Too bad he didn’t shoot himself in the nuts and take the stupid out of the gene pool


Deputy approaches dog playing with kids. Tries to shoot dog, because he’s a shithispants coward, shoots himself in the leg instead, because he’s an incompetent clod (thankfully), and tries to claim this was a vicious, terrible, huge dog attacking him.

Not so much, if you watch the video.

Yeah, real super aggressive. Video doesn’t lie, but apparently Riverside does just a bit.

“A dog came at the deputy in an aggressive manner,” Munoz said. “The deputy, (attempting to defend himself) pulled his service weapon, shot one round, and injured himself in the leg.

Yeah, just a bit.

A Riverside County sheriff’s deputy was hospitalized Wednesday after accidentally shooting himself in the leg when a large dog approached him at a Riverside home.

Sure it did. I can certainly tell how horribly aggressive that wagging little tail and the goofy, lolling tongue is. Goodness, these little kids must be terrified!


Dude, do yourself a favor and shoot yourself in the groin next time, so your kind of cowardly stupid doesn’t breed.

Setting The Record Straight On Immigration


Longtime readers of this blog know our views on illegal immigrants and immigration and border security. That said, there’s been some sentiment on the immigration issue lately in the Virginia righty blogosphere that I feel compelled to respond to. I wasn’t one of those offended by the (in)famous Super Bowl commercial featuring America the Beautiful sung in various languages, but Jim Bowden makes some very salient points otherwise about borders, culture, and the rise and fall of nations nonetheless.  On the other side of the ledger, many who should know better are rushing to the defense of the GOP establishment and their immigration ‘principles’ that came out of the GOP House retreat late last month.

Particularly galling at Bearing Drift today is the repeated use of the word ‘nativist’ to describe those of us who actually expect immigration laws to be enforced. In this same post, Shaun Kenney, whom I nearly always agree with otherwise, decries caricaturing of illegal immigrants using a graphic, and then does the exact same thing to those of us who demand border security and the rule of law, using a graphic of the memorable Bill “The Butcher” Cutting character, played by Daniel Day-Lewis, from the film Gangs of New York. We also apparently are demanding draconian violations of civil liberties and the rounding up of the 12 to 15 million illegals come hell or high water… News to me. He advocates for amnesty, well, because it’s mean to expect these poor, innocent illegal immigrants to show some respect for our laws and sovereignty. Oh, and the Catholic Church, represented on this issue by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, wants amnesty, so for some reason that should settle it. I think not. Come on, Shaun, you’re better than that. That is the height of hypocrisy. And please, people, quit conflating legal and illegal immigration.

Over at Virginia Virtucon, a post is up taking Dave Brat, a candidate for U.S. House in the 7th District, to task for questioning the incumbent, Majority Leader Eric Cantor, on immigration, because Brat demands immigration laws be enforced, while opposing Obamacare. The author has the nerve to suggest it’s hypocritical because Obamacare is the “law of the land”. Respectfully, this is political weaselry at best. The Affordable Care Act is only in force because John Roberts chose to place his concern for the ‘reputation of the SCOTUS’ (or something) above the plain language of the Constitution. Even left-wing SCOTUS watchers were amazed that he sided with the four liberal justices. No one has ever credibly suggested that immigration and border security laws are unconstitutional.  Such a comparison is ridiculous on its face. Add to this that Brat would seek repeal of the Affordable Care Act should he be elected, and the attacks come off as even more patently ridiculous. Factor in that Cantor himself said on the House floor less than two weeks ago that “immigration reform could be an economic boon to this country” and it’s easy to see why conservatives are suspicious of Cantor, Bob Goodlatte, and House leadership on immigration issues.

Want to win the trust of conservatives on these issues? Enforce the law and secure the border. Once that’s done, then, and ONLY then, will we be interested in discussing immigration reform. The visa and immigration system is certainly broken, by over a century of lobbying by every industry, racial interest group, religious denomination and labor group imaginable, and cries out for repair. But just like the amnesty Reagan signed in the 80s, the business lobby will team up with others to prevent any meaningful enforcement, and this time we have an administration ulterior political motives to look the other way already. No amnesty, and no reform until enforcement. Learn it, practice it, earn it.

RLC National: Wrong On Immigration


A couple weeks back, I laid out my vision on the immigration issue. No amnesty, border security, one set of rules for everyone. Pretty straightforward stuff, even mostly endorsing a plan put forward by a Republican Liberty Caucus national board member.

Sadly, RLC National has gone ahead and released a plan that panders to Hispanics and apologists for illegals, with a supporting op-ed in the Examiner by RLC National Chairman Dave Nalle. I should point out that this is likely the only significant national issue where I disagree with Dave; however, this issue is very significant. I will urge the RLCVA state board to oppose this plan.

Amnesty now will be like the 1986 amnesty times ten, and there still won’t be any border security. We’ve seen this movie before. Washington will spend more energy coming up with a hundred excuses why they can’t secure the border than it would take to actually do so. No amnesty. If you’re illegal, go home and go to the back of the line, whether you entered illegally or overstayed a visa. No whining, no excuses.

