Smells like… Pedo Bear


Sometimes you cruise the Interwebz, and you run across stuff that makes you want to immediately take a shower in boiling Listerine. If you know anything about me at all, you know that my hatred for child molesters and sex offenders writ large is burning. Thousand flaming ovens burning. Thousand nuclear explosions burning. Thousand suns burning.

My disdain for those who make excuses for these pernicious shitslurpers rivals that of the actual pedophile. Enter this Phil Sandifer creature that (if that is its real photo) looks sort of like the thankfully expired Anwar al Awlaki mated with Pajama Boy.

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This megadouche shocked me earlier with his claim that anyone who thought communism was oppressive should be essentially killed.

To which I would reply that anyone who says communism is the most oppressive form of government has ACTUALLY FUCKING LIVED IT! But I don’t do too much Tweeting. It’s irritating, takes up a lot of time, and attracts all sorts of wankery in response that’s too stupid to waste time addressing.

I won’t go into the origins of what has made me physically sick today. You can read some background here. And here. You can also watch the video of the research done here.

Take some strong anti-nausea medicine before you do, though, because it contains chat logs from Sarah Nyberg. Yeah, I didn’t know who she was either, so I had to do some research, but apparently she’s a trans woman who is a pedophile. Well, apparently Phildo doesn’t think it’s a huge big deal, because modern childhood is really a Victorian invention anyway.

And frankly, these twisted, sick tendencies are mitigated by the fact that poor Sarah is a trans person, Phildo says, because… well, you’re too simple to understand the complexities, you puritannical nitwit!

And while Sarah Nyberg plays the martyr on Twitter, claiming those who support her are being threatened and harrassed, and that there’s a systematic “abuse campaign” going on against her, Phildo proudly stands with her and tells her he will support her anyway! Good lord!

Because screen capturing one’s own words apparently qualifies as an “abuse campaign,” to these shitgits. 

I don’t know if Sarah Nyberg actually acted on these feelings. I would hope not. The thought of her finding an 8-year-old child sexually appealing is disturbing on every level possible. Sorry, I don’t say this as a puritan or as someone unaware of history. I say this as a parent. An innocent 8-year-old child should be NO ONE’S sex fantasy! It’s a base, repugnant thing to even consider twisting and destroying innocence in such a manner! And if she – dog forbid – acts on it…

…that would be a crime not just according to modern jurisprudence and moral standards, but a sick, demented cruelty – the theft of childhood, an exploitation and sullying of purity. And if Sarah Nyberg is having these urges, she really needs to seek help at once.

Nothing can justify these twisted urges. Nothing. But Phildo certainly tries. Why? I can’t even begin to fathom. Judging from his Tweet, he apparently will defend his ideological allies, no matter what, because some people have this urge to normalize sick behavior (note the little history lesson Phildo tweets about the notion of childhood) in those who they claim are victims of society. Sarah Nyberg is a trans person. Sarah Nyberg has obviously been victimized by those evil, cis, hetero, white, privileged penis bearers. Therefore Sarah Nyberg must be ardently defended (Well, she was abused! That’s why she’s having those urges! Don’t you get it?) despite some very abnormal urges she admits to having. Phildo probably thought Stalin was a swell guy too. 

For the record, I know quite a few trans and gender queer folks, whose reaction to Sarah Nyberg’s publicly professed urges would be to toss her ass into a woodchipper and fertilize their lawns with the leavings to ensure she never stepped within 500 yards of a child!

But no… Phildo would rather be sodomized with a rabid hedgehog than condemn Sarah’s urges as unequivocally wrong and in need of serious psychiatric attention. He’d rather defend the indefensible, because… OPPRESSION!

This, beyond everything else, I find most inexcusable!

