Adam Smith apologizes


So the aftermath of Adam Smith’s little YouTube drama against Chick-Fil-A employee Rachel is a tearful Internet apology, according to the UK’s Daily Mail.

Revealing that he tried to say sorry in person to the staff member called Rachel at the Tucson drive-thru Chick-fil-A franchise, Adam Smith took the opportunity during his video to reaffirm his support of gay rights.

Of course, he did. Because you can’t possibly just say sorry to the kid. You have to stick your politics back into it. But OK, aside from that…

Rachel, I am so very sorry for the way I spoke to you on Wednesday,’ said Smith in his video which has been viewed over 300 times.

‘You handled my frustrating rant with such dignity and composure.

‘Every time I watch the video I’m blown away by, really the beauty in what you did, in your kindness and your patience with me.’

‘You should know that I never planned to say the things I said to you that day, and how I said them,’ explained Smith.

‘I planned to peacefully participate in the August 1st YouTube post where Jackson Pearce asked people to simply order a large water to show support for the gay community.

‘But when I got to your window, after seeing all the people in and outside the restaurant that came to support Chick-fil-A, I lost it.

‘I just lost it. I couldn’t believe the number of people came out to support a corporation that associates themselves with anti-gay groups, like Exodus International and the American Family Association.

‘And how did I lose it? By making you listen to my frustration and disgust. It wasn’t right, and for that I am so sorry.’

He goes on to explain that he went over to the restaurant to apologize and check on how she was doing, and that he understands why she wouldn’t speak to him. Here’s the rest of the video, so you can judge for yourself the sincerity of the apology.


I won’t say what I think of the video or whether or not I judge it to be sincere. Frankly, it’s not my place to forgive or to judge its truthfulness.

I did, however, find intriguing and interesting the portion of the video where he talks about looking at Rachel as “collateral damage” in this grand battle against Chick-Fil-A, so I thought I’d address this.

In our battle for whatever it is we’re passionate about, we tend to dehumanize our enemy. This has psychologically been true throughout history, whether in war or in civil rights battles. Dehumanizing the enemy, calling  them names, forgetting their identities, makes them easier to kill. In this case, treating Rachel as part of the “problem,” instead of a live human girl merely trying to make a living, made it easier for Adam Smith to slay the “enemy” that was Chick-Fil-A – a corporation whose head donated millions to odious groups such as Exodus International, which actually tries to “cure the gay” with conversion therapy. Rachel at that moment represented all that is odious about groups such as Exodus and Focus on the Family. She wasn’t a young person trying to earn a paycheck, but part of an evil corporation that funds organizations that work to bring religious fundamentalism into the mainstream.

So he attacked her, harassed her and publicly berated her – and he felt GOOD about it, because he stood up to the evil corporation, not bullied a young girl.

It’s easy to do. I do it all the time. The original title of this blog post was “Douchebag apologizes.” I changed the title, because I realized that Douchebag had a name and an identity, and no matter how much of an asshole he was to Rachel, at least he did the grownup thing and apologized.

I don’t know if he did so, because he didn’t want to get fired, which he did anyway.

I don’t know if part of the reason was that he understood how difficult it would be for him to find another job, with his name plastered all over the Internet as the jackass who abused a kid.

I don’t know if he did it because he didn’t want his young children to look at him with derision when they were old enough to understand what he did. The Internets is forever, after all!

I don’t know why he apologized, but I’m glad he did.

When we start looking at our enemies as objects of hate instead of idiot human beings with faults, we lose a bit of our righteousness.

My new future wife


It’s Friday, and I don’t feel like blogging much, but I feel I need to share this.

I have found my future wife. I’m totally in love with this chick. Her name is Kira Davis She is awesome in every way. So instead of blogging why I love her, I encourage you to listen to her.

Oh… and if she’s already spoken for, I nominate her for President. I don’t care which party.

Talent… right here

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The Redhead has a Twitter account. He and his friends seem to like the brief, goofy way to build their online networks.

Yes, I’m aware of the dangers.

Yes, I monitor the account.

No, you may not tell me that I’m wrong letting my 14-year-old boy have a Twitter account. He’s responsible. He’s honorable. He’s honest. He’s got common sense.

That’s not what this blog entry is about.

A few days ago, the Redhead got a new follower on Twitter. This guy.

It’s rare that I’ll actually find a gem on Al Gore’s Interwebz, but this time, the gem found my son.

