“Mental Health” as a Disarmament Tool


What happens to all those vets who may need some help getting acclimated when they return from downrange? Will they be disarmed? Will their personal relationship with their counselor or VA psychiatrist be revealed to anyone who accesses the NICS system, just so politicians can claim they closed that “mental health loophole”?

My latest for JPFO. Read it below.

via “Mental Health” as a Disarmament Tool.



One media outlet reports that authorities in Killeen, TX are investigating an IED!

Killeen PD received a call just after 9 a.m. from a man who said there was something taped to his truck when he left his home in the 1500 block of North Gray St.

He sent police a picture of the device and they were able to identify it as an IED. Police then contacted the EOD on Fort Hood, who also identified it as an IED.

Fort Hood EOD is en route to the scene to assist.

There’s no indication that this has anything to do with yesterday’s shooting, but still…

Dear humans – could you please STOP being assholes for a while?


UPDATE: I needed to post this update, because I’m already seeing the tinfoil dumbshits crawl out of the woodwork. Before It’s News regularly links to my blog, and some of the comments I get are…

…oh dear gawd.

They can’t stop being assholes, they are too far into the matrix and being mind controlled and manipulated. You should know by now that this is the government doing it’s dirty work.

This is why I feel I need to address the conspiritards. Frankly, I wish they didn’t visit this blog at all, but there’s not much I can do to stop them, so the only other thing I can do is just ridicule them until they stop.

Dear Tin Foil Hat-Wearing Dildo -

There is no matrix. The CIA does not have a chip in your head. The chemtrails do not contain mind-control drugs. And you really need to stop embarrassing the human race. And by the way, there’s a difference between “it’s” and “its.” Learn it.

Love and kisses,


ANOTHER UPDATE: So apparently some asshole decided to play an elaborate prank.

The device, a piece of pipe with wires attached, was intentionally made to look like a pipe bomb but was, in fact, inert and contained no explosive hazard, Carroll Smith, Killeen police spokeswoman said.

A News 10 reporter at the scene said people in the area heard a loud boom at about 1 p.m. as bomb experts from Fort Hood were studying the device.

Smith said the boom was the result of a test and not the device actually exploding.

It was that test that resulted in the Fort Hood experts concluding there was no explosive hazard.

Now, what kind of douche rocket would do something like this, especially after the incident in the area yesterday, and after Hasan’s terrorist massacre a few years back? Just what kind of assclown do you have to be?

Here’s what we know about the gunman


There was yet another shooting at Fort Hood yesterday. The gunman, 34 year old Ivan Lopez killed four people, including himself.

The gunman in the Fort Hood shooting was an active-duty enlisted soldier who served four months in Iraq and was being evaluated for PTSD, military officials said Wednesday night.

Ivan A. Lopez, 34, had previously served in the Army National Guard in Puerto Rico, a military official said. He was assigned to the 13th Sustainment Brigade at Fort Hood.

He was apparently being treated for depression, and self-reported as having had a traumatic brain injury after having served in Iraq.

“The soldier had not been wounded in Iraq, but was being treated for behavioral problems, anxiety and ‘a number of other psychological issues,’” according to this report.

Apparently his .45 caliber pistol was not registered on base and was brought there only recently.

So far this does not appear to be terrorism related, no matter how ardently some whose Twitter feed I had the misfortune of reading hoped it was.

I’m sure more details will emerge soon. Keep everyone there in your thoughts.

Another shooting on Ft. Hood


Yes, that Ft. Hood.

Details are scant. Multiple people injured. For now, shooter is still at large, and the base is locked down.

I’ll write more as I know more.

UPDATE: NBC reports there may be two shooters. One down. One at large. I don’t want to report every single detail in the beginning, because initial reports are notoriously wrong, but that’s what we know so far.

ANOTHER UPDATE: they’re now saying there’s only one shooter. Dead.