Things that make you proud


Normally, not a lot of things make me cry… well, maybe lately, because of the unreal stress of having thieves steal my house, but generally no. But this week has been different and emotional.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few days, you’ve heard of the riots in Baltimore this week that resulted in attacks on police and destruction of property, as well as school cancellations. The violence is personal for me, because I lived in Baltimore for several years. I graduated from the Johns Hopkins University. I had a house there. I worked there. I have friends there. For several years, it was my city too, and to watch it turn to chaos was jarring.

But among all the negatives – the looting, the burning, the pillaging and destruction, there were some rays of sunshine.

Baltimore residents cleaning up the CVS that was damaged and looted.


The Baltimore mom who yanked her errant offspring from the streets around after she saw him among the rioting crowds. Kudos to her, despite the douchey, hanky-wringing, and pants soiling by the “everything is racism” crowd about people applauding the “beating of a black child.” It’s called parents taking responsibility for their children, you idiots. Learn from her!

The folks who helped and supported the police as they worked to control the unrest.


All of this fills me with SO much hope!

While this story fills me with tears of joy, because I’m a veteran… because I’m a woman… because…

A patio chair smashed the sandwich shop window.

Glass fell around Midshipman Brad Kadlubowski, seated before a window, at the Subway shop in Baltimore.

Inside, a father steered his wife and two children to the back of the shop on Saturday. His son has asthma; the father worried about tear gas.

Another chair smashed another window.

Everyone to the back, the midshipmen instructed.

There’s this commercial for the Navy on TV nowadays that I see sometimes. It features a bunch of Navy folks in all types of different jobs standing in defense of civilians. It’s beautifully done, and it’s a brilliant campaign. These Midshipmen embody everything in that great ad. They embody everything a character in “A Few Good Men” said about the Marines in that particular case, but it really applies to all of our military. “Because they stand on a wall and say, ‘Nothing’s going to hurt you tonight, not on my watch.‘”

Beautifully said, and beautifully expressed. My special feelings of warmth go to Midshipman Madisen Grinnell. When caught in the protests, these Midshipmen directed families and  to the back of the Subway shop, with women and children furthest back for safety. But not Midshipman Grinnell. “You’re in the military and a midshipmen — you should be in the front,” she insisted.

In the midst of all the drama and tears, Midshipman Grinnell, her male friends, and the folks in Baltimore who stood shoulder to shoulder united for peace, have been bright spots in an otherwise horrid week.

Hope in humanity a bit more restored than it was a few days ago.

Thank you.

On Theft


When I had my text exchange with Pamela Cooper regarding her and her child rapist husband’s insistence on staying in my house after the lease was terminated, she accused me of being “emotional and delusional,” because I told her I now considered them thieves. “I never lied to you nor have I stolen anything from you. You are very emotional and delusional,” she claimed.

Let’s examine these claims for a moment.

The dictionary definition of “theft” is: the act of stealing; the wrongful taking and carrying away of the personal goods or property of another; larceny.

The primary dictionary definition of “steal” is: to take (the property of another or others) without permission or right,especially secretly or by force.

David and Pamela Cooper’s lease was terminated legally in February. They were given two months to find another place to live.

There is nothing odd about this. Homeowners terminate leases regularly and legally, and they were given plenty of time to find another place to live and leave my property. They did not.

David and Pamela Cooper knew this. When Pamela Cooper called me on March 23rd and begged me for an additional week to vacate, she promised she and her family would be out of my house by April 5. She swore that David Cooper was interviewing for a job in Arizona, and she just needed a few more days to pack due to his absence. She claimed she would move in with their grown daughter and put the rest of their belongings in storage. All of this was a lie.

The Coopers cannot claim ignorance. They knew they had to vacate. They knew what the date was. Their message to my property manager a few days after unsuccessful attempts to get in touch with them supports this assertion. “I understand that your notice gave us until today to be out of the property…”

So, David and Pamela Cooper knew they needed to vacate. They knew the property was not theirs. They knew enough to beg and plead for a few extra days to move. They fully understood what they were doing, even though they claimed it was merely an “inconvenience” and not a catastrophic hit against the finances of the person who owns this property.