The guy is a poet. No, he’s not a rapper. He’s an actual poet, and he’s TERRIFIC!

Not only is he an exceptional writer, but he performs said poetry in a very clean style, with no frills and no contrived “ghetto” speech. Just him and the rhythmic music of his words.

The first poem I listened to is called “Nerd.” It’s emotional. It’s raw. It’s touching.  It’s something that a lot of us felt as awkward kids in our schools.  Hell, I have, and I can relate.  A simple reading evokes empathy and a certain amount of guilt, because you can’t protect the kid in this poem.  Do yourselves a favor and watch the reading “Nerd.” It’s a couple of minutes out of your day, but I guarantee you will walk away feeling it was a few minutes well-spent.

His poetry is beautifully rhythmical and well written.  It’s both touching and professional. It’s emotional by its very nature, but also because of the straight, clean, beautiful reading performed by one courageous young man.

In a world where talentless pop-bots like Rebecca Black churn out irritatingly unbearable pseudo-music that makes me want to throw my computer through a wall, this young man shines with the striking elegance of his words.

Thanks, Darrell. You’ve made my night, and given me hope for your generation.

Bad things you find on the Interwebz *spit take alert*


So as I was writing the story about the masturbation class below, I was looking for an example of bad modern art on the web, using my Google-fu as a weapon. I wanted to demonstrate what an actual orgasm depiction would look like in art form, but I couldn’t find anything even remotely appropriate. Hence my statement that a proper pictoral depiction of an orgasm would be “something that’s drawn by a blind, somewhat spastic toddler who hasn’t taken his Ritalin. On an etch-a-sketch.  In the dark.”

I did, however, run across the following Craigslist ad in my Interwebz travels.  Appropriately, it came up in an image search for “bad abstract art.”

For Sale – beautiful pink “vagina couch” that I made in art school and no longer have space for. The couch is large: measures 5′ 3″ long, 3′ 3″ wide at the middle, and stands 2′ 3″ tall (and is heavy like a couch). The pics are from my portfolio and are several years old; as a result, the couch has some scuffmarks and stains around the bottom from being moved, but otherwise is in excellent shape. A professional upholsterer helped me build the couch, so it is also functional and durable as a piece of furniture. The couch must be picked up in Mendocino, a 3-hour drive north of SF. I am asking for $600 and a loving home! Call Willow at [deleted] or reply to posting.

You can’t make this stuff up! Seriously!  Please tell me who in the world would want to pay $600 for a large, satin vagina that swallows you whole?

And when you’re finished contemplating the sheer horror of the thing (it actually sort of reminds me of the plant in Little Shop of Horrors), imagine a small ginger kid sitting inside this vagina couch, much like the woman who designed is doing in the above photo!

My son was sitting next to me, and I showed him this ad.  His reaction was, “OH. MY. GAWD. I. WANT. ONE!”

I can only assume he meant the couch, not a giant vaj.  That would be awkward.  Small-ish redheaded child swallowed by giant, puffy female genitalia.

Moral of the story…

Oh hell, I don’t know.

Don’t let your son shoulder surf while you’re looking for bad art.

Don’t open links entitled “Pink, Upholstered Vagina Couch.”

Ensure your son understands that 1) you will not purchase him a $600 vagina couch, no matter how much he pleads and 2) you don’t sit inside female genitalia.

Damn you, Interwebz!

Extra special foul swine


In general, Internet scammers are the lowest form of swine. They prey on the weak – often the elderly and frightened – as well as desperate, lonely people looking for friendship, love and some sort of connection in this relatively new online world. They promise love, riches and a future, and many people, anxious to find an easy solution to their desperate situation fall for their scams.

I normally like to mess with these losers.  As a general rule, they’re not particularly smart.  They pretend to be lawyers, doctors, Americans stranded in third-world shitholes and other such despairing souls.  They use piss poor English, even as they claim to be professionals.  They use goofy email addresses – some as simple as Yahoo! mail – others a bit more sophisticated, but still discernible as frauds to anyone with an IQ above room temperature and a cursory knowledge of the Internet.  And because they’re generally not smart, they’re easily manipulated, their minds clouded by their greed and dreams of riches at the expense of their stupid American victims.

Ergo, it becomes somewhat of a silly game to see what it is you can make them do with just a mere promise of a payout. 