‘Comprehensive’ immigration ‘reform’, reality, and rhetoric


Right now, the President is trying, along with Dianne Feinstein and the other usual suspects, to push legislation that would further abrogate our Second Amendment rights. Most Republicans in Congress are finding their courage, despite the bizarre sideshow that is Piers Morgan, and standing up to this to one degree or another.

But we’re not here to talk about that, at least not this evening. No, the focus is on the subject of the other great push about to be made by (most) Democrats and (some) Republicans, ‘comprehensive immigration reform’, aka AMNESTY. Yes, kids, that’s what it’s called when you reward people for illegal behavior. And make no mistake, when you let people who have entered the United States illegally stay, pay their kids’ college tuition, and make it possible for them to gain citizenship, you are REWARDING that behavior. The President will team up with Democrats and RINOs in Congress like John McCain and Lindsey Graham, who tried this in 2006-07 and were shocked when the people rose up and made it clear they weren’t having any of this. Now, the usual suspects say, the political environment is different. Republicans supposedly need to bow down, give up their principles, and pursue the Hispanic vote by offering them special privileges, free stuff, and amnesty, as the “Cafe Con Leche Republicans” insist.

Like hell. As I stated after the election, the LAST thing we need to be doing is rolling over. This will allow the left to import more third-world collectivists who will vote for the nanny state and handouts and strain our health care system and infrastructure even more. These people also may not share our culture. Libertarians might be apoplectic at this idea, and that’s fine. What they’re missing, as Ilana Mercer put it, is the civilizational aspect to libertarianism. In their rush to see who score the highest on libertarian purity tests, they’re missing the place where purist neolibertarian philosophy crumbles when it comes into contact with reality. Immigration is one such area. Aaron Alghawi, a national board member of the Republican Liberty Caucus, has come up with what I consider a reasonable starting point for a pro-liberty immigration platform. It’s lacking in two areas. Firstly, we need to secure the border in a serious and sustained fashion. A wall/fence with vehicle barriers and geophones from the Pacific to the Gulf of Mexico. No excuses. Second, everyone here illegally should have to go ‘home’ and get in line behind everyone else and apply for re-entry. Again, no excuses. No one gets treated any better or worse, and no one gets a break because of whom they know. This will meet with opposition from many libertarians, including much of the RLC national leadership. So be it. As the Virginia state chair of the RLC, I’ll fight to see such a platform on this issue adopted at our national convention in a few months.

Purist libertarians will call me racist, classist, nativist, etc. That’s fine. Bring it on. I’m ready. My policy prescriptions here are buttressed by reality. Rhetoric doesn’t scare me, whether it comes from the left, or from libertarians of one stripe or another. As such, I proclaim it is the duty of every patriot to prevent ANY immigration policy from becoming law that gives amnesty, retards enforcement of existing immigration law, or gives out privileges or rewards to those here illegally. And please… stop referring to illegal aliens as ‘undocumented’ and the like. It just makes you look cowardly, and worse, politically correct.

Romney, the GOP, and immigration


Those of you who know me know that I did not support Mitt Romney for President. This was largely because of the cheating that went on at the RNC in Tampa, which is all the more galling considering that Romney had the nomination well in hand; apparently his minions, like the odious Ben Ginsberg, felt the need to punish the grassroots so we have to kiss the ring of the establishment every time out in the future. Despite this, I voted straight GOP all the way down the ticket, and then returned to the Presidential ballot line, which I’d left blank for consideration. I TRIED to force myself to vote for Romney/Ryan… TRIED… but then I remembered how the establishment, “the adults in the room”, meaning K Street and the consulting and punditry class, were in the tank for Romney, Pawlenty, and Huntsman. We were told any other choice was tantamount to Zero’s re-election. We had nothing resembling a fair primary process; it was loaded in favor of the establishment candidates, particularly Romney. I then unhesitatingly filled in the circle next to Johnson/Gray and turned in my ballot. I’ve met Gary Johnson personally, a number of times, and he’s exactly the sort of guy we need more of in politics. I had no illusions he’d be elected (and have some disagreements with him on defense and immigration), but he was the best man for the job and the best candidate on the ballot.

That aside, I’ve found my opinion of Romney, the man, not to say the candidate or the campaign, improving since his defeat. Romney was right on the money with his comments about the “gifts” to minorities, young voters and other special interests and voter blocs that Obama gave out. As Ilana Mercer pointed out far more eloquently than I could hope to, the GOP establishment descended on Mitt immediately, talking of how he was wrong and insensitive, and that we must retreat on immigration, entitlements and a host of other issues and become more “diverse”. This is exactly wrong. We cannot compete with Democrat Claus. Even if we could, that would represent complete ideological surrender. People are mocking the photos of Romney pumping his own gas, but this was the guy we needed to see more of during the last two years.

