This douchenugget can’t possibly retire quickly enough!


As many of you may have surmised from my virtual (and in real life) happy dance during the past few months, Jim Moranthug, anti-Semite, gun- grabbing hoplophobe, racist, anti-military shitbag, corrupt pig, has decided to finally unass the AO of the 8th Congressional District in Virginia.  Now, I’m fully aware that another leftist creepasaurus will likely take his spot and continue the culture of anti-freedom, anti-responsibility assclownery that has become Moran’s trademark, but let me just celebrate a little, will ya?

Because I tell ya what… I doubt there’s another politician out there who is more disgusting and covered in smelly, oozy slime than Moran! This sack of douche is one of a kind (thankfully!).

As an example, allow me to point you to Moran’s latest comments, which are so ludicrous, that it’s a wonder anyone takes them seriously. I keep wondering if the media is actually reporting on this shit, because they consider it absurd.

Because, trust me. It’s absurd.

“I think the American people should know that the members of Congress are underpaid,” Moran told CQ Roll Call. “I understand that it’s widely felt that they underperform, but the fact is that this is the board of directors for the largest economic entity in the world.”

The senior appropriator pointed out that some members have taken to living out of their offices to save money, while others have “small little apartment units” that make it impossible to spend the time they should with their families.

Fucking what?

Let’s ignore the fact that most Congresscritters are millionaires, and don’t need the perks, benefits and six-figure salary they get at the people’s expense – the very same people whom they screw in favor of their corporate and political masters every year.

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, which tracks political spending in Congress, at least 268 of the current 534 members of Congress had a net worth of at least $1 million in 2012. The median net worth of a member of Congress reached $1,008,767 in 2012, up from $960,000 in 2011, according to disclosures filed annually by all members of Congress, which the center analyzed.

Additionally, with a few notable exceptions, THEY. DO. A. CRAPPY. JOB.

Not just a little crappy, either. Most of these pernicious hemorrhoids on the ass of humanity are complete and utter shit. Note how many of them bow to the pressure to conform, to bow to the establishment, to hand out pork for votes, to bring home the bacon as soon as they get to Washington. Note how many vote for legislation without reading it. Note how many of them were pressured or outright bribed to pass ObamaCare. And yet they work a minimum amount of days, receive six-figure salaries and benefits, have staffers to do the really hard work for them, and have the gall to complain that they’re not getting enough!


Pardon me if I don’t shed a tear for the poor millionaires for whom the various breaks, including a summer break, Presidents Day break, spring break, Memorial Day break, and Independence Day break, as well as campaigning time is just not enough, and who can’t possibly keep an apartment on that six-figure salary (because dog forbid they be forced to pay $2000 for a one-bedroom apartment in luxury downtown!), and must settle for sleeping in their plush offices!

Moran can eat a large, steaming bag of dick. There’s not a single Congressman that is more despicable, corrupt and outrageous than this slimy git!

It will be nice not to pay his $174,000 salary any longer.

Setting The Record Straight On Immigration


Longtime readers of this blog know our views on illegal immigrants and immigration and border security. That said, there’s been some sentiment on the immigration issue lately in the Virginia righty blogosphere that I feel compelled to respond to. I wasn’t one of those offended by the (in)famous Super Bowl commercial featuring America the Beautiful sung in various languages, but Jim Bowden makes some very salient points otherwise about borders, culture, and the rise and fall of nations nonetheless.  On the other side of the ledger, many who should know better are rushing to the defense of the GOP establishment and their immigration ‘principles’ that came out of the GOP House retreat late last month.