But they did not move. As a matter of fact, in the two months they had to pack, they barely did any packing. This can be confirmed by any agent who showed the house during this time.

And even though they claimed to have been packing and making plans to move their stuff into storage, “We are in process of renting a storage unit for a worst case scenario, we will try to be out as soon as possible as we are able,” they not only have done very little to do so, but have basically told us “we will be out when we’re good and ready.”

This is not their house. This is not their property. The homeowner has told them in no uncertain terms that she wants them to vacate and has given them two months to do so. But the Coopers don’t care about who owns the house in which they are currently living without paying, because their perceived NEEDS trump my RIGHTS in their eyes.

I do apologize for any inconvenience that this has caused, but with a family and a child currently in school I simply just cannot move us all out on the street.

Let’s put aside for a moment the fact that they lied and told me they had plans to move in with their daughter. Let’s put aside the fact that they lied and told me they looked, but could not find, another place to live. “…unfortunately, for all parties involved, we have been unable to secure a new rental property.” Could it be because David Cooper is a registered sex offender, or because they simply did not look? I don’t know. All I know is that there are plenty of available homes for rent in Stephens City, and their inability or unwillingness to locate them is not my problem.

But let’s put the lies aside. Fact of the matter is this: David and Pamela Cooper were issued a termination notice nearly three months ago to vacate my property. To date they have refused to do so, and have lied in court in order to be able to stay in my house.

What do you call people who have taken another’s property without permission or right? You call them thieves. And what is it that they have done by forcibly taking my house, refusing to leave, and lying in court to remain there? Per the definition above, it’s called “stealing.”

Let’s get something straight: the Coopers’ alleged “need” is not a claim check to my property. It is not a valid reason to ruin my financial life. It is not valid cause to endanger my career. Just because they claim to “need” it, does not and should not obligate me to provide it – especially not free of charge!

This judge – for reasons I cannot fathom – has allowed them to remain in my home until the trial, which he has set for nearly three months later. He has essentially forcibly taken my property and handed it over to this child molesting thief and his wife until the trial, putting me in a frightening financial bind.

This ruling does not negate the nature of the act itself. Fact is that the Coopers have stolen my house. They have stolen my property by refusing to leave it. And apparently, I can’t do anything about it until court on July 9. And frankly, there is no guarantee that I will even get my property back from these thieves! After all, let’s face it – Cooper lied in court about the amount they paid for their security deposit and about their right to remain in my house. They knew they had to leave, as shown by their communications above. They just refused to. And since I refuse to perjure myself, who knows what the turnout will be?

But in the meantime, while we await the court date, these thieves get to reside in my house without paying rent.

And regardless of the court’s refusal to hand me possession of my own property, the fact of the matter remains that David and Pamela Cooper knew they had to vacate and have refused to do so. They have not paid rent, and they will not, thanks to the court. They have wrongfully taken my property without permission or right.

And that makes them thieves. Period.

Another Friend Picks up the Cause


Another buddy of mine decided to try his hand at blogging, and I’m humbled and honored that his first blog post is about the problems David and Pamela Cooper have caused to my financial (and emotional) well being by essentially stealing my house.

His blog is called Pending Something Witty. In my experience, he always has something witty to say!

So now, Dirtbag Cooper (I will not honor him with a “Mr.”)  and his bottom feeder family have been squatting in Nicki’s house without paying rent and continue to do so without concern for the financial burden that Nicki is being subjected to, and the full support of the State of Virginia.  Nicki is a hard working mother who holds down two jobs to make ends meet, a United States Veteran and a victim of an activist judge that has now allowed the bottom feeders to continue squatting in her property for another 2-3 months.

I will once again say that the outpouring of love and support has been absolutely overwhelming!

While I have resigned myself to the fact that I will probably lose the house I worked so hard for, I at least know that I have a ton of supportive, awesome friends out there, who will not allow me to go down without a fight!

