A Gag Order? Really?


Do you remember Jared Marcum? He is the West Virginia 8th grader who was suspended and arrested for wearing a pro-Second Amendment t-shirt in school this year.

It was the image of a gun printed on Jared’s t-shirt that sparked a dispute between a Logan Middle School teacher and Jared, that ended with Jared suspended, arrested and facing two charges, obstruction and disturbing the education process, on his otherwise spotless record.

The school’s policy prohibits clothing that depicts images of violence, profanity or discrimination. The policy apparently doesn’t say anything about firearms, and the kid believes he did nothing wrong.

That was April.

Fast forward to yesterday… June 24.

Nearly two weeks before Jared, the 14-year-old at the center of the “T-Shirt Control Controversy”, was scheduled to be back in court, he found himself inside of the Logan County Courthouse for an emergency gag order hearing requested by prosecutors Christopher White and Sabrina Deskins. 

“We were here because the prosecution filed a motion for a gag order,” Jared’s attorney Ben White said.  “My opinion is because, seemingly, they want to take it out of the court of public opinion.”
Think of the folly of prosecuting a teen for wearing a shirt – a shirt that doesn’t advocate violence, prejudice or profanity, but merely affirms the kid’s respect for the Second Amendment to the US Constitution. And then… trying to force the child’s family to shut up about the gross injustice being carried out in Logan County, WV.

Now, it looks like the prosecution dropped its stupid gag order motion on the condition that Jared’s family allow them to speak freely (read: malign) about the case – something they were prohibited from doing owing to the child’s age.

Meanwhile, the teenager faces a maximum sentence of a year in jail, or juvenile confinement and up to a $500 fine if found guilty of an obstruction charge stemming from his refusal to “stop talking” when police arrived at Logan Middle School to arrest him in April.

Arrest him.

For wearing a shirt that did not violate any rules or regulations.

Just think about that.

This is How They Handle Dissent in Jersey


On April 30, 2013, Second Amendment activist James Kaleda was forcibly ejected by armed guards from a hearing in Trenton, NJ. He was making decent points. He wasn’t belligerent or violent. But he was tossed out by armed government agents – and he only got heated when he was interrupted in the middle of his testimony. Deprived of First Amendment rights to petition government for a redress of grievances by armed guards, while being deprived of his Second Amendment rights.

Welcome to Jersey, where respect for the Constitution is tossed out in favor of power-hungry politicians’ power hungry power grabs.

h/t: Guns Save Lives

Mark Kelly tries to intimidate Republican Senators who actually have the guts to protect our rights



“Don’t stand in the way of MY process, Senators! All dangerous EVVVILLLLL ‘assault weapons’ must be banned! Well, except for mine.”

Yup… the same winner who’s been using his wife as a prop to try and abrogate our Second Amendment rights, even as he purchases the very same weapons he wants out of our hands (on an ‘impulse buy’… Sure, Mark.), doesn’t like that Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Ted Cruz and others are actually planning to stand in the way of his totalitarian agenda.

“They should listen to their constituents and certainly shouldn’t be getting in the way of the process, which is to debate the bill and to vote on the bill,” Kelly said.

“It doesn’t make any sense and I imagine that at some point, if they actually do this, their constituents will hold them accountable for those actions,” he added.

Listen to this guy. ‘Getting in the way of the process’? You’re right… how dare these men use the powers they have at hand to defend the Constitution from your emotionally-driven selfish whiny hypocrisy. This man deals in fear, shame, and lies. He has gone from a hero as an astronaut to appealing to the basest instincts of people, trying to whip us all into a herd mentality so we stampede to see who can surrender his rights the fastest so he can assuage his aching… whatever it is. I don’t have an ounce of respect for this honorless worm any longer. I hope gun rights activist and liberty lovers make his life personally uncomfortable by ratcheting up public pressure, and exposing and mocking his hypocrisy at every turn.

As to the Senators planning to filibuster any gun control bill in the Senate… Thank you, gentlemen. We have your back.

Gun Grabbing Nanny Bloomberg & MAIG At It Again


Per the NYT:

The commercial is an unambiguous appeal to gun owners: a middle-aged hunter, rifle in hand, vows that he will fight to protect the Second Amendment.The commercial is an unambiguous appeal to gun owners: a middle-aged hunter, rifle in hand, vows that he will fight to protect the Second Amendment But in a sensible, father-of-the-house tone, he also urges voters to support comprehensive background checks, “so criminals and the dangerously mentally ill can’t buy guns.”

The man behind the advertisement is not known for his kinship with the gun crowd: Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, the nation’s fiercest advocate of restrictions on firearms since the December rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.

