out of Kuwait a practical event.

That’s just to conquer an area. Not patrol it day and night for security purposes; not ensure that critical civilian needs are met; just to drive out Saddam’s pack of animals. And that’s with the U.S. government acting intelligently and the U.S. military in the prime of its existence after the build-up during the Reagan administration.

Number 2: Now that we’ve examined military logistics, it’s time to examine Flint. For years, the city of Flint purchased its water supply from Detroit. A significant portion of Detroit’s city budget came from Flint’s water purchase, which makes sense. Every human being needs at least 1 gallon of water per day, just for drinking – not bathing, not washing dishes, not even cooking. Just in terms of what you personally drink. When your city population is nearly 100,000 that’s a lot. How much? Let me break it down for you. If we assume that 100,000 people, consume one gallon apiece, per day, seven days per week, that’s 700,000 gallons of water. Now multiply that by 52. That would make 36,400,000 gallons of water per year. Let’s suppose Detroit charged them a rate of 2 cents per gallon: That’s $728,000 dollars annually.

The city of Flint looked at all this money flowing out from their own civic funds and said “Huh, how can we free up money to go elsewhere?” which was a smart move on the politicians’ part. The city of Flint ran the numbers and determined that if it started construction of their own water supply to feed into the existing network, it would take them 2 years, and at the end of it, they would have a net savings of $4.2 million, at a minimum. Good work so far. So the City of Flint made the announcement that they were putting up their own water system, and would no longer be dependent on Detroit when their contract ended in 2 years. They figured they would be safe.

They were wrong.

Detroit was not happy about this. Remember, Detroit enjoys the cash cow that Flint represents. Their response to Flint was to immediately cut off the water supply. Now, go check who the mayor of Detroit is. What’s his party affiliation? How long has this party been in power in Detroit?

Flint had to switch to local water supply. Governor Rick Snyder set up a crisis management team who tried to help ease the process. They checked with local environmental regulation agencies about whether the water was safe. They asked the EPA the same question, and they were told it was. Even after things started getting funky, the EPA assured them everything was okay.

And now, here we are. Filthy water in Flint, and a fat Democrat named Michael Moore is running around telling people to stop sending water to Flint. Yes, you just read that correctly. Chew on that and consider what it means while I expound upon Point Number 3.

Number 3: In the short term, a military led-convoy could make good things happen, but it would get ugly in a hurry because we have zero tolerance or respect for stupidity and jackassery. Given the mess that FEMA has proven to be, under any administration, it will probably end up being a military led, military commanded effort, which means martial law or the next best thing to it. We call the shots, and nobody argues. Or we smack them down and out of the way.

Why? Because we have a job to do, and we will not allow anything to deter us from achieving our mission.

Imagine that Corporal LaForce has a squad of Marines and he’s in charge of distributing water to a local neighborhood. Everybody gets so many bottles or jugs per household. All they have to do is come to the collection point and collect it. We’re doing things by the numbers in an organized fashion. Lines start to form. Who here likes standing in line? I don’t even like waiting in the express line in the grocery store. Now take that line and move it outside to the 30 degree weather; people are cold, people are tired, bored, cranky, grumpy. They’re sick of listening to their kids whine about being bored tired and hungry. Now we have 1,000 thirsty, hungry, grouchy people, ready to lose their heads waiting in line.

I have my standing orders, which include that Joe Six Pack does not cause trouble. Yes, we get it Mr. Six-Pack, you’re thirsty. So is everybody else here. Stand in line and wait. Because nothing goes wrong when refugees and people in desperate situations go to get supplies, right? Because there’s no reporter from MSNBC standing around with a camera looking for somebody to get stupid so he can show the very same guys handing out water as being nothing more than government thugs oppressing the poor-downtrodden people of Flint, right? MSNBC and CNN are full of professional liars who have done exactly that in Iraq and Afghanistan. Don’t think for a second they won’t do it here.

Great, we made it out of the whole mess alive and unharmed. But wait, as we’re preparing to leave, we see a local street gang charging a toll for water to the locals. This is wrong on many, many levels. Do you think Corporal LaForce is going to tolerate some two-bit punk gang member doing that? Nope. And how is it going to look on CNN when they air live footage of Corporal LaForce using a machine gun to handle street thugs? I can already see the court martial proceedings. I can already see the rest of my career going down in flames. If I’m a reservist and a business owner, my business is finished. Because CNN and MSNBC do not care about the truth, they’ll never show the people who were robbed at gunpoint before I intervened. They won’t care one iota about the truth. And while my family suffers, those stuffed shirt reporterss will go back to voting into power the very politicians who caused this mess to begin with and promoting them to the general public. That’s the reality I and every other Marine sent to do this duty would face every day for several months while the water supply got fixed.