How the Internet Restored my Hope in Humanity


Social media is a funny thing. When I first started using Facebook, it was 2007, and I was deployed to Kosovo with my National Guard unit. 

You get close with the people with whom you deploy. We had units from all over the country, including Massachusetts, Texas, and Puerto Rico. After spending close to a year and a half together, you make and cement friendships, you learn about one another, and you help one another. You become a family. 

That’s why many of us got Facebook accounts – to keep in touch, to share our lives beyond deployment, and to continue nurturing those bonds we developed at Camp Bondsteel. 

I did not know at the time what Facebook would become. The subsequent bonds came in spurts, so to speak. A lot of my old friends from high school joined, and we connected even though we hadn’t seen one another in more than a decade. Then, college friends found one another. Then old buddies from AFN-Europe – both military and civilian. I found old colleagues from former jobs, fellow fighters in the gun rights movement, and even some friends from my elementary school in the former USSR! That one is a joy. 

When friends you have known for a long time recommend you become “friends” with someone in the virtual world, you develop a whole new set of connections. You share your experiences, expertise, and views with a whole new set of people, whom you’ve never met in real life, but into whose lives you all of a sudden have an amazing amount of insight. You become real friends, even though you have never met in real life.  I often shake my head at the amount of personal details folks shoot into cyber space. I was never a fan, because so many predators exist out there, who are looking for their next victim. And yet, here I am – blogging about the very personal, very frightening, very real and traumatic experience of possibly losing my house. Here I am getting emotional and very tangible support from readers who love this blog, and who enjoy reading my sometimes jumbled thoughts. I never asked for financial support, and yet, here you are – hitting the “Donate” button – giving your earnings to a person you’ve never met, so she could get a beer or have a little peace of mind – offering words of encouragement and advice. My gratitude knows no bounds, you guys. I am so humbled by and grateful for your friendship!

The Internet makes you feel like you’re not alone. Sharing those personal details – both on Facebook, here, and on This Ain’t Hell, where the wonderful Jonn Lilyea shared my story with the community of vets and supporters there whom I have grown to know and love, and the majority of whom I’ve never met in person, made me feel like they we’re in it with me. 

Two friends and partners in the gun rights battle emailed me and told me they were giving me a loan. One percent interest. Pay us back when you can. I protested, because I could not possibly know when I would be able to repay them, and because borrowing money from friends… They insisted. They love me, they said. They wanted to offer me some peace of mind, they said. When I finally do meet them in real life, I’m not sure there will be a hug big enough, strong enough, or long enough to express my gratitude for their love, friendship, and generosity! My plan is to put that money in savings and not touch it unless it really hits the fan, and I wind up homeless or the Redhead has nothing to eat. And once the fiasco with the thieving child molester and his lying, hypocritical wife is over, I will return the lump sum plus interest and more. Because I love them for the reassurance and peace of mind they have given me. 

A friend of a friend, whom I’ve never met, contacted me the night before last – when I was at the height of my despair – when I was weeping every few minutes, because a twisted pair consisting of a child rapist and a lying, sociopathic shrew, David and Pamela Cooper, stole my house with the help of a judge, who is supposed to uphold justice, but instead enabled theft – made me lose hope. She asked if I would mind if she started a fundraiser for me. I balked at first. Even though the thought of losing the house I worked for, and possibly my job, was terrifying, the thought of good, kind, people giving me money so I could pay for this child raping scum to live in my house free of charge was and is morally abhorrent. But the legal bills in this fight would no doubt mount, and while I’ve heard great things about the attorney who was helping us with the filings and giving us some legal advice on this matter, I would never expect him to work for free. So we compromised. Amanda – a beautiful, intelligent, kind woman I met on Facebook through a mutual friend, and whom I have never met in real life, set up a fundraiser on GoFundMe, and specified that this money would only be used for legal expenses – and not to keep a “man” convicted of carnal knowledge of a minor and his sociopath wife living rent-free on my property. 