Determined to persuade Congress to act in response to that shooting, Mr. Bloomberg on Monday will begin bankrolling a $12 million national advertising campaign that focuses on senators who he believes might be persuaded to support a pending package of federal regulations to curb gun violence. The ads, in 13 states, will blanket those senators’ districts during an Easter Congressional recess that is to be followed by debate over the legislation.

It goes without saying that authoritarian scumbags like Michael Bloomberg think they know better than we do. Given his propensity for going after large sodas and salt, there’s no level of micromanagement he won’t stoop to. On Meet The Press, to fellow anti-gun left-wing stool-pigeon David Gregory, he said:

“[W]hile I think we are going to win this [background checks], celebrating in advance isn’t the right thing to do. We’ve got to go out, we’ve got a lot of work ahead of us. … I don’t think we should give up on the assault weapons ban. But clearly, it is a more difficult issue for a lot of people. And I don’t know that that reflects the N.R.A.’s power. It may be just that people have different views about assault weapons than they do about background checks. … I think I have a responsibility, and I think you and all of your viewers have responsibilities, to try to make this country safer for our families and for each other. And if I can do that by spending some money and taking the NRA from being the only voice to being one of the voices, … then I think my money would be well spent … If 90% of the public want something, and their representatives vote against that, common sense says, they are going to have a price to pay for that.”

Bring it on. We’ll make it our business to punish you and your friends, Nanny.

Obama uses radio address to push anti-gun oppression…


So, Dear Leader used his weekly radio address to push abrogration of our Second Amendment-protected civil rights. He wants an ‘assault weapons’ (whatever that means) ban, a limit on magazine size, and of course, a national background check system. Yes, the same bill that the odious Jim Moran and the tools of Mayors Against Illegal Guns (talk about a misnomer!) pushed at the recent ‘gun violence forum’ here in Arlington.

“These ideas shouldn’t be controversial — they’re common sense,” Obama said. “They’re supported by a majority of the American people. And I urge the Senate and the House to give each of them a vote.”…  “Right now, we have a real chance to reduce gun violence in America, and prevent the very worst violence,” he said. “We have a unique opportunity to reaffirm our tradition of responsible gun ownership, and also do more to keep guns out of the hands of criminals or people with a severe mental illness. We’ve made progress over the last three months, but we’re not there yet. And in the weeks ahead, I hope members of Congress will join me in finishing the job — for our communities and, most importantly, for our kids.”

He keeps pointing out polls, as if a majority of uninformed citizens being in favor of such abrogation makes it right or lawful. Newsflash, Zero, these are the kinds of laws we, those who actually value our rights don’t plan to comply with. That’s why we have a Constitutional republic. It’s a check on unbridled majorities seeking to do harm to or oppress minorities. The left, and most ‘moderate’ sheep, seem not to grasp this concept (to be fair, neither do the religious ‘conservatives’ on the right) and think that 50% + 1 is a mandate to shred the Constitution. I can’t stress enough how terrifying that is. These people will not be stopped until the American people become educated on these issues, their agenda is exposed, and it’s made plain that gun owners will directly resist, unfortunately. Sack up, people. It may get ugly.

States beginning to oppose the gun-grabbers in DC directly en masse


That’s what I’m talking about. Remind them of the 10th Amendment the hard way.

And Rep. Carolyn Maloney is still an idiot:

But the debate hinges on Congress. There are now around 50 bills related to gun control pending in the House and Senate.

Among them is legislation offered by Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY), meant to crack down on gun trafficking. The bill targets “straw buyers,” who purchase firearms with the intent of delivering them to criminal interests. “Getting the guns out of the hands of the wrong people is an important goal,” Maloney said. She said gun control advocates in Congress were merely proposing minimum standards. “States can legislate what they want,” she said, but would ultimately have to follow federal gun laws.

WRONG… we have a constitutional republic with a federal government. Try again.

And of course, Dianne Feinstein never fails to demonstrate her utter ridiculosity:

On Thursday, the Senate Judiciary Committee approved Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s controversial assault weapons ban, setting the stage for consideration by the full Senate.The California Democrat said the measure would “dry up” the supply of military-style weapons readily available to the public.“These weapons are being used by grievance killers, the mentally unstable and others to kill significant numbers of people in our malls, our theaters, our workplaces and our schools,” Feinstein said.

Are you kidding me? Semi-automatic rifles are used in a SMALL percentage of gun murders! Also, stop using the murders of George Moscone and Harvey Milk as an argument against “assault weapons.” THEY WERE KILLED WITH A .38 REVOLVER! Please, shut up and retire, you old bat.

The Kind of Cop We Need


My many thanks to Matt Bracken – an old friend with whom I only recently got in touch, and whose books I greatly enjoy – for this link.