Particularly galling at Bearing Drift today is the repeated use of the word ‘nativist’ to describe those of us who actually expect immigration laws to be enforced. In this same post, Shaun Kenney, whom I nearly always agree with otherwise, decries caricaturing of illegal immigrants using a graphic, and then does the exact same thing to those of us who demand border security and the rule of law, using a graphic of the memorable Bill “The Butcher” Cutting character, played by Daniel Day-Lewis, from the film Gangs of New York. We also apparently are demanding draconian violations of civil liberties and the rounding up of the 12 to 15 million illegals come hell or high water… News to me. He advocates for amnesty, well, because it’s mean to expect these poor, innocent illegal immigrants to show some respect for our laws and sovereignty. Oh, and the Catholic Church, represented on this issue by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, wants amnesty, so for some reason that should settle it. I think not. Come on, Shaun, you’re better than that. That is the height of hypocrisy. And please, people, quit conflating legal and illegal immigration.

Over at Virginia Virtucon, a post is up taking Dave Brat, a candidate for U.S. House in the 7th District, to task for questioning the incumbent, Majority Leader Eric Cantor, on immigration, because Brat demands immigration laws be enforced, while opposing Obamacare. The author has the nerve to suggest it’s hypocritical because Obamacare is the “law of the land”. Respectfully, this is political weaselry at best. The Affordable Care Act is only in force because John Roberts chose to place his concern for the ‘reputation of the SCOTUS’ (or something) above the plain language of the Constitution. Even left-wing SCOTUS watchers were amazed that he sided with the four liberal justices. No one has ever credibly suggested that immigration and border security laws are unconstitutional.  Such a comparison is ridiculous on its face. Add to this that Brat would seek repeal of the Affordable Care Act should he be elected, and the attacks come off as even more patently ridiculous. Factor in that Cantor himself said on the House floor less than two weeks ago that “immigration reform could be an economic boon to this country” and it’s easy to see why conservatives are suspicious of Cantor, Bob Goodlatte, and House leadership on immigration issues.

Want to win the trust of conservatives on these issues? Enforce the law and secure the border. Once that’s done, then, and ONLY then, will we be interested in discussing immigration reform. The visa and immigration system is certainly broken, by over a century of lobbying by every industry, racial interest group, religious denomination and labor group imaginable, and cries out for repair. But just like the amnesty Reagan signed in the 80s, the business lobby will team up with others to prevent any meaningful enforcement, and this time we have an administration ulterior political motives to look the other way already. No amnesty, and no reform until enforcement. Learn it, practice it, earn it.

Another one steps up to the plate

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Congressman Thomas Massie is refusing his salary while this fiasco continues.


Meanwhile, the majority of the fucktards responsible for this are taking a much-needed paid break this weekend, from all those tough negotiations. It’s hard to dig in your heels for a week!

Mark Kelly tries to intimidate Republican Senators who actually have the guts to protect our rights



“Don’t stand in the way of MY process, Senators! All dangerous EVVVILLLLL ‘assault weapons’ must be banned! Well, except for mine.”

Yup… the same winner who’s been using his wife as a prop to try and abrogate our Second Amendment rights, even as he purchases the very same weapons he wants out of our hands (on an ‘impulse buy’… Sure, Mark.), doesn’t like that Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Ted Cruz and others are actually planning to stand in the way of his totalitarian agenda.

“They should listen to their constituents and certainly shouldn’t be getting in the way of the process, which is to debate the bill and to vote on the bill,” Kelly said.

“It doesn’t make any sense and I imagine that at some point, if they actually do this, their constituents will hold them accountable for those actions,” he added.

Listen to this guy. ‘Getting in the way of the process’? You’re right… how dare these men use the powers they have at hand to defend the Constitution from your emotionally-driven selfish whiny hypocrisy. This man deals in fear, shame, and lies. He has gone from a hero as an astronaut to appealing to the basest instincts of people, trying to whip us all into a herd mentality so we stampede to see who can surrender his rights the fastest so he can assuage his aching… whatever it is. I don’t have an ounce of respect for this honorless worm any longer. I hope gun rights activist and liberty lovers make his life personally uncomfortable by ratcheting up public pressure, and exposing and mocking his hypocrisy at every turn.

As to the Senators planning to filibuster any gun control bill in the Senate… Thank you, gentlemen. We have your back.