UPDATE THE THIRD: Fox reporting there’s still a lockdown. Active crime scene. Four dead, including the shooter. Military officials say there is still one shooter, but the base is being searched just in case.

UPDATE CONTINUES: News sources identify the shooter as SPC Ivan Lopez. Lopez was 34 or 36 years old.

ANOTHER ONE: RUMINT says he was part of the Warrior Transition Program, and that he was a truck driver. They say it started as an argument.

MORE: News conference at from hospital; injuries include gunshot wounds to chest, neck, extremities.  Four there, and two more en route.

Jodi Rives Meier – Character Does Matter, and She Has None


Details are coming out about my recent blog post about a communications instructor at Butte College, who appears to have made a habit out of maligning the military, as well as vilifying her own students who happen to be military veterans.

To be sure, Jodi Rives Meier’s comments about the military being a bunch of illiterate rapists sparked some indignation – enough to bring a news crew to her door, about which she was apparently “upset” enough to put on make-up and advertise the time of the news report on her Facebook page for her friends to watch.

So, it turns out, if you post a MILLION times about social causes–suicide prevention, mental health awareness, LGBT+ issues, rape culture, fiscal meltdowns, local theater–no one in the media could give a shit. But, post about the military–and get a few boys with hurt feewings–and Jerry Olenyn from whatever channel shows up on your doorstep pushing for a response on video for the “lead story at 6:30.” Which you’ve heard nothing about. And when you say you feel uncomfortable having a news reporter “ambush” you at your home–where he is uninvited and is not a public place–when you are in your pajamas on your day off, he gets a little testy about being offended at your attack on him. And then the neighbors call the police. And then he tries to make the police call part of the story. And then you are just sick to damn death with all the bullshit. So, watch it at 6:30, I guess.

The pretend outrage about this “ambush” is fascinating. The passive-aggressive combination of faux self-immolation and and borderline pride is clownish, if nothing else.

At least one person ardently defended Jodi on this blog, and another one – ostensibly a student – went to the mat for her on This Ain’t Hell. One claims that Jodi has the freedom of speech, and absurdly claims that members of the military have threatened to kill and rape her, and that “I do feel that my teacher’s anecdotal evidence that military veterans are being underserved and have trouble with literacy.” (Speaking of trouble with literacy… what?)

The second one claimed several times that “You have no basis for your diagnosis of hatred of the military.”


Let’s start with a screen shot of Jodi’s own words.

bitch 1

So not only are people who volunteer to protect this nation delusional and self-aggrandizing, according to this… thing… but they’re also rapists who cover up for one another’s hobby of sexual assault, apparently.

I also have a screen shot of what she told one individual who replied to this nonsense, but I won’t post it here until he gives me his permission to do so, because it has his full name. But I can tell you that in response to his indignation, Dear Jodi asks, “…why are you complaining – it just gives you military guys a larger pool to rape from.”

Note the shitty grammar in this particular comment. Why do I point this out? Two reasons. Because a) She castigates veterans for being illiterate and b) she also does it to her own son. In public. In a condescending, humiliating manner after he posted his admiration for a member of the Marine Crops. The whole exchange is here:

bitch 3

What I notice is the following:

She apparently makes it a habit of criticizing people’s grammar and spelling instead of addressing their actual comments.

She likes to play the victim, because apparently her own child is oh-so-mean to her (his original post said nothing rude or untoward, but only meant to show his mother, who apparently loathes the military that there are heroes among us), and that it’s all the military’s fault.

Further down in the conversation, we witness some dirty laundry being aired between Jodi and a woman who appears to be her ex mother-in-law.

bitch 4

What have we learned here?

We have learned that Jodi did something… something bad while her husband was deployed, while she blames everyone from his command, to his family, to his church for not being supportive enough.

If you read the comments section of the last blog entry on this matter, you will see accusations of adultery – adultery with an 18 year old kid – while her husband was deployed. By her own admission, she also married a man 17 years her junior. While I have no idea whether or not she married the same kid with whom she allegedly cheated on her husband, it certainly is instructive that she seems to routinely be attracted to men who are considerably younger than her.