And if we’re shipping nearly three million gallons of water each month, by truck, to Flint, think about the cost in diesel fuel to run all of that. That’s not a powder keg of trouble waiting to ignite at all, and would you care to buy this beautiful ocean front property in Arizona which I own?

Number 4: We’re not done yet, but we’re close. The Army’s engineers are very capable, talented individuals. They absolutely could set up the facilities necessary to alleviate the short term shortages, and start laying down foundations for longer-term scenarios. But guess what? Everything requires environmental impact statements, reviews, inspections, and decisions made by bureaucrats whose very livelihoods depend on the volume of paperwork they can generate. And then there’s every single environmental regulation that must be met, enforced by the very EPA who said this water was “good to drink and use” in the first place!

That engineer Captain you called up to go fix this mess is going to spend the first four months onsite spinning his thumbs. Same with his company First Sergeant, all the way on down to the lowest, most boot private in the unit (assuming he’s not busy digging a ditch because his seniors told him to). Because until the EPA actually decides to get their oh-so-precious act together, nothing can happen. It’s that simple. We have regulated even basic construction so heavily, that establishing clean drinking water is a multi-year process.

Why do you think California never bothered to build desalinization plants up and down the coast, in an effort to alleviate drought problems? Government regulated it straight out the window. Then, to really put people in a bind, they determined that the needs of the brown river smelt fish mattered more than ensuring farmers had enough water for irrigation. So farms started drying up, a la the Dust Bowl (my wife’s family owns farm land up there, and I’ve gotten to see this first hand), which meant that the California drought was not only perpetuating itself, but man-made by the very hand of the supposed environmental custodians set to protect it! Just like the government agency that was supposed to protect the citizens of Flint, Michigan failed them entirely.

In Hawaii, the state government has fought for years with the LDS church to gain control of the wells and aquifers which that private organization owns, developed, and maintains on its own dime. Why? Because until the amount of available drinking water in Hawaii is increased sufficiently, they can’t do the land developments they’d like, because there won’t be enough water to take care of the booming population. Again, why not build desalinization plants? You’d have construction crews hiring like mad, people would be getting hired and trained on how to maintain and operate these plants, the cost of water would go down (due to the surplus of water now in the system), which means that cost of living goes down and your average Hawaiian’s dollar goes a lot further. Yay! More money for Manapua and malasadas! Praise the Lord and pass the laulau!

But it doesn’t happen that way. Environmental regulations either forbid it, or make it so difficult, that no business owner in his right mind will go near the project. You would need Bill Gates’ money and army of lawyers, just to get started!

Finally, know this: It can be resolved. Yes. It can. But you have to have a certain stomach and fortitude for the rough road ahead. It won’t go away in one night. If you send Marines or Soldiers into Flint, you must expect that friction with the local populace is going to occur. You must be willing to watch American fighting men resort to physical violence on occasion to keep the peace, or prevent barbarians from harming civilized human beings. You must be willing to scrap much of the environmental regulatory code and start over, because it is entirely too cumbersome. You must be willing to stay the course, all the way from beginning to end.

Because otherwise, it will not work.

What’s good for the goose…


combat24n-1-webI write this as an Army veteran and the mother of two children who have enlisted to serve their country.

There’s been a bit of a debate lately about whether or not women should register for the draft. After all, if the military is going to open combat arms to females, it is only fair that they get the pleasure of registering for the Selective Service as individuals capable of being drafted in times of war.

I’ve always been of the opinion that as long as women can carry the load – without lowering standards – and can perform the same tasks as their male counterparts without help, more power to them. There are precious few women who can or are willing to do that. It’s not because they can’t. I think with proper and continued training, women can perform the same duties as men, but it requires a lot more work and  determination. Sorry, ladies, but we are physically weaker than men. We do require a lot more physical training to match male stamina and physical abilities. If you can and are willing to go the extra mile, go for it! But don’t expect anyone to lower standards so you can feel good about yourself.

That’s the first hurdle.