I have to tell you, I’m overwhelmed by the response. Not only friends and acquaintances, but complete strangers, anonymous individuals, poured money into this effort! To date Amanda has raised more than $2200 – more than enough to put an attorney on retainer – in one day. In. One. Day.  To some, it may not seem like a lot, but to me, it is the world, folks. I’m a writer. It’s what I do for a living. And, yet, I cannot properly express my gratitude to each and every person who contributed to this effort. Frankly, it’s the last thing I expected, because I lost faith in anything and everything that was just and good in this world. But here you are – some of you complete strangers, while others I only know from the online world of political discussions and cat memes, coming to my aid and giving me hope. 

It’s hard to breathe through this much emotion!

This isn’t the first time people whose hand I’ve never had the pleasure of shaking gave me a hand up. When Mac got sick last year, friends and family came to her rescue and helped me pay for her medical care. When she died, I sent the remainder of your generous gifts to a homeless pets charity. When unexpected expenses for the best of me, beautiful individuals stepped in and handed me support. Just like that. With no strings attached and no demands. Because they could. I don’t forget that kind of friendship, and I pay it forward when I can – and sometimes when I can’t – because that’s how you are supposed to act. That’s what you’re supposed to do. 

When I was terrified of spending yet another $300+ on H&R Block at tax season, my friend, former Marine, fellow veteran Dave Hardin convinced me (he’s hard to say no to – he’s about as stubborn as I am) to use his CPA firm. The Accounting Firm (simple, elegant name) and the amazing Karen Hardin did my taxes via phone in just a few minutes. Taxes were filed. Refund was due. Through some kind of strike of horrid luck or bureaucratic insanity, refund didn’t happen. Karen spent hours on true phone with the IRS, filed additional paperwork, and continues to hammer them to return my money. No one charged me a dime. I had a large print made of a photo of a dogwood flower I took. I sent it to Karen as a token of my gratitude. Dave will get booze and a dance when we finally meet in person. 

But this… This is overwhelming, you guys. You didn’t just offer words of love and support. You didn’t just give me money. You didn’t just give me hope, although it’s a big thing. You have given me the will to fight this injustice! I may not ever get my house back. I may have to face foreclosure, but I’m not going down without a fight. And it’s all thanks to you. 

You, the Internet, have restored hope, and that’s priceless. 

Because what kind of world would it be if child molesters, liars, and thieves were allowed to win?

On Losing Hope


I’m sitting here contemplating my situation through a whole lot of tears. I hate admitting this, because the last time I cried was when Mac died. I just don’t cry. It’s not in my nature, and I don’t like admitting pain. But this whole thing… It’s insane. It has literally shaken my faith in everything I thought was good and right. I have no hope left for justice, because it doesn’t exist.

You work your ass off for more than 20 years. You get educated. You move up based on your merit. You improve yourself. You buy a house, because you’re told that home ownership is the American Dream…

…except that it isn’t. It’s an American nightmare.

Economy goes south. Housing bubble pops. All of a sudden you can’t even sell your house for what you paid for it, even though you’ve made thousands of dollars worth of improvements on it. You try to refinance, and the mortgage company bends you over. Why? Because the house is an “investment property,” and therefore you must pay thousands of dollars in closing costs and higher interest… probably because you’re “rich,” since you can afford to have an “investment property.”

You rent it – first to a fruitbat who despite a stellar financial record and a security clearance runs out on his rent, causes damage to the house, and leaves you holding the bag, all the while using his company credit card to purchase thousands of dollars worth of stuff, and having the police after him.

Then you rent it again – to a wonderful couple, who maintain it, keep it clean, and pay the rent on time. But they leave to move closer to work, and once again you’re desperate for tenants.

Then you rent it again – to people who didn’t have a particularly stellar record, but who paid you six months’ rent up front and who have a family. But no. After less than a year, they begin paying late, and then – when you finally decide you’re going to try and sell your house again – they ruin your life.

