VA fires officials for Phoenix fraud


Word is that there have been some consequences from the recent story about the VA’s obscene secret waiting list that resulted in veterans waiting months for appointments and dying in the process. Commenter Ole’Wolf has more:

Ms. Nicki -word just came down that the Quadrad was fired at the Phoenix VA Medical Center. Washington VA Central Office terminated the Director, Associate Director, Chief of Staff (senior Doctor), and the Associate Director for Nursing Services (senior Nurse) as the facility leaders. Good news, they’re gone. Better news, termination means no more Gubmint jobs for these career bureaucrats…bad news, I doubt seriously anything more will come of it. Families have started suing the VA but no word on direct lawsuits aimed at any of the key morons…

I sincerely hope that the director, associate director and anyone else responsible for this travesty see direct repercussions from this. I hope there’s jail time involved for all. Fraud is not a laughing matter. Fraud that results in the deaths of veterans to whom care was due is an abomination.

Next time, pick up a newspaper


You know what uninformed votes get you?



But we thought someone ELSE would pay!


The schadenfreudisaster that is the “Affordable” Care Act continues to screw Americans across the land, and those who were “cheerleaders” for the plan, such as these lying douchenuggets about whom I blogged a few weeks ago, are beginning to realize that rich people won’t be paying for their “free” health care. They ARE the rich people!

But… but… but… we thought others would pay for us! We didn’t think it would affect us! We’re not rich!

“I really don’t like the Republican tactics, but at least now I can understand why they are so pissed about this. When you take $10,000 out of my family’s pocket each year, that’s otherwise disposable income or retirement savings that will not be going into our local economy.”

Well, I have news for you, Cupcake – you are rich. You’re rich compared to those who spend generations on welfare. You’re rich compared to those who work only part time, but are required to buy health insurance anyway and will be subsidized with your money. You’re rich compared to all those who screech for free crap as a way to avoid working hard, advancing, going to school, learning a trade, and instead demand you, the taxpayer, foot the bill for their expenses.

Oh, you can’t afford it? That’s too bad. You’ve made your bed. Now lie in it!

“I’ve been a cheerleader for the Affordable Care Act since I heard about it and I assumed that it was designed for people in my situation,” Holly, a freelance yoga instructor, told KOIN. “I was planning on using the Affordable Care Act and I had done the online calculator in advance to make sure I was going to be able to afford it.”

Holly’s husband works for a non-profit organization that pays for his health care, but the couple is unable to afford to have her and their son covered under his plan. And she’s been told their combined income is too much to qualify for a subsidized health care plan under Cover Oregon.

“It wasn’t until I started the process and got an agent that I started hearing from them I wasn’t going to qualify for subsidies because I qualify on my husband’s insurance,” she told KOIN.

Now, before anyone starts screeching about how heartless I am, and about how I’m cackling with glee at people losing health care, I’m not. I hate the fact that our health care system – a system that wasn’t perfect, but that at least afforded the vast majority of Americans a decent chance at health care, is now booting millions out of their insurance companies, turning patients away from hospitals and leaving cancer patients with little to no hope.

All because the politicians in Washington wanted to appease those who would continue to vote for them as long as the freebies kept coming. All the Sandra Flukes out there, who demanded free access to contraception at others’ expense. All the leeches and moochers out there who demanded that others provide for them. And instead of fixing the problems, they created a multi-thousand page monstrosity, we had to pass to figure out.

And those who cheered and rejoiced at this ruinous legislation being signed into law are now reaping the consequences of their actions.

What they don’t understand is that when the vultures have picked dry the carcasses of the so-called “rich,” because they have nothing left to give, they become the next “rich” source of sustenance.

What they don’t understand is that there’s no such thing as being entitled to other people’s achievements, labor and earnings. That’s the clarion call of a thief.

What they don’t understand is that there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.