Precious few women will meet or exceed those standards, but when they do, they become an invaluable part of the fighting force, and if war breaks out, we will need every capable Soldier to do the job of defending our nation.

Every. Last. One.

At least one Presidential candidate has an issue with this. My husband wrote a very compelling essay the other day about why the liberty movement should choose Ted Cruz, since Rand Paul has decided to end his campaign. But on the issue of women and the draft, Cruz is wrong. Dead wrong.

“It was striking that three different people on that stage came out in support of drafting women into combat in the military,” Cruz said of his primary rivals at Saturday night’s GOP debate.

“I have to admit, as I was sitting there listening to that conversation, my reaction was: Are you guys nuts?” he added during a speech in New Hampshire.

Pinning blame for the idea on political correctness, Cruz said forcing women into close combat “is wrong, is immoral and, if I’m president, we ain’t doing it.”

Couple of things here.

If women are to do the same jobs as men, and do them at the same skill level, and are serving in combat units, doing those jobs, equality demands that they register for the draft just as men do!

Also, no one is forcing women into combat. By training and meeting the same standards as men, and volunteering to serve in the same units, women are volunteering for combat, as mission needs dictate. It’s about equality. If qualified, healthy men can be forced to serve in a time of war, so should qualified, healthy women.

But Cruz is also missing a fundamental principle I think is critical to a defender of liberty. We shouldn’t be forcing anyone – male or female – into military service! The draft is an obsolete, unneeded tool that forces those who are unwilling – for whatever reason – serve during war.

First – I wouldn’t want some doofus who was forced into the military, doesn’t want to be there, and whose head and heart aren’t fully in the mission, in a foxhole with me. I wouldn’t trust them to have my six, and I wouldn’t want to use my strength and honor to defend them, if they’re half-assing the mission.

Second – we have sufficient numbers of brave, intelligent, and dedicated individuals who voluntarily serve, and consider defending this nation an honor. Hell, the Army is cutting down its ranks! We certainly don’t need to pull from the ranks of the unwilling! I just don’t think the draft would be needed.

And third, I find the whole idea of forcing individuals into any kind of service unpalatable and hardly cost effective. Why conscript someone into service on whom you will be spending tens of thousands of dollars in food, clothing, housing, equipment, training, benefits, and salary, who doesn’t even want to be there? Frankly, I think that money is much better spent on individuals who volunteer.

That said, it’s not political correctness to have equal standards for males and females. It’s called equality. Military service is not a game, and it’s not an experiment. You want to play with the big dogs? You’d better be willing to do everything they are.

We’ve come full circle


I’m sitting here with tears of pride and joy in my eyes.

sarah and meWhen Sarah enlisted in the Marine Corps after high school, I felt this incredible sense of delight and honor! This child, who grew into this proud, independent, strong, secure Marine from the tiny, scared, non-communicative little urchin we adopted when she was just five years old, followed in her parents’ footsteps and made the courageous decision to serve her adopted country – much like I did, and much like her father did.

She didn’t join for a lack of other options. She could have gone to college and partied on like many college students did. But she chose the hard route. She became a Marine, and the sense of absolute pride and exultation I felt was indescribable!

Fast forward a couple of years.

Daniel is now a college student in his second semester at UNC Charlotte. He has joined a fraternity. He’s quickly acclimated to college life, made friends, and learned how to study, write, and analyze and synthesize information. But he wanted more, and he wanted it now.

So today, my youngest child raised his hand and upheld the family tradition of military service. Daniel has enlisted in the Army. He’s the last one – the youngest one – the one who completes this circle his father and I created when we first started this family. He wanted to serve. His last Facebook post says it all.

I remember being a little boy and seeing my parents lace up their boots and walk out the door wearing the United States Army uniform, and thinking how badly I wanted to be just like them. Then I remember seeing my sister wearing the United States Marine Corps uniform for the first time and thinking how proud I am of her. Today, I leave to enlist in the Army and hopefully continue the family tradition of service. Never thought this day would come.

me and dannyDanny went to MEPS this morning and took the oath to serve his country. After taking the ASVAB and going through all the medical exams, he told me in a text message that the best part, other than swearing in, was when the doctor looked over his paperwork and said, “Congratulations, and thank you for serving this great nation!” He told me he almost cried, and that was the most beautiful thing he said today. It shows love, pride, character, and honor.