You follow the law. You do everything right to try and evict this vermin from your property, but a judge comes along, and “POOF!” Sorry, you’re going to trial – to defend your own property against the supposed “claim” these turds have on your property!

And by the way… trial is set for July 9, and they’re allowed to stay on your property until then – and they don’t have to pay rent for May, June, or July, because apparently we only requested they pay April rent on the initial request. Pardon us for hoping that the judge would see that:

1) They’re deadbeats, who haven’t paid rent

2) They’re in violation of their lease

3) They are immoral, unethical thieves who LIED in open court by claiming that they paid $2400 security deposit (probably hoping the judge would let them use the security deposit in lieu of rent, which is illegal), which they never did – they only paid one month’s rent, as was required by the lease.

And pardon us for assuming that justice would be done, and that he would give me possession of my own property, so I wouldn’t have to ask for more than what they owe!

After this how can I have hope in the justice system? A child rapist and his enabling wife are allowed to remain in my house rent-free, while I default on my mortgage, and possibly lose my clearance and my job?

How can I have hope in the American Dream, when you are literally screwed at every turn… when you cannot even sell your own property when you need to, because people named David and Pamela Cooper have stolen it from you, and the courts support them?

How can I have hope in justice, karma, or any sort of resolution when all the cards are stacked against me?

I work two jobs and Rob works one. I drive a 2003 Jeep – not anything new and fancy. I pay all my bills on time, and I make damn sure that I budget everything to the last penny. I moved my family to Northern Virginia, and am paying obscenely high rent every month, because I was willing to sacrifice in order to send my children to one of the best public schools in the country. I rented the house not because I was out to make a profit, but because I understood that if I had to pay both rent and mortgage, it would eat 80 percent of my take-home pay! And not only that, but I’m in the red every time, because their rent doesn’t cover my mortgage!

But that doesn’t matter.

Their supposed “rights” matter more than mine.

My hard work. My perseverance. My job. None of that matters.

But a man who took advantage of a child, and literally destroyed his livelihood and that of his family, is allowed to steal my property for several months.

That’s what I mean by having no hope.

My son asked me the other day how the Coopers could possibly sleep at night knowing that they are stealing another person’s property, and knowing what kind of precarious situation that puts me in. After all… I did tell them exactly how badly I’m affected financially every month I can’t sell my house, so it’s not like they don’t know. they just don’t care. Why should they? They’re getting free housing at my expense.

I told him that a person who sleeps with a child and a wife who enables him don’t have a sufficient moral compass to make them feel guilt or remorse.

So yeah… I’ve also lost hope in humanity. I have no hope in the justice system, and my American Dream has been shattered by unscrupulous thieves, who don’t care if they destroy my life, because they’ve already destroyed theirs.

This is what I work to defend?

Just wow.

The Virginia “Justice” System


So… as many of you know, I’m in the process of trying to sell my house. It’s been on the market since January, and it appears I have a problem.

Initially, I told the tenants they could stay there as long as there was no problem putting the house on the market and showing it, so it could be sold. That means keeping it clean and staying out of the way of the realtors when they’re showing the place. But apparently, my tenants are swine. Not JUST swine, but deadbeat, thieving swine, who have sabotaged showings and open houses, who have essentially kept a zoo in my home that includes several dogs and cats, two flying squirrels, and a bird (when their lease specifies dogs only). Worse yet, people who have come to see the house, have said it’s dirty, cluttered, and smells.

After several such showings, and one disastrous open house when these “people” were asked to vacate for a few hours, but did not, I’d finally had enough. They were issued a termination letter in early February that told them they had until March 31st to vacate my house. A week before that date, I started getting panicked calls and messages during the workday. I returned the calls only to find out that they were asking for an extra week to remain in the home, all the while throwing around “God” and “I will pray” references, as if that should somehow sway me.