A few years ago, I was contacted by some toerag from some African shithole, claiming to be a desperate American woman, dying of AIDS in Africa, who was trying to find a suitable home for her two children, who would be orphaned sooner than later as her condition went from bad to worse.  Being the parent of two adopted kids, I was immediately intrigued and appalled by the gall of this bastard, and decided to play a little game with him.  Over the course of two weeks, I led him to an inevitable Internet demise, but not before obtaining his signature on a “contract” that forced him to do unspeakable things to monkeys.  Luckily, my friend, author Michael Z. Williamson meticulously documented the exchange and posted it on his website as an example of the twisted company he keeps.

How twisted?  Well, you can read for yourself.  But just to give you a taste, I got the scammer to send me a copy of his “passport”…

And I got him to sign a contract stating the following…

  • Sucking the penis of a hairy rhesus monkey
  • Getting large objects shoved up your ass and getting sexually abused with whips and chains
  • Giving me a large sum of money – however much I want

Yes, I actually got a scammer to agree to send ME money, and in the end, I explained to him exactly with whom he was dealing and what he had agreed to do for me.

Does anyone really ever fall for the “I’m a poor widow with AIDS and Iwant you to adopt my children and take my fortune” scam? If they do,they must be even more stupid than you are, and that’s quite anaccomplishment, I have to tell you!

See, no person IN THEIR RIGHT MIND would give up her children to astranger over the internet after contacting them through email. Younever know what kind of pervert or scumbag would grab your children andsell them into sexual slavery for three bucks. And no person with evenhalf a brain would actually transfer money to some greedy dickwad posingas a lawyer whose knowledge of the language is so bad, he wouldactually sign a contract that compels him to suck off a monkey. Butmaybe you like that kind of stuff — I don’t know.

Over the years, there have been others who have done similar things to Nigerian scammers.  This guy in particular was very adept at it.  But as in everything else in life, the scammers adapted. They changed their tactics and targeted different prey: lonely women looking for dates on the Internet.

A few weeks ago, I received an email from a reader requesting my help in convincing her mother that the guy she was having an online romance with was a scammer and a fraud.  This lonely lady had already sent him a laptop, but as usual, the requests for gifts didn’t stop there.  I warned the daughter that her mother was playing a dangerous game with someone who claimed to be a United States Soldier.

No, I’m not even kidding. 

These fetid boils on the ass of humanity are now pretending to be US troops overseas in Iraq or Afghanistan, playing on the sympathies and patriotic emotions of lonely women, and scamming them out of time, money and gifts. 

They would e-mail each other for days. He sent romantic poems and even provided pictures, but when he asked her for money, she knew she had been sucked into a scam.

First, she noticed red flags, like the poor English he used. “Some of the words were not spelled correctly; the use of grammar was not totally there,” she added.

She said the second red flag were his so-called needs. “He kept mentioning that they didn’t have access to funds at the base,” she said.

Finally, she grew even more suspicious when he asked her to send money so he could purchase a satellite phone to stay in touch.

Personally, I can imagine nothing lower. 

We all love our troops – courageous service members who sacrifice everything to protect our freedoms, who deploy to dangerous areas, far away from their friends and loved ones.  Combine these feelings of affection and trust for our military with an aching loneliness and desire to find someone to love, and you have a perfect recipe for scammer prey.

So please take this blog post as a warning and tell single women you know to look for red flags.  I do realize sites like and eHarmony and a whole host of others that have popped up in recent years are the new bar scene of the millennium, and they have brought numerous couples together and helped them find happiness in one another. These sites are no worse or better than the bars scene, but whereas you can look someone in the eyes in a bar and sometimes tell if they’re being deceptive or if they just give you the wrong vibe, no such thing can be discerned on the Internet.

These “Soldiers” are NOT Soldiers, people!  Even in the crappiest shithole, we still have access to money and communications!  No official military address ends with a .com or a .us.  Keep your wits about you if you’re communicating with someone online, and don’t let them fool you into believing you’re supporting United States service members.  You’re not.  You’re supporting the foulest of swine who have no problem taking advantage of your love and respect for the military and your desire to find a soulmate.

And while I on occasion have my fun messing with the scammers, these are the types who do not deserve even the slightest bit of hope or fun.  When they start impersonating American heroes in order to take advantage of lonely women, the only thing they deserve is a metal chair to the face and a stint in a Nigerian prison getting cluefucked by diseased criminals.

Do us all a favor and pass this on as a warning. 