Yes, he will finish college. He will ship to basic training at Ft. Sill after he completes this semester. He will withdraw for one semester, and return next spring to continue his education, while serving in the Army Reserves.

My only regret is that I couldn’t be there, but there’s no end to my love. I’m beyond honored to be his mom. I’m beyond overjoyed. I’m beyond touched to have inspired this beautiful child and his sister to strive to be the best they can be.

I love you, Danny!

National Shame, Part II


In September I wrote about a national shame – a dishonor so profound, that I called on Americans to stand up and vocally condemn unspoken orders to our military to turn their backs on systematic abuse of young Afghan boys by repulsive adult males in power, even as children were being raped by the very people with whom we were supposed to be working and cooperating!

Today, I have to write about another stigma – a black eye on the very foundation of our nation that, as a veteran, I’m embarrassed to even broach.

“A nation is judged by how well it treats its veterans.”George Washington

You would have to have been hiding under a rock with the rest of the maggots to have missed or downright ignored the scandals that have plagued the Veterans Administration over the past few years.

Secret waiting lists that resulted in veterans dying while waiting for appointments at the Phoenix Veterans Affairs Health Care system and several other VA hospitals.

More than 300,000 veterans died while waiting for the VA to process their applications… waiting for stalled applications in the VA’s byzantine bureaucracy.

Unnecessary veteran deaths due to shoddy patient care, mismanagement, and outright incompetence.

All these stories are inexcusable, sad, infuriating, horrifying, and heartbreaking. Our nation sent these men and women to war – to get maimed both mentally and physically – and shameless, heartless bureaucrats neglect them and steal from them.

151103-House-Committee-Hearing-Diana-Rubens-Kim-GravesSuch was the case of Diana Rubens and Kimberly Graves – two VA officials pernicious swamp sows – who not only didn’t do their jobs, but manipulated the system to give themselves positions with less responsibility while siphoning six-figure salaries by forcing lower-ranking regional managers to accept job transfers against their will and stole $400,000 from the VA in relocation expenses.

This is a national shame. This is fraud, waste, and abuse at some of the highest levels of government, even as the VA struggles to take care of the troops it exists to serve. And yet…

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia is refusing criminal prosecution of Rubens and Graves.

The U.S. Attorney’s office said it has “referred the matter to the VA for any administrative action that is deemed appropriate.”

Administrative action? For essentially stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from America’s vets? For abusing their positions, for screwing with others’ careers by forcing them to accept job transfers against their will? For corruption? Fraud? Abuse of authority?

And worse yet, after the two corruptocrats were “demoted,” for their wrongdoing – if you can even call it that, as they were still earning six-figure salaries each – the demotion was rescinded, because someone buggered up the paperwork! These imbeciles can’t even get that right!

The lack of accountability and utter incompetence is beyond appalling.

Instead of working for the very men and women who work to defend this country, they steal from them.

Instead of helping those who have sacrificed for this nation’s safety, they profit at the veterans’ expense.

Instead of working to support the troops who come back traumatized, torn apart, maimed, and emotionally wrecked, these two odious, arrogant gargoyles sat around on their cellulite addled asses and collected hundreds of thousands of dollars from America’s taxpayers.

The rot and corruption at the agency that is tasked with taking care of our veterans is reprehensible, and the government’s refusal to hold these and other crooked reprobates at the VA accountable is inexcusable. The fact that they still have jobs is appalling, and since the US Attorney’s Office is refusing to prosecute these two toads, chances are they will be issued an administrative slap on the wrist and allowed to quietly retire with all their benefits.

Is it any wonder Americans are sick and tired of their unresponsive, unaccountable government? Is it any wonder government bureaucrats are a national (extremely unfunny) joke?

They are stealing from American veterans, and they are stealing from the American people. They are a disgrace, as is the entire VA for doing nothing and continuing to pay these two malignant warts on the ass of humanity!

Bergdahl enters no plea


I did a happy dance when the news reported that (“alleged”) traitorous deserter Bowe Bergdahl would face desertion and misbehavior before the enemy charges at a general court martial, despite the recommendation of some oozing vagoo of an LTC at a preliminary hearing that Bergdahl receive a slap on the wrist for walking off his base and hanging out with murdering terrorists in Taliban territory for several years.

Today, Bergdahl was arraigned in his first court appearance at Ft. Bragg and deferred entering a plea.