Now… I had painters scheduled to come and paint the house on April 1, but the wife swore they only needed a week and would be out by April 5th, so I asked the painters to wait for a few days. I also called my property manager to find out what the legal way to address this was. This is when I found out that even though they had two months to pack, they had not even started! Furthermore, the wife told me that they would find a storage space for all their stuff, and would move in with their daughter, but apparently that was not even planned.

I had instructed my property manager to file with the court giving them five days to vacate, and to sign an affidavit saying they would definitely be out by the 5th (which is what they had requested anyway – I just wanted to make it legally binding) and that they would pay rent for the extra days they remained in my house. After a week of not returning calls or emails about the issue, we received the following:

I’m sorry for the delayed response, I wasn’t ignoring your messages, it has been very long and busy day for us and just wanted to get through a peaceful dinner with the family. I understand that your notice gave us until today to be out of the property but unfortunately, for all parties involved, we have been unable to secure a new rental property. We are currently in process of packing and preparing for the move. I do apologize for any inconvenience that this has caused, but with a family and a child currently in school I simply just cannot move us all out on the street. We are in process of renting a storage unit for a worst case scenario, we will try to be out as soon as possible as we are able.

We cannot sign any additional agreements at this time. I will be in touch as soon as I have secured a property or have figured out other arrangements. Thank you for patience and hopefully understanding.

David and Pamela Cooper

You know why they couldn’t secure a new property? Because David Cooper is a registered sex offender.  That’s right. Convicted in 2000 of three counts of carnal knowledge of a child 13-15 years old and spent several years in prison for it. This child rapist served time for 3 felony counts – something they didn’t reveal when they were applying to rent my house (to be fair, they weren’t legally required to do, but given they’re allegedly “Christians,” it would have been the honorable thing to do)!

What these slimy, lying pieces of detritus are essentially telling me is “We’re not leaving your house until we’re good and ready. We don’t care if the owner is being screwed. We don’t care if we’re financially burdening her. We’re going to eat our dinner and live in peace on property that is not ours, because WE CAN, that’s why.” Occupying someone’s property without their permission and without payment is called squatting, and that’s exactly what they’re doing.

Well, let me tell you something you kid-buggering pigs – it is my property. It’s property I work two jobs to pay for. It’s property I purchased with my hard-earned money. You are not entitled to remain there past the date I set. You are not entitled to the fruits of my efforts. You are not entitled to occupy my property without my OK and without even paying me, while I default on my mortgage, because of your criminal acts.

And that’s exactly what they’re doing. They haven’t paid rent for this month. They haven’t even attempted. They’re living in my house free of charge knowing that I cannot afford to pay both my mortgage and the rent where we live, and they don’t care. I’ve had to pay the painters to stay on the job, even though the contract said April 1, and I’m out more than $1100 so far because they haven’t been able to do the job they have been contracted to do.

I work my ass off. I did not have sex with a kid, like Cooper has done. I did not ruin my career and my life. I took care to ensure that I followed the law. I went to school. I went to grad school. I earned every goddamn square inch of my property! Your presence is repulsive to my sense of morality and decency, and your constant references to God and prayer make me even sicker, given the fact that you are a child rapist, David Cooper, and you’re an enabling shrew, Pam Cooper. And all your screeching about God and how you will pray doesn’t make you a good person. It makes you a repugnant, lying, hypocritical pig.

On April 7, I finally got sick and tired of them, so I sent Pam Cooper a text. The following conversation ensued – bolded comments are mine:

Me to squatters: So after begging and telling me you would be out by the 5th, you have STILL not vacated my property and have now cost me $500 (that’s in addition to more than $600 I had prepaid for the job to begin on 1 April for a total of $1100 that includes supplies), because I had to pay the painters, who have not been able to come in and do the work they have been contracted to do thanks to your refusal to leave. You know my financial situation, and yet, you have sabotaged me financially. And you call yourselves “Christians”????