Update for ya


OK, first things first.  Traffic sucked this morning, and it put me in a mood to climb a tall tower and take out anything resembling a DC driver with a high-powered weapon.  However there are several challenges:

1 – the lack of a tall tower in my office
2 – the fact that I’m wearing pretty, black, high-heeled shoes and black thigh-high stockings – an ensemble inappropriate for climbing
3 – the lack of a high-powered weapon.  I have a stapler.  I might use that.
4 – Gilbert the obese lab fell down the stairs today.  I’m not sure if it was due to his bulk and his being out of shape, my forcing him to exercise the past week or just because he’s a clod, but I had to carry his 90 lb. frame down the stairs this morning.  I’m tired.  Too tired to climb a tower, even if I had one.

In any case…

Got an update on the THR situation that I wrote about here, here and here

Peter at Bayou Renaissance Man has the details, so I urge you to go there and read them before you come back here for your daily dose of invective toward Derek Zeanah, who really should be sodomized with a live, writhing hedgehog… or porcupine – whichever would be more painful.  Peter writes:

For a start, the illegal misappropriation of the domain name by Derek Zeanah has continued, despite a lawsuit filed by Oleg Volk, the rightful owner. That lawsuit is now in its preliminary phase, and will probably come to trial later this year. (The courts, like the mills of God, grind slowly, it seems.) Indeed, Mr. Zeanah seems intent on compounding his offense. He applied on December 8th, 2008, to the United States Patent and Trademark Office to register the name ‘The High Road’ as a trade mark (application serial number 77628267). He did so in his own name, acting as an individual, rather than in the name of any of the corporate entities he’s established so far. Needless to say, this application will be contested, and I’m certain it will never be approved. Mr. Zeanah has no exclusive rights whatsoever to that name, despite any delusions he may have to the contrary: and there’s abundant evidence to prove that.

OK, we know Derek is a scumbag, and Oleg will have his day in court.  He’s played with every maneuver possible to ensure his theft is somehow legalized by the system.  How do we know?  Well, because Peter has been there from the start, and he’s never proven himself to be a lying, cheating piece of pernicious shit.

Mr. Zeanah has also been active in the management of his corporate entities. He filed to create a ‘for profit’ corporation named ‘ Corporation’ on August 8th, 2008 (Georgia Secretary of State control number 08062930), but this was listed as ‘Flawed/Deficient’ in Georgia’s records as of January 5th, 2009. On September 8th, 2008, he filed to create a ‘for profit’ corporation called ‘Firearms Forum Incorporated’ (Georgia Secretary of State control number 08069528), which is currently listed as ‘Active/Compliance’. Mr. Zeanah is listed as CEO, CFO and Secretary of this company, which is registered at his home address. He has now transferred the registration of ‘’ domain name (GoDaddy domain ID D93282167-LROR) to ‘Firearms Forum Incorporated’, listing himself under ‘Registrant Name’ and the company under ‘Registrant Organization’.

I’ve been barred from THR’s staff forum since October, as have all those moderators who openly objected to Mr. Zeanah’s theft of the domain name. Nevertheless, I still have my sources of information as to what’s going on there – and it’s very interesting. It appears that some other moderators of The High Road are trying to implement a different plan. On December 11th, 2008, a non-profit corporation was registered in Tennessee under the name of ‘The High Road Foundation, Inc.’ (Tennessee Secretary of State I.D. number 0592003). It seems that certain moderators want to form a sort of ‘supervisory’ or ‘governing’ council for THR, to run it in what they see as its best interests. I’m informed that Mr. Zeanah is allegedly willing to allow them to exercise day-to-day control over the forum, in return for a guarantee that he will have the perpetual right to host THR and charge for his services.

It appears that the moderators involved in this new approach intend to offer a fee-based voluntary membership scheme, whereby THR members can contribute at different levels and, in return, will receive differing levels of ‘privileges’ on the site. Free, non-fee-paying membership will apparently remain available. A proportion of the monies thus collected will go to Mr. Zeanah to pay for hosting THR, although the actual cost of doing so, or the amount to be paid, are not specified. The balance will be used in unspecified ways to cover expenses. This puzzles me, as there never were any expenses other than servers and hosting in all my years as a moderator on THR. One does wonder what these ‘expenses’ may entail.