The wheels of military justice appear to move slowly in this case. That little prick was returned home last year after the administration traded him for five terrorists, who are even now almost certainly plotting their next attack, but finally, the head of U.S. Army Forces Command General Robert Abrams decided to refer the case to a general court martial instead of a special court martial, which would have carried barely any punishment at all.

Ever since Bergdahl’s release, I have been saying that this shitbag deserves to have the book thrown at him.

He walked off the base.

If you're ever in doubt of Bergdahl's guilt, just remember this photo.

If you ever doubt Bergdahl’s guilt, just remember this photo.

He left his buddies and his equipment behind.

But that’s not all he apparently did.

He apparently played soccer with the Taliban.

He apparently was allowed to carry a weapon at times, because he’d become a warrior for Islam.

He apparently provided information to the enemy that led to attacks against our troops.

Bergdahl did a podcast recently in which he attempts to explain away his desertion by claiming he wanted on one hand to be some kind of Jason Bourne-like super spy, and on the other, to report “leadership failures” in his platoon.

“All I was seeing was basically leadership failure to the point that the lives of the guys standing next me to were literally, from what I could see, in danger of something seriously going wrong, and somebody being killed,” he said.

Bergdahl said he was unhappy with the leadership in his unit and believed no one would take his complaints seriously. He devised a plan to hike 18 miles to another Army base to report his concerns to a general.

“I was fully confident that when someone took a look at the situation…that people would understand that I was right. What was going on was a danger to the lives of the men of that company,” Bergdahl said on the podcast.

This douche canoe is either dumber than a box of hammers, or an outright liar. I tend to lean toward the latter, although his intellect isn’t exactly shining through in this affair either.

If he gave a flying rat’s ass about the lives of the guys standing next to him, I would humbly submit that he wouldn’t have walked off base without his weapon, knowing that the guys standing next to him would have to go looking for him.

If he believed no one would take his complaints seriously if he lodged complaints through his chain of command, how much gravitas would he have had after showing up at a military base after taking a nice, unarmed hike in Taliban territory?

Fact is he wanted to be a badass. He tried to join the French Foreign Legion, and those guys rejected him, so he joined the Army “for the adventure” instead. The little jerk had a superiority complex too, and didn’t think the guys in his unit were competent enough to fight according to what he told former SPC Jason Fry. “If this deployment is lame,” Bergdahl told Fry, “I’m just going to walk off into the mountains of Pakistan.” (emphasis mine)

And now this lying colostomy bag wants us to believe that he cared about his fellow Soldiers so much, that he was going to hike unarmed 18 miles to another military base and lodge complaints about their treatment to command? Please! Whom does he think he’s kidding?

He thought he was too good for this mission.

He thought he was superior to his buddies.

He thought he was going to be a badass Soldier to compensate for his Foreign Legion rejection and the fact that he was discharged from the Coast Guard.

And when all of that failed, he took a hike with the intent of finding the Taliban and helped them murder his fellow service members!

What he did was the definition of desertion and treason, and for that he deserves the maximum penalty.



I read a story today that I haven’t seen covered in any news outlet. An 8-year-old girl ran to her mother recently terrified of something she saw on the news:

Sofia had been watching the news with her grandmother, when she heard about Donald Trump’s call to deport refugees and ban Muslims from entering America.

“She ran to me with a look of absolute fear on her face,” Melissa told Upworthy.

Sofia, who is 8 years old, was convinced that Trump wanted to kick her and her family, who are Muslim — and American citizens — out of the country.

Sofia’s mom was understandably upset, and posted her frustration on her Facebook page a few days ago.

I’m proud to say that many American veterans have responded just the way they should – by publicly announcing their intent to protect children – ALL children, regardless of their faith.

The Twitter hashtag #IWillProtectYou was created just for this, and many veterans, including myself, have made the pledge to Sofia – and every child – that they would be protected.

Because no child should fear being kicked out of heir homeland because of their faith.

Because no child should be scared that it’s government will imprison, discriminate against them, or deprive hem of their rights, no matter what God they worship – or don’t.

Because every child deserves a childhood free from fear that some megalomaniacal, narcissistic dick weasel, who bought himself a country, will boot them from their home.

Because no child should fear government force.

Because we – as service members – swore an oath to protect this nation and her Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic, and that includes the aforementioned megalomaniacal, narcissistic dick weasels who want to turn this nation into a fascist shithole.