Thieving squatters: I am trying my best to accommodate your needs but I simply just cannot move my family out on the street. We have nowhere else to go? It’s not that we haven’t been trying, only God knows our situation. I’m sorry you don’t understand but at least you have a roof over your head. Should I sacrifice breaking my family apart just so you are not unconvinced (that should be inconvenienced, but she’s illiterate as well as self righteous. Apparently being completely broke because thieving scum is squatting in your house is a mere “inconvenience.”)? You are not the only person with problems. We have lost our family home, business and all assets. (Maybe if your husband didn’t have sex with a kid, that wouldn’t have happened.) If that’s YOUR idea of being a Christian I want no part of it, it’s the man-made organized religion that is destroying our world. I do have faith in God and Jesus Christ and know that He has a plan, my faith is all that I have left now. (No, apparently you still have my house, which you refuse to vacate, you thieving bitch.)

Me: You have had two months to move. You got an extra week in which you PROMISED me you would be out. TWO MONTHS. I’m past caring. You made a promise and now you are in the process of destroying me financially. So stop throwing prayer and God references around. You lied to me and are now STEALING from me by refusing to leave property that does not belong to you. Faith? Please! This is not what I or anyone with half a heart would consider Christian. You have had TWO MONTHS in which you have done nothing. At this point I consider you thieves. Period.

Thieving squatters: So now you are discriminating against our faith, what next our race? (Victim much? Apparently thieving is OK as long as you claim to be a Christian) I never lied to you nor have I stolen anything from you. You are very emotional and delusional. (Yes, because having thieving squatters in my house refusing to leave my property or pay for it is obviously delusional. English – do you speak it?) You know nothing about our situation. (On the contrary. Your situation is all over the VA sex offender registry). I’ve been looking for over two months and trying to get out as soon as we can.

Me: No. I’m saying you’re NOT a Christian. You broke your promise. You have cost me money I don’t have. You are endangering me financially. You had two months to pack. You haven’t. You told me you’re moving in with your daughter and you needed a few extra days to pack. You lied. And now you’ve forced the painter to push back the contract and forced me to pay him $500 I had to borrow. You refuse to vacate property that does not belong to you, and property I work two jobs to pay for. That’s called stealing. And as far as I’m concerned you are not Christians, because Christians wouldn’t lie to someone and steal. Leave my property. I want to hear nothing more about it.

This is what calls itself Christian nowadays, apparently. As you can see, the attitude is staggering. Forcing me to go even further into debt, sabotaging my selling my property, STEALING my property from me is now called an “inconvenience,” because apparently I’m rich, and they NEED my property, so they’re entitled to it.

So here’s where we stand now.

There was a court hearing this morning on granting me possession of my own property from these child-molesting thieves and liars. They blatantly lied to the judge, telling him that they gave a $2400 security deposit. They did NOT. And despite the fact that they are not paying rent, have been given a termination notice and two months to move, have consciously sabotaged efforts to sell this home, including allowing their dogs to piss inside my house, and violating the lease by keeping more animals in my house than were allowed in the lease, they disputed my claim and THE JUDGE SIDED WITH THEM. I’m not even kidding. He gave them until July 9, at which point there will be a trial to determine whether they are legally allowed to remain on my property. And worse yet… the judge told them they only had to pay April rent, leaving me without a mortgage payment for the next two months.

Not only do David Cooper, who is a registered sex offender who slept with a child, and his enabling, disgusting wife Pamela Cooper get to remain on property that is not theirs…

…THEY DON’T EVEN HAVE TO PAY FOR IT, according to this idiot judge!

Meanwhile, let’s recap.

I’ve paid the painters $1100 so far to do a job they cannot do.

I have no money to pay the mortgage, which will endanger my clearance and my job.

They lied about how much they paid for a security deposit.

And yet, this judge has decided they can stay on my property free of charge until the trial!

Where is the justice here? This is the Virginia “justice” system?????????????

OK, you child molesting bastard. Enjoy the foreclosure.

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