Apparently no one thinks Jodi has been at all supportive of her son Connor, who by his own account has had problems with written communication. It’s fairly appalling for a communications instructor to castigate her own kid in public, while apparently being unable or unwilling to actually help him. What kind of communication instructor could she possibly be?

Well, we have an answer to that question as well.

I’m going to ignore the comments posted after her little brain droppings went public, for obvious reasons, and I will focus on ratings that took place prior to these reports. What strikes me is the universal admission – even from people who rated her class very positively – that a) the class is ridiculously easy, and you should take it to pad your grades and b) Jodi is a narcissistic harridan, who routinely brings her personal life and political views into the classroom.

Jodi is a great person in my opinion but a horrendously sloppy teacher. She does a great job at making a comfortable environment, however there is no order whatsoever. If you want to get something done it will not happen in this class. If all you want is a grade for attending and putting forth little effort then she is the teacher for you. (29 Dec 13)

Jodi is awesome! She is very liberal and is a bit one-sided. There were a few heated debates in our class – as there should be in a college atmosphere. Don’t buy the textbook – you don’t use it. Jodi made class fun and interesting, she’s like a cool aunt to everyone. take this class if you can!! (24 May 13)

She spends at least 30 mins per class talking about her political agenda, screwed up life, and other kinds of nonsense. The class is decently easy, but you have to constantly be on top of your syllabus because she doesn’t always warn you about due dates. Not a terrible class, but overall waste of time. (07 Nov 12)

She is terrible. Calls her students “minions” which in my opinion, is derogatory and rude. She is also crass and talks a lot of NOTHING but herself and what we learn is mediocre. TAKE SOMEONE else!! Please! You’ll thank me later I promise! (22 Oct 12)

Jodi talks the whole time-about herself, her children and husbands. SUCH a waste of time. We are paying you for an education. And of course we all need better communication skills. She has nothing important to say. The stories unrelated to the material and really longwinded 20-30 minutes at a time about complete nonsense. (30 Aug 11)

This class is great if you are looking for an easy A. However, she hates America and makes it known. She also thinks that college students are idiots and she is a very opinionated liberal. Also, you mainly spend 3 hours a day listening to her stories and opinions, don’t expect to leave the class with any new found knowledge. (08 Jul 10)

Group Discussion- Everything I learned in this class I could have learned in one afternoon in a group discussion/communications workshop. The entire semester is listening to her ramble on about herself and her children and other job. SUCH a waste of time. We are paying you for an education. And of course we all need better communication skills. ugh (11 Dec 09)

I received an A in this class and went to everyone. Jodi is one of the worst teacher that I have ever had. If you do not have an opinion that does not fully agrees with hers than she will literally yell at you until you give up trying. She loves to her herself talk and really has nothing of importance to say. I learned nothing in this class. (08 Nov 09)

Pro: Good sense of humor, high energy, textbook is optional (she tests from notes that she gives you), easy grader; Con: Spends a lot of time on stories unrelated to the material or examples that are really longwinded. Also, if you are conservative, pro-Bush you may feel a little hammered (I’m not, but sometimes cringe in sympathy.) (06 Oct 07)

Get the gist of it?

Narcissistic. Biased. Plays victim on a regular basis. So insecure, she needs to publicly humiliate her own son, while claiming how she’s victimized by his lack of respect for her. Probably screwed around on her husband, and then in order to avoid personal responsibility for her actions, blamed him, the military, his family and apparently his church for not supporting her enough.

This is the kind of person Butte College chose to employ.

This woman chooses to publicly open her ignorant, biased yap and belittle what ultimately is an organization of honorable men and women who choose voluntarily to serve their country, and insult the intelligence and communication her own students, who happen to belong to that group, while posting rambling, badly written missives on her very public social media pages.

Too bad she just doesn’t get it.

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