Because we – as service members – understand the true meaning of honor.

Because we – as service members – protect the innocent. It’s what we do.

Because we – as service members – will not stand idly by and allow those smaller and weaker than us to be abused by those in power.

Because we – as service members – are sheepdogs.

And because I truly believe that those of us who made the commitment to serve will not obey the orders of a sad, bigoted, narcissist, who doesn’t give a rat’s flying fuck about America, and who is obviously compensating for his inadequate genitalia by buying himself a country – even if the meathead contingency in this country is somehow stupid enough to place this leftist turd in sheep’s clothing in the White House.


And I hope my fellow vets will as well.

Bergdahl – Punishment Does Not Fit the Crime


Well, it looks like deserter scum Bowe Bergdahl will probably not face any significant punishment for his actions that resulted in him hanging out with his Taliban pals for a few years before being exchanged for five terrorists and allowed to return home to his family. To those of us who have been following this story closely, this appalling recommendation from Lt. Col. Mark Visger, represents something completely incomprehensible.

…Visger presided over an Article 32 hearing, the military equivalent of a preliminary hearing, in Sgt. Bergdahl’s case last month. During that hearing, the lead military investigator in the case said he didn’t believe Sgt. Bergdahl should be jailed.

Visger recommended a special courts martial for the princess that could result in one year of confinement, six months pay forfeiture, three months hard labor, or a bad-conduct discharge.

It’s often characterized as misdemeanor court.

This is a man who walked away from his duty station, left his weapon, and went looking for the Taliban.

He spent five years with the enemy, during which time reports vary about his activities. If you believe some, he was captured, kept in a cage, and treated like an animal. If you believe those reports, he also tried to escape and was punished for it. If you believe others, he played soccer, chilled with his Taliban buddies, and provided information that led to attacks against our troops.

Many soldiers in Bergdahl’s platoon said attacks seemed to increase against the United States in Paktika province in the days and weeks following his disappearance.

“Following his disappearance, IEDs started going off directly under thetrucks. They were getting perfect hits every time. Their ambushes were very calculated, very methodical,” said Buetow.

It was “very suspicious,” says Buetow, noting that Bergdahl knew sensitive information about the movement of U.S. trucks, the weaponry on those trucks, and how soldiers would react to attacks.

Eyewitness accounts show Bergdahl had at some point decided he was going to be a warrior for Islam, whose captors even allowed him to carry a gun at times. If this is true, and he didn’t bother attempting to escape. Screw that Article III of the Code of Conduct!

If you believe this photo, he doesn’t look altogether unhappy.

Of course, Bergdahl’s scumbag lawyer is demanding even more lenient treatment for his traitorous yambag of a client. That fetid  ass weasel wants an Article 15 for his client. Nonjudicial punishment. A slap on the wrist.

A slap on the wrist for someone who walked off base and, at the very least, gradually became BFFs with his Haqqani captors.

A slap on the wrist for someone who deserted his post, resulting in multiple searches and casualties in efforts to recover him.

This is not a guy I see as being particularly gnawed by his conscience about what he was asked to do in Afghanistan. This is a guy who tried to join the French Foreign Legion – I guess because he thought he’d be some kind of badass – but who got rejected by the Legion and was all butthurt about it. He then joined the Army in hopes of showing off his badassery in the Infantry.

“He wanted to be a mercenary, wanted to be a free gun,” says Fry. “He had a notion he was a survivalist, claimed he knew how to survive with nothing because he grew up in Idaho…. Before we deployed… him and I were talking about what it would be like,” Fry recalls. Bowe looked at his friend and made no bones about his plans. “If this deployment is lame,” Bowe said, “I’m just going to walk off into the mountains of Pakistan.”

That’s right, boys and girls. Bergdahl told his buddy that if the deployment wasn’t badass enough for his standards, he would just walk. And guess what! That’s exactly what he did, resulting in years of rescue efforts, American casualties, and the release of five high-value Taliban prisoners in exchange for his worthless ass.

No matter which reports you believe about his time in captivity – Bergdahl as a heroic POW who tried to escape multiple times, or Bergdahl the traitor who walked off into the enemy’s open arms and helped them target American troops – the fact is that this shitbag walked off in the middle of the night, left his equipment, and went looking for the Taliban. And in my opinion, that deserves a bit more than a slap on the wrist.

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