So France has unveiled its new taxation scheme, which will include a 75 percent tax on those earning over one million euros a year.

With Hollande facing record unemployment and economic stagnation, there were also fears the deficit target will slip as France falls short of the modest 0.8 percent economic growth rate on which it is banking for next year.

“This is a fighting budget to get the country back on the rails,” Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said, adding that the 0.8 percent growth target was “realistic and ambitious”.

Hmmmm. Let me see.

Any company or individual who earns more than a million euros will have earnings confiscated. It’s UNAVOOOOOOOOOOOOIIIIIIIIIIDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABLEEEEEE!

Ministers defended measures that included a 75 percent top tax rate as unavoidable if France is to get its finances under control and meet European Union deficit targets deemed essential to avoid the collapse of the euro single currency.

How long before the nation’s most productive individuals bid France “Adieu!” and find a country that will not enslave them in order to fix years of overspending?

Think corporations that create jobs will stick around just to see their profits appropriated?

Think individuals such as Bernard Arnault, who have the business acumen ingenuity to build companies and create jobs will stick around to be exploited by the socialists? Think they’ll take the jobs their companies create with them?

Think Liliane Bettencourt will stick around to see the fruits of her labor appropriated? And if she doesn’t, will she take her philanthropic organizations with her?

And what will happen when millions or even billions leave the French economy?

Who will be next on the socialists’ “to eat” list? Those who earn $750,000 euros per year? I mean, look how much they still have to loot?

And once they’re done with those “rich,” who’s next on the consumption chain?

If it were me earning more than a million euros in France, I’d get the fuck out of there before the socialists realize that unless they make it impossible to leave, there won’t be anyone left to loot!

Because then, they’ll really be stuck!

Eat the Rich


As if you needed any more proof that this Blubbering Tub of Adipose Tissue and Hair™ that calls itself Michael Moore is also a hypocritical commie who wants to use government force to dispose of other people’s property, but refuses to voluntarily surrender his own, I present to you video proof.

Poor Michael!  He NEEDS that $50 million he received from bashing the very same system that allowed him the freedom and opportunities to make that money!

While I do agree with him about corporate cronyism, he would do well to remember that he’s one of the “rich” he so loves to vilify, and he doesn’t seem to be doing anything to give that money away other than running his fat yap and advocating that others be relieved of their earnings.

So when they come to eat the rich, there’s more than enough of Michael Moore to go around. Both literally and figuratively.

And yes, that was a fat joke.

Repugnant communist trash infests the National Mall


In case you missed it doing things this weekend that are actually valuable and important (and don’t aim to destroy America), a few thousand communist cockroaches descended upon the National Mall this weekend to promote their evil in the capital city of the nation with a proven record of fighting the very evil they promote – communism.

They were bussed here by their union bosses afraid that if the Democrats lose this fall, their bennies will go away despite their tongues being firmly implanted up the ass of Obunghole. And despite the T-shirts and free transportation, their numbers still left much to be desired.

Of course, the lack of attendance didn’t stop these socialist fucktards from trashing the National Mall.

How much more proof do you need that they have no respect for America, American ideals and the American people?

Think these swine cleaned up after themselves?

And how much more proof do you really need that they want to turn the United States into a third world shithole by destroying the very principles that create prosperity and achievement?

I want to thank Marooned In Marin for these photos.  You should check out his site, because he has a ton more of them, and I really hope he doesn’t mind my appropriating a couple for the cause.

h/t: Superman

Teh Awesomeness of Teh One, pt. 2

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From my friend Stephen Gordon, I present the quote of the day, because Teh Won™ just can’t get awesome enough!

Castro is about to lay off 500,000 government workers in Cuba (which is,
using simple math, the same as 13.7M US jobs). Since Obama is rapidly
growing government while Castro is rapidly shrinking it, perhaps the
Cubans should impose a trade embargo against the socialist Americans.


Teh Awesomeness of Teh One

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We have entered Bizarro World, people. Everything is bass ackwards and upside down.  Skeletor Pelosi, Harry Reid and Teh Won™ are taking us down the failed road of socialism, while nations like Cuba, Russia and China have learned their lessons.  Castro’s Cuba is the latest in communist paradises to step away from the failed policies of Marx.

Cuba announced Monday it will cast off at least half a million state workers by early next year and reduce restrictions on private enterprise to help them find new jobs — the most dramatic step yet in President Raul Castro’s push to radically remake employment on the communist-run island.


Pretty soon the only safe havens for communism will be America’s universities and the hallowed halls of Congress and the White House.

Please, oh PLEASE tell me this is some kind of prank!


Please tell me that we really don’t have people this ridiculously stupid not only living in this country, but sustained by taxpayers and allowed to vote! 

Yes, people!  This is the kind of stupidity that voted the current Congress and the White House resident into office.

You have to listen to this to believe it.  Frankly, I’m listening to it, and I STILL can’t believe it.  Are we really sustaining and supporting people this stupid??

I weep for this nation!  Weep for it!

I would submit that communism BREEDS people this stupid!  Why should they bother learning, comprehending, working and achieving, when taxpayers such as you and me are simply going to have our earnings appropriated and handed over to this simpering, uneducated, ignorant, cretinous, obtuse, unreasoning leech?

I bet this dumb bint is allowed to breed too!

Keeping up with the Daveys

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In the spirit of the festering, oozing ass sores on the anus of Britain Peter and Claire Prick and Cunt Davey, I welcome you to the United Communist States of America.

h/t: Theo Spark

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