Obama uses radio address to push anti-gun oppression…


So, Dear Leader used his weekly radio address to push abrogration of our Second Amendment-protected civil rights. He wants an ‘assault weapons’ (whatever that means) ban, a limit on magazine size, and of course, a national background check system. Yes, the same bill that the odious Jim Moran and the tools of Mayors Against Illegal Guns (talk about a misnomer!) pushed at the recent ‘gun violence forum’ here in Arlington.

“These ideas shouldn’t be controversial — they’re common sense,” Obama said. “They’re supported by a majority of the American people. And I urge the Senate and the House to give each of them a vote.”…  “Right now, we have a real chance to reduce gun violence in America, and prevent the very worst violence,” he said. “We have a unique opportunity to reaffirm our tradition of responsible gun ownership, and also do more to keep guns out of the hands of criminals or people with a severe mental illness. We’ve made progress over the last three months, but we’re not there yet. And in the weeks ahead, I hope members of Congress will join me in finishing the job — for our communities and, most importantly, for our kids.”

He keeps pointing out polls, as if a majority of uninformed citizens being in favor of such abrogation makes it right or lawful. Newsflash, Zero, these are the kinds of laws we, those who actually value our rights don’t plan to comply with. That’s why we have a Constitutional republic. It’s a check on unbridled majorities seeking to do harm to or oppress minorities. The left, and most ‘moderate’ sheep, seem not to grasp this concept (to be fair, neither do the religious ‘conservatives’ on the right) and think that 50% + 1 is a mandate to shred the Constitution. I can’t stress enough how terrifying that is. These people will not be stopped until the American people become educated on these issues, their agenda is exposed, and it’s made plain that gun owners will directly resist, unfortunately. Sack up, people. It may get ugly.

States beginning to oppose the gun-grabbers in DC directly en masse


That’s what I’m talking about. Remind them of the 10th Amendment the hard way.

And Rep. Carolyn Maloney is still an idiot:

But the debate hinges on Congress. There are now around 50 bills related to gun control pending in the House and Senate.

Among them is legislation offered by Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY), meant to crack down on gun trafficking. The bill targets “straw buyers,” who purchase firearms with the intent of delivering them to criminal interests. “Getting the guns out of the hands of the wrong people is an important goal,” Maloney said. She said gun control advocates in Congress were merely proposing minimum standards. “States can legislate what they want,” she said, but would ultimately have to follow federal gun laws.

WRONG… we have a constitutional republic with a federal government. Try again.

And of course, Dianne Feinstein never fails to demonstrate her utter ridiculosity:

On Thursday, the Senate Judiciary Committee approved Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s controversial assault weapons ban, setting the stage for consideration by the full Senate.The California Democrat said the measure would “dry up” the supply of military-style weapons readily available to the public.“These weapons are being used by grievance killers, the mentally unstable and others to kill significant numbers of people in our malls, our theaters, our workplaces and our schools,” Feinstein said.

Are you kidding me? Semi-automatic rifles are used in a SMALL percentage of gun murders! Also, stop using the murders of George Moscone and Harvey Milk as an argument against “assault weapons.” THEY WERE KILLED WITH A .38 REVOLVER! Please, shut up and retire, you old bat.

This is what they’re REALLY after


Universal background checks, which will force any private seller to dig into the background of any private purchaser and record the sale, which will give the government a nice little de facto gun owner registration database.

That’s why the bright, shiny object of the day is this crazy  “assault” weapons ban proposed by Dianne Feinstein, which has no hope at all of passing. But it detracts from what the gun grabbers are really after – the ability to track law-abiding citizens who choose to exercise their Second Amendment rights. And your “Republican leaders” seem to be all aboard, because… OH LOOK OVER HERE, THERE WAS THIS ONEROUS ASSAULT WEAPONS BAN AND WE BEAT THAT DOWN, SO THIS IS A MUCH SMALLER INFRINGEMENT ON YOUR RIGHTS! Ooops! Did we say that?