I understand that there have also been discussions concerning the possibility of hosting advertisements on THR. This would, of course, produce a revenue stream, the precise amount of which is as yet unknown, but which may come to five or even six figures annually. The potential disposition or distribution of that revenue stream may offer further insight into the reasons for the misappropriation of the domain name in the first place, and for the continued refusal to even consider returning it to its rightful owner.


It’s illegal to traffic in stolen property. That the THR domain name has been stolen appears to be beyond reasonable doubt. To maintain otherwise is to call both Mr. Rich Lucibella, the original owner of the domain name, and Mr. Oleg Volk, liars, solely on the basis of Mr. Zeanah’s assertions, and in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary in Staff Forum threads over many years. Knowing all three persons to the extent that I do, there’s no doubt whatsoever in my mind about who’s telling the truth: and I daresay others with similar (or better) knowledge will be of like mind. I believe Mr. Volk’s lawsuit will succeed in restoring the domain name to him in due course, because I can’t see how any court of law in the world will find otherwise on the basis of the available evidence.

On this basis, both Mr. Zeanah’s attempts to form a new corporate entity and trade-mark the identity of The High Road, and some other moderators’ attempts to form a non-profit corporation to manage it, appear doomed to failure. Indeed, such attempts may possibly be both criminally and civilly actionable as well, since they appear to be attempting to build upon the foundation of (i.e. ‘traffic in’) the stolen domain name to pursue their activities. I presume that any further attempts by either of these parties to put their plans into action will elicit a prompt application for a court injunction blocking them.
You can read the rest.  Peter is pretty thorough. 

You also know what side of the issue I support.  I’ve known Oleg for a long time.  I know the kind of effort he has put into THR.  It’s not just an Internet forum.  It’s not just a name.  It is a community he has spent years cultivating, and it has been appropriated illegally by someone he thought was a friend – someone, who, to be fair, did host and maintain said site, but someone whose efforts certainly do not entitle him to part ownership of a site he did not create or establish.

Volunteers at a hospital cannot claim rightful ownership claim to the building merely because they’ve dedicated themselves and their time to working there.  McDonald’s fry cooks can’t bear ownership of the corporations by virtue of working there.  Derek volunteered to host the site.  He volunteered his services.  But this certainly doesn’t entitle him to a shred of ownership!  He thought he could gain control and profit by robbing the easiest victim of all:  a friend – someone who trusted him – someone he thought would capitulate by virtue of their friendship.  He thought he could disarm his friend by using their friendship and Oleg’s virtue – his kindness.  He felt himself entitled to the whole product just because he volunteered to help out, and when he was denied, he stole it.  Plain and simple.

Again, I have no dog in this fight other than my desire to see some justice for a good friend.  I know what it’s like to experience a heinous betrayal, and I want to see – FOR ONCE – karma retaliate in a big way against someone who deserves it.

Society of Overly Litigious Monkeys

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I have an admission to make.  I love – no, I mean LOVEFacebook!  It’s just one of those things.  It allows me to keep in touch with numerous friends from Kosovo – people with whom I was deployed, and whom I don’t get to see very often.  I’ve found friends from high school and college with whom I haven’t spoken for 15-20 years.  I’ve established new connections, and yes… I’ve gotten my ass kicked in Scrabble on occasion by Frank.  Having this type of social networking tool makes the long distance thing a lot easier to handle.

Facebook has a lot of fun applications, games and quizzes.  And to me, it really is an invaluable tool.  I’ve found that in the past 3-4 years, I’ve lost touch with a lot of people I cared about.  It was unintentional.  I just wound up having one person in my life on whom I depended for everything, who was the center of my social life, and with whom I spent the majority of my time (family not included), pushing everyone else to the periphery.  Having let go of that toxicity, I realized just how much I’ve missed the friends I had.  I don’t have a lot of close friends, but I have some, and it’s great to be back in touch with them.

As I’ve mentioned before, however, the freedom, convenience and fun of Al Gore’s greatest invention comes with a downside.  Yes, there are those who spend their lives on the Intertubez, ignoring family, friends, their health, their jobs (OK, what the hell am I doing on the Interwebz again?) and their “real” lives.  Cyber affairs sometimes ruin relationships.  Cyber lives sometimes take over at the expense of reality, and cyber bullies sometimes make people’s lives not so pleasant.

The father of a teenage girl says in a lawsuit that a cyber bully so unnerved her with online taunts that she ended up admitted to a mental health clinic.


The suit seeks reimbursement for medical expenses in excess of $25,000 and asks that a judge order the Internet social network Facebook and Web portal to provide information about who sent the messages.