In it, the author recounts his experiences in Kosovo as an UNMIK police officer, and his experiences are telling.

In postwar Kosovo, many tens of thousands of war refugees lived in the capital. Not enough jobs existed to support them all. Many of them became vendors in a sprawling, dirty bazaar. They supported their families by selling cheap Turkish and Pakistani housewares and trinkets. Under old Yugoslav law, which was still the legal standard, those vendors had to have permits. Few bothered to stand in line at a dilapidated government building to pay for a permit.

This officer – I’ll call him Joe – became infuriated every time he patrolled the bazaar. He’d find vendors without permits, then ticket and berate them. He’d make note of other illegal vendors so he could ticket them later. He’d even drive through the bazaar off-duty to spot illegal vendors for future targeting. He’d vent his anger about illegal vendors at us, which always made me laugh. I didn’t care the least bit about vendors without permits, and thought Joe would eventually get over it. I was wrong.

Joe got so mad at illegal vendors that he researched Yugoslav law. We had been advised not to do anything that violated the Bill of Rights, but officially Yugoslav law was still in effect. And Joe discovered he could use Yugoslav law to do something about those damn illegal vendors.

You can guess what happened next. The police went around and confiscated the goods from people who had just been through a nasty war, and who were trying to eek out a living by selling what few trinkets and goods they had available.

Because they didn’t have a permit.

Now, being a Kosovo vet, and having been deployed there just a few years after the author of this blog, I know about the corruption, the crime, etc. that goes on in Kosovo. I’ve seen smuggling of every good possible – from shoes, to tomatoes, to cattle, to firearms, to humans. I remember a chicken smuggling incident where some troops sat watching from atop of OP Thunder as chickens were offloaded from one truck to another – literally marched on a plank into the vehicle like some twisted chicken Bataan death march… So I understand.

However, what these petty tyrants did to people just trying to survive post-war was pretty repugnant.

I stayed back. Officer Joe, the illegal vendor hater, picked out an old man selling bananas. The old man, who looked about eighty but was probably younger, struggled to pick up boxes of bananas before the truck arrived. Officer Joe reached the old man’s stall, tore a box from the old man’s hands and threw it in the truck. The old man grabbed the next box. Joe fought it away.

I remember standing there in impotent frustration, thinking, So now we’re literally wrestling food away from old men. This is disgusting.

They did it, because they officially could.

But this was in a foreign land, right? It couldn’t happen here, right?

How many times do we hear about cops breaking up evil, dangerous lemonade stands, because the children didn’t have a permit to sell the drink? Illegal Children’s bake sales? Criminal Girl Scout cookie sales?

Given the ridiculous “we’re just following official orders” excuse, what makes you think that many of them won’t go around confiscating firearms?

Hence, the Second Amendment discussion.

The Founders didn’t include the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights because they wanted to ensure we could all hunt and plink. They included it as a means of common defense – both against outside aggression and government tyranny – the kind of tyranny that includes breaking up a Girl Scout cookie sale, because the kids didn’t have a peddler’s license.

Now, the above statement is not a call to armed action against the police, so before any of you get bent out of shape here, you need to understand that. I’m not calling for armed conflict between police and ordinary citizens, because some idiot cop shut down a yard sale. I am calling for a fundamental understanding that power corrupts. It corrupts even people whom you wouldn’t think in a million years to be evil.

Power corrupts.

And the Second Amendment is a check on that power. I’ll defer to the author once again:

Our founding fathers were incredibly intelligent, insightful men. They knew an external threat of invasion could exist. And more importantly, they knew an internal threat of tyranny would always exist. They knew that even basically good guys like Joe can let their personal hatreds control their official actions. They knew that even Officer Chris Hernandez might maybe, once or twice, have a little nagging thought like, There should be an automatic death penalty for anyone who drives through a quiet neighborhood at 3 a.m. blaring gangster rap. They knew I better have threats over my head, to keep me from carrying out that death sentence.

The founding fathers knew guys like me and Joe need to be controlled. They wrote the 4th Amendment so we would have to follow rules when we took people’s property. And they wrote the 2nd Amendment so that if we ever decided not to care about citizens’ rights, the citizens could forcibly change our minds.

This is why I say we need more cops like this guy. He gets it, and he has taken a long, hard look at himself and his actions in Kosovo.  He’s honest.

I know there are a ton of good law enforcement officers out there, so if you come here to yell at me about how I’m a cop hater, and how I don’t understand what it’s like to serve and sacrifice, I invite you to kindly shut your ignorant yap.

But I would love to hear from law enforcement officers out there. My question to you is the following: Realistically, and having taken a good look at yourself, would you see yourself following orders to disarm ordinary, law abiding citizens, because a law was passed?

Be honest with yourselves. Please.

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