Meet the ObamaCare PajamaDouche (UPDATED)


So by now, I’m sure you’ve at least heard about the hilarity that ensued after a pajama-clad Organizing for Action dweeb was portrayed in an ad, encouraging clueless morons to accost their families about ObamaCare this winter.

pajama dork

UberDork here has become an Internet sensation, with ridicule pouring in from all corners of the Interwebz. Because sitting around in your onesie with a somewhat vacuous, but nevertheless arrogant look on your face, as if to say, “Mom and dad, I love you, but you really are quite stupid for not genuflecting in gratitude in front of Dear Leader’s creation,” is not even remotely reminiscent of the at least one Jolt Cola-slurping, Twinkie eating, basement-dwelling, metrosexual hipster virgin we all know! Not at all!

mock one

Well, the insufferable PajamaDouche has been outed. His name is Ethan Krup, and he’s an OFA employee. He also thinks he’s wicked cool for being a sensation on the Interwebs.

UberArrogant PajamaDouche does not get it. He’s not cool. He’s the object of ridicule, because he is promoting a program that has so far been a massive FAIL with hundreds of thousands of sick people losing their health coverage, and because his arrogant, slightly androgynous and creepy. And he reminds me of Pat from Saturday Night Live, the sexually ambiguous androgynoid, who drove you crazy as you felt like you were so close to figuring out what sort of plumbing it had!


Look familiar?

Here’s Ethan with a bunch of people at OFA who also never get laid.


The short chick may get a date every so often, but she’s probably so shrill and annoying, that any date she manages to get probably wants to stick a spork in his (or her) ear drum just to escape the ShrewSpew.

Well congrats, PajamaDouche! Everyone now knows who you are, and if they didn’t think you were an assweasel before you became an Internet sensation, chances are they now know, and you will remain a virgin well into your 40s.

UPDATE: Salgak, one of our awesome commenters created the following. LOVE IT!

Or testicles.

…Or testicles

Shut up, racists! It’s all for the greater good!

Comments Off

Well, peasants, so what if a million of you in California lost your health insurance! So what if you can’t keep your doctors, cancer patients! Don’t you know that now, thanks to ObamaCare, millions thousands OK, maybe hundreds tens of people now have health insurance? Don’t you know that thanks to ObamaCare, 60 year old men will now be responsible for 20 year old women’s birth control pills, and females of all ages will be paying for prostate exams? Don’t you know that even if a bunch of you pathetic seriously ill losers lose your coverage, it’s worth it because people will get free shit, and you won’t be draining precious resources from those who really need them – you know the architect and his wife who voted for the current resident of the White House, continue to support him and this ridiculous health scare plan, had their policies canceled, and will be using loopholes and outright lying to get subsidies on the ObamaCare exchanges, because they’re too rich to do so otherwise.

So if you’re upset about having your health insurance policy canceled… SHUT UP, RACIST!

ObamaCare operator fired


As I’m sure many of you heard already, Earline Davis, an ObamaCare operator whom Sean Hannity called on the air to quiz her about public reactions to the program, was summarily dismissed from her $25,000/year job after the interview aired.

To be sure, I feel incredibly sorry for Ms. Davis. All she did was answer questions from a caller, who just happened to be Sean Hannity, and who just happened to have put the call on the air. I doubt she meant any harm. She was just telling the truth. She just took a call, as was her job.

According to the transcript at, here’s what transpired:

DAVIS: Okay, the day I received the call from the radio station, I had to go pick up my best friend that night, and then someone was like, ”someone was looking for you.” But, I don’t know who that person is. So I was like, well I’m going to come back in the morning, because I had to go back to work. So the next day I came back and they had, like, two people escort me upstairs to H.R. And then it was three head people and me, we sat down, and I’m like, “why am I up here?” I figured, okay, they wanna talk about the phone call – the incident.