The Republican party embracing “comprehensive” immigration reform will mean its defeat. The Roveian idea of Hispanics as natual conservatives is a pipedream, as Heather MacDonald, who did an extensive study for the Manhattan Institute on Hispanic voters, points out. To more directly rebut the establishment’s babble about immigration, here’s Mark Kirkorian.

We’re importing third world peasants who will vote for more government largesse and who will further Balkanize America. Build the fence wall, and enforce immigration laws, and encourage self-deportation, and end birthright citizenship. We simply can’t afford another course of action, either ideologically or fiscally. It’s just another example of why the “moderates”, the social conservative and the neocons all need to be driven from control of the Republican party.

In what country are we living? Can anyone remind me?


I will put a language warning here, because I’m so pissed off, there’s no way I’m going to be able to refrain from profanity so strong, that prisoners in federal penitentiaries will plug their ears with their fingers.  So…



“What are we paying them for?”


A few years ago I was bored.  I was so bored, in fact, that upon receiving a Nigerian scam email, I decided to screw with the guy.  Mercilessly.  My friend and renowned author Mike Williamson documented the majority of the exchange I had with this particular scammer, who claimed to be a widow with AIDS who was looking for someone to adopt her two children, and to whom she would pay millions of dollars.  All they’d need is a one-time fee… $1,650

Yeah.  What they wound up getting was a week-long exchange with someone who forced them to send a photo of themselves to prove authenticity, who offered to sell them a computer security system that was marketed as Affirmed Security Standardized Home Organizational Lookout Evader (Version 2.9), who claimed to be a researcher working on AIDS and recommended that she be anally raped by a camel as a cure.  Oh… and I made him sign a contract, which I later explained to him – AFTER I got his signature and had him fax it to me. 

Here is what you have agreed to:

1 – Adoption services and financial services. 2 – Jerking off for the
camera and saving the pictures (that means stroking your own penis,
spanky) 3 – Sucking the penis of a hairy rhesus monkey, taking pictures
and saving them for me 4 – Getting large objects shoved up your ass and
getting sexually abused with whips and chains …

You get the message.

Why did I mess with this idiot for a week?  Well, first, as I explained before, I was bored.  But secondly, it’s because these criminals take advantage of the weakest in our society.  Yes, people should know better. Yes, I’m aware of the whole caveat emptor thing.  However, these scumbags harass the most naive and vulnerable in our society.  If you know anything about me, you know that abuse of children and the elderly makes me absolutely crazy, so these people really deserve to be sodomized with large cacti and tossed off a bridge somewhere!

They truly are scum, and they deserve horrible things to happen to them.  What I don’t understand, though, is the attitude of our law enforcement authorities when confronted with the fact that they really need to do something about these sub-human shitbags!  Here is an elderly gentleman who was trying to help… trying to prevent other seniors falling victim to these scamming slime… and what do the law enforcement agencies of our nation do?  Not a damn thing!  This man got harassing calls at his house, claiming he would receive millions if he just sent them several hundred bucks.  How many elderly folks don’t know any better?   How many of them surf the web on a regular basis and know about this stuff?

Corl was fed up. He asked the phone company about the phone number.
It came back as being from Jamaica. Corl decided it was time for the
professionals to take over the case.

He called the New Port
Richey Police Department. Corl lives outside the city, so someone there
referred him to the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office.

The Sheriff’s
Office said the matter was outside its jurisdiction and to call the
FBI. So Corl called the Tampa office. They told him to call the
Pasco/Hernando field office in Wesley Chapel. He did. Twice. He got an
answering machine and left messages.

Meanwhile, Corl kept getting calls. On Dec. 18 he got more than 20.

Dec. 19, another man called Corl. He said he was in Spring Hill and he
wanted to “finish the transaction while in the vicinity,” Corl said. He
told Corl to take a check for $500 to the Western Union near a Walmart
and there would be $5 million and a Mercedes in it for him.

An FBI agent returned Corl’s call the following week, after the Times
inquired about his complaint. That agent told him the field office
can’t do anything about an overseas operation, but suggested Corl send
in the information anyway, so it could be forwarded to the Washington,
D.C., office.

“I’ll do that,” he said.

The calls have
tapered off now, but Corl said he was surprised that law enforcement
didn’t seem more interested in protecting the public from such con
artists, especially when those victimized most often are the elderly.

I’m not surprised. This kind of thing seems to be too small or inconsequential to them or something. I’m sure if their funding was at stake, they’d quickly act.  And I’m sure if this gentleman actually met with one of these scammers and shot them dead, the “authorities” would be all over him like Oprah on a baked ham.

Mr. Corl rightfully asks,”What are we paying them for?”

They sure don’t seem to care about actually enforcing the law or stopping those who violate it!  They sure don’t seem to care about protecting the most vulnerable elements of our society.

I’ve always been one of those folks who believed that law enforcement is one of the very few legitimate functions of any government – not that we should rely on them exclusively, but that they should be a viable option that serves and protects.

If they won’t do what we’re paying them to do, why do we even have them?

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