The number two House Republican said Tuesday that he supports beefed up background checks for gun sales, an indication of where potential gun control legislation could be headed on Capitol Hill.

Rep. Eric Cantor, the House majority leader, told CNN Chief Congressional Correspondent Dana Bash that a system put in place in his home state of Virginia following the 2007 massacre at Virginia Tech could be a model for a nationwide measure.

He said that model ensured mental health information was linked to databases used in background checks during gun sales.

Let me put this out there for your consideration:

I understand the concerns about the mentally ill having easy access to firearms. I understand the dangers truly unstable individuals pose.

However, this latest infringement – coupled with the current administration’s pressure on doctors and therapists to report their patients in greater numbers…

It could lead to trouble.

Let’s forget for a moment that pesky little doctor/patient privilege thing. Doctors are already required to report individuals who are a danger to themselves and to others. I signed this form recently, when I took a family member into therapy. The therapist was clear: what is said between us remains between us, but IF I feel you pose a danger to yourself and to others, I have an obligation to report you. I see nothing wrong with this. But now, with the paranoia and hysteria surrounding mental illness or even individuals seeking a bit of therapy to vent and get their heads on straight, I can see scores of perfectly stable, law-abiding people placed on a prohibited list and denied their rights.

The recent murder of American sniper and war hero Chris Kyle is shining a spotlight on veterans with Post Traumatic Stress. Let’s toss aside the morally reprehensible comments of Ron Paul and many of his equally repugnant supporters that imply that an American veteran who dedicated himself to serving his nation, and then later, dedicated his time and efforts to helping his brothers in arms overcome mental trauma and stress, somehow deserved what he got. Chris Kyle was murdered by someone who now claims he has PTSD, and the usual histrionics have begun. PTSD! MENTAL ILLNESS! WHY DID HE HAVE A GUN?

I can easily see American veterans being denied their basic rights just by virtue of needing a bit of help getting through the readjustment after war. Never mind that the link between PTS and violence is pretty puny. Most veterans who suffer from PTS never become violent.

People with PTSD avoid certain activities and environments, are hypervigilant, have intrusive memories and are often depressed. Anger, hostility and aggressiveness are less common symptoms. Headaches, troubled sleep, poor attention and muddled thinking are the hallmarks of mild traumatic brain injury. Impulsive behavior is sometimes seen, too.


Numerous studies have shown that repeated deployment is a “risk factor” for the disorder. A study published this month examined the experience of 66,000 Marines who served in Iraq. Those with two deployments had almost twice the rate of PTSD as those deployed once. People with longer time at home between deployments had half the risk of developing the disorder as those with rapid turnaround times. There’s also considerable evidence that untreated PTSD tends to get worse, not better, over time.

Not all veterans who return from war suffer from post traumatic stress and traumatic brain injuries, and hardly any become violent.

And yet… couple this Administration’s directive to doctors and therapists to report anyone and everyone who may need some help getting over a hump with the politicians’ zeal to expand background checks to include mental health information, and you have a recipe for excluding thousands and thousands of stable, loving, law-abiding individuals who happened to have served their nation in the armed forces, from exercising their rights.

Nope. Not comfortable with this.

Additionally, as I said earlier… expanding background checks to include mental health information and forcing private sellers – individuals who merely want to dispose of their property – to report their transactions can lead to only one thing: registration.

And furthermore, the creation of an even bigger bureaucracy to facilitate background checks for everyone and the obligation of private individuals to participate in it will lead to cost increases, which will invariably be passed on to the prospective customer, making the purchase of self defense tools more prohibitive for people who may really need them – poor individuals, who may live in higher-crime areas.

So while our attention is diverted to, OH LOOK! ASSAULT WEAPONS! your legislators are hard at work crafting legislation they believe will have a much better chance of passing – a de facto registration bill.

Aren’t you glad you elected this scum?

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