I feel for people who are the victims of bullying – real life or otherwise.  It sucks.  I’ve been through it.  Trust me when I tell you that being beaten up, pinched, forbidden from using the bathroom just so they can laugh as you cry holding it in, and insulted for being a Jew in the former Soviet Union (by your TEACHERS, no less, as well as other kids) is no fun.  Makes school miserable.  Especially since in those days there was no recourse, especially not for a little Jewish kid stuck in the USSR.  I know bullying. 

I also remember fighting back ferociously against my tormentors.  My mother loves telling the story of how she arrived late to pick me up from kindergarten, and couldn’t find me on the playground, so she grabbed the teacher, and together they found me under the building (it was one of those that was raised high on some thick columns with sand underneath) sitting on top of some kid and beating the shit out of him.  There’s only so much taunting I would take, even as a small kid.

For cyber-bullying, there’s an even easier solution.  Ready?  I’m going to tell you what it is.


Instead of suing social networking sites for the misdeeds of other asshats, how about some good ole fashioned monitoring of the kid’s Internet activities?  How about pulling her away from the computer and forcing her to go outside for some real human interaction?

I’m not being mean or insensitive when I say this.  I’ve been there, and done that.  I have passwords to my kids’ MySpace accounts, and I do log on to ensure nothing stupid happens.  And mostly, I limit their computer time, force them to go outside and play with real children their own age, and establish enough trust in our relationship that they feel comfortable telling me if there’s a problem.

It’s not a difficult solution to implement!  The fact that this daddy dearest had so little interaction with his kid that he allowed the bullying to get to the point where she had to be institutionalized speaks poorly of his parenting skills, not of Facebook!

The girl in the case Jacobson filed had already undergone outpatient treatment for 22 days in June and July for a psychiatric condition characterized, in part, by an obsessive relationship with a teenage boy, the suit said.

Someone using the fictitious name “Jennifer Litzinger” then created the Facebook account “for the purpose of creating a purported rival” for the boy’s affections, the suit alleges.


The lawsuit says “Litzinger” used a photo “of a well-endowed and attractive model or actress of the approximate age of 20 to 22 obtained over the Internet as her profile photograph so that (the victim), an ordinary attractive 16-year-old, would feel inferior to her purported rival with respect to her physical attractiveness.”
You don’t say!  Someone on a social networking site actually uses a fake photo to appear more attractive to prospective mates?  How shocking!  It must be immediately made a crime!  You don’t say!  Teenage girls sometimes get engaged in boyfriend drama?  Well!  There’s cause for a lawsuit right there!

The suit also says that on the day before the teen was to finish outpatient treatment in July, she got multiple communications from “Litzinger.” Those said “Litzinger” had been talking and texting with the boyfriend every day and night, was more attractive than the teen, and that the teen “looked like a troll” and had “a worthless life.”

According to the suit, “Litzinger” knew the teen “would be severely emotionally distressed by the statements.”

And there’s your catchphrase.  “Emotional distress.”  You see, we’ve become a society of such limp-wristed emotional cripples, that feeling good about ourselves has somehow become a right, and anyone who hurts our precious little feelings gets either criminally prosecuted or hauled into civil court.  Worse yet, because we’re a society of self-entitled, overly-litigious simians, we won’t bother suing unless there’s cash to be had, and a pathetic loser who creates an Internet persona just to be mean to a high-school romantic rival will probably not have the kind of financial resources that will satisfy our lust for revenge, self-entitlement and cash.  So what’s an enterprising daddy to do?  Why sue the company that provided the platform for the “harrassment” that made his precious, overly emotional crotchfruit all weepy-eyed and sniffly, of course!  Just follow the money.  You’ll see where it leads.

And what is the message he’s sending?

If someone hurts our pwecious widdle feewings, we’re entitled to compensation.

Bruised egos and insecurity can be worth money.

Parents don’t need to exhibit any kind of control or responsibility over their offspring.  If something goes wrong, it’s not their fault, and they can get handsomely compensated for their lack of parental action and accountability.

This is the type of bullshit that forces companies out of business, whether it’s Internet companies or gun dealers.  Suing businesses out of existence by filing frivolous charges has become en vogue in our society.  After all, it’s easier than working, and well… the industry can afford it.

What’s going to be left to loot once you’ve picked the carcass clean, you twisted freaks? 

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