Then the lady sitting behind the desk; I don’t know what their name is, but the lady that was sitting behind the desk, I guess called up another head lady on her cell phone, so the lady was talking, and I couldn’t really understand what she was saying because she had me on speakerphone. I remember her saying, “We can’t have this type of stuff going on here, so we have to release you.” But they had locked the doors and everything; I guess they didn’t want anybody to come in there.
So when she told me they had to release me, that’s when I put my name tag – my badge – on the desk, and something was going wrong with my cell phone, so that’s when I tried to call my ride to come pick me up, but the lady next to me was just, like, being rude. She had, like, an attitude.

HANNITY: Now, did they give you… You were hired… How long had you been working with this company?

DAVIS: I started September 23.

HANNITY: Okay, so it’s a fairly new job for you. Did they—I assume they put you through some training, right?

DAVIS: Yes sir, they did.

HANNITY: And did they ever tell you that you’re not allowed to take a call from a radio show? Your job was to answer phones.

DAVIS: I did not hear anything about that. There were so many of us in a big group, you can only talk so loud.

HANNITY: Right, and one of the things that struck me. I was really impressed, and I said that to you on Monday. You are patient, you are kind, you answered all our questions. You were totally honest. Wasn’t that what you were hired to do?

DAVIS: Yeah, I’m just out here tryin’ to help everybody. And I know, like, some people have been making bad comments about me. Some people have been making good comments about me. But, some people are like, “Oh, you knew you shouldn’t have said that!” And I’m just like, okay… I kinda felt bad about it. My gosh, I got fired.

HANNITY: And what was the specific reason? When they sat you down, did they give you a specific reason?

DAVIS: They said that no contact with the media. No type of media whatsoever. We’re not allowed to do that at that company.

To be sure, I understand Ms. Davis’ plight. For whatever reason, she was not informed or did not understand the company’s policy regarding media communications. This type of policy isn’t new and it’s not different from any company’s policy. Generally speaking, a company of any significant size will have its own media department. These are people whose job it is to field media inquiries. Generally speaking, that means that any other employee would be stepping out of their lane if they agree to speak to the media.

This should have been made very clear to Ms. Davis during her training, especially since she was a telephone operator, who may get a call from a radio show on the hotline, much like she did from Hannity. This apparently was not made clear. At least from what Ms. Davis said. I would think that if you have telephone operators who could possibly receive a call from the media via the hotline, it would be made expressly clear in both written and verbal form that they are to direct any media calls to the company’s public relations office.

This is certainly the case in the military. When I was a Public Affairs specialist, I conducted training with all troops on how to deal with the media on the battlefield. At my current job, I also received very clear instructions – both verbal and written – on dealing with the media. So the fact that Ms. Davis had not received this training, or at least the policy wasn’t made expressly clear, tells me that the company did not do its job.

Unfortunately, Ms. Davis drew the short straw when she got Hannity on her line, and she got fired for that stroke of bad luck.

I will give Hannity credit for what he did. He gave her $26,000 and promised to help her find another job.

I do hope she finds other employment really soon. She sounds like a nice lady, who was dragged into the deep end of the pool after just a few weeks on the job, without a life jacket.

As for her former employer… Jerks. Just plain jerks.

And just like that, the GOP caves…


with a whimper.

At Obama’s meeting with Senate Republicans, Sen. Susan Collins of Maine laid out a proposal to raise the debt limit until the end of January, reopen the government and take a slice out of the health care law.

Under a proposal she and other GOP senators have been developing, a medical device tax that helps finance the health care law would be repealed, and millions of individuals eligible for subsidies to purchase health insurance under the program would be subject to stronger income verification.

At the same time, federal agencies that have been affected by across-the-board cuts would gain greater flexibility in the use of their remaining funds.

Everything else would be negotiated later.

That is to say, the Democrats got everything they wanted, with nearly no concessions to the GOP, and the GOP folded like a cheap lawn chair.

It’s not that I’m unhappy that I may finally get paid for the work I’m doing. It’s just that the Republicans have once again proven to be inept in the face of appalling Democrat intransigence and arrogance.

You know those elections where you’re hoping to make gains in 2014, GOP?

I wouldn’t count on it if I were you.

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