I’m back, and here’s an update


Those of you who were hoping I’ve died off or got sick of blogging, too bad! I’ve just been working hard at three jobs – you know… Millions of liberals rely on my taxes!

No, I’ve just been tired and busy, and having thyroid issues with no response from my doctor. So I’m off to find a new doctor who will actually call me back with blood test results.

I’ve written several essays for Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, and there’s a lot of cool stuff going on there.

I wrote a reply to the sniveling, drooling, perpetually outraged and ignorant Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle, who claimed an NRA lobbyist should be fired for linking the disarmament of Jews in Nazi Germany to their subsequent mass slaughter and berating Jews who demand disarmament in the US for forgetting that inconvenient fact.

Jews should be the last people to advocate for government control of their means of self-defense and resistance. They should remember the disarmed Jews who were deprived not just of the right to defend themselves, but also their very lives in Nazi Germany. They should remember the abuses they suffered at the hands of the Soviets.

And they should oppose efforts to give the government control of their means of self-defense in the United States, instead of disparaging and belittling those who remind them of what they’ve chosen to ignore and trying to get them fired for stating an inconvenient truth that doesn’t jive with their political agenda.

Brian Judy should not apologize. He should stand strong on his convictions and remind Dvorchik and those like him that those who cannot or will not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

We, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership will never forget.

I wrote a profile of young shooting champ Shyanne Roberts after having a fun conversation with her and her dad Dan for nearly an hour. I consider this sweet, unassuming, determined child the future of gun rights in America, and I’m proud to know her and her family.

I’m still running a fundraiser for the Homeless Animals Rescue Team (HART) in Northern Virginia. I’ve given them $250 so far to help them work to save homeless, abused, sick and neglected pets. I did it in Mac’s name, and the fundraiser is still up. If any of you can, please do donate and spread the word about the link, because LOVE. For those of you who have already donated, I cannot thank you enough or properly convey my gratitude without literally bursting into tears! Thank you!

Been actively engaging with gun grabbing lunatics on Twitter. And I do mean LUNATICS! If you don’t already, follow @JPFO_Liberty on Twitter. You will see unhinged crazy like you’ve never seen before. It’s hilarious. Trust me.

I can't count or read or put a coherent sentence together, but GUNZ BAD!!!

I can’t count or read or put a coherent sentence together, but GUNZ BAD!!!



I dislike the Second Amendment almost as much as I dislike the First



This is how I debate. No logic. No reasoning. Just spew.



Because telling people who are politely asking you a question about an opinion requires telling them to fuck off. Stayin’ classy!



I’m unhinged, and there’s nothing you can do about it. GUN NUT!

Yeah… I love my job.

Oh, almost forgot. JPFO is running a lot of incredibly cool auctions. Until Tuesday, August 12, you have a shot at winning a unique, gorgeous piece of JPFO history: a Mossberg “Battle of Athens” shotgun once owned by the legendary Aaron Zelman, engraved and ready for you to bid on. As a bonus, the winner of the auction will receive Aaron’s own personal copy of the now out-of-print hardbound book on the Battle of Athens, autographed by author C. Stephen Byrum and dated 9/26/1994. Pretty cool, right?

There’s also a chance to win some autographed novels by passionate gun rights supporters and friends Michael Z. Williamson and Larry Correia, who generously donated their signed books for you to bid on.  I’ve often told Mike that I would kill him off in a few years and make a fortune selling his signed novels on Ebay. He doesn’t take me seriously… I don’t know why!

In other news, the EU finally got off its ass and sanctioned some major Russian banks and individuals who provide weapons and money to the Ukrainian separatist scumbags. In the aftermath of the Malaysian Airlines destruction and the impassioned speech by the Dutch Foreign Minister to the UN Security Council, it’s impossible to imagine that they would do nothing.

The president of the European Council, Herman van Rompuy, and the head of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso, issued a joint statement describing the EU measures as a strong warning that “Illegal annexation of territory and deliberate destabilisation of a neighbouring sovereign country could not be accepted in 21st-century Europe.

“When the violence created spirals out of control and leads to the killing of almost 300 innocent civilians in their flight from the Netherlands to Malaysia, the situation requires urgent and determined response,” they said. “The European Union will fulfil its obligations to protect and ensure the security of its citizens. And the European Union will stand by its neighbours and partners.”

Following a meeting of the emergency Cobra council of ministers on Tuesday, Downing Street said the UK will push for even harsher sanctions against Russia than the ones agreed by the EU if the country does not change course.

Balls. They found them. Good.

As a result, the IMF has cut Russia’s economic growth forecast in 2014 from 1.3 percent to 0.2 percent. Putin doesn’t seem to have been swayed yet. What I’m wondering is how long will the Russians citizens tolerate Putin’s ego getting in the way of economic development before they start revolting full on. They’re certainly used to misery, but when their government promises them to focus on economic development and growth and winds up annexing part of a neighboring country and spending money to destabilize the eastern portion of said neighbor, you have to wonder just how long the nationalism will carry them.

Still love work, although I sometimes feel like a mom rather than a boss. From a conversation with one of my guys, whom I’ll call Pigpen:

Me: dude, I’m not a neat freak but seriously… wrappers, empty Starbucks cups, snot rags, socks…. can we clean up the pigpen?

Pigpen: Uh… OK… I didn’t think it was that bad, but I’ll clean it up.


Pigpen: Look! I cleaned my desk up! (Opens overhead bin) Everything put away!

Bin stuffed full of napkins, random medications, cans of food…

Pigpen: The napkins are clean


Catching up


I know I’ve been away from here for a few days. Rob and I always seem to be busy, doing something, planning something, running somewhere… and when we’re not, I’m too tired to write, and generally can be found in bed napping. A lot.

I’ve been thinking lately that I need to find another blogger for this site. Someone who knows how to throw around invective – appropriately. Someone whose grammar and spelling I don’t have to double check (because if you can’t tell the difference between “they’re,” “their,” and “there,” you don’t need to be spouting your views anygoddamnwhere until you learn how to write, sparky!) Someone who knows how to fact check, and when they’re wrong, can post an appropriate, invective-filled apology for being a dipshit. Someone who is fun, and who loves to write. Someone who holds similar views to mine.

Now, it doesn’t have to be all politics, all the time. As a matter of fact, it can be pretty much any commentary on any issue, written with panache.

So basically, I need another me. (OK, so my ego got off its chain again a bit, but you know what I mean)

Any ideas?

Meanwhile, here’s what’s been going on in the world while I’ve been busy.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has decided that he hasn’t wreaked enough havoc in Ukraine, so he’s sending Russian tanks to Ukrainian separatists along with some MLRs. Now, these are T-64s that the Russian military forces no longer use, but given the fact that the Ukrainian separatists are basically some inbred hillbillies who light their farts on fire when they’re not destabilizing their region in hopes of getting closer to the Russians, who they believe will be giving them free shit, T-64s are a pretty good deal.

Meanwhile jihadist assholes have pretty much reversed a decade of progress in Iraq, and are currently using decapitated heads as soccer balls to celebrate the World Cup. We can haz drones?

Closer to home, Michael Bloomberg and his panty-shitting Mommies Demanding Action Attention, along with the astroturfy Everytown have put out a map, claiming that 74 school massacres have occurred here in the United States since Sandy Hook. The only problem is that this latest attempt to force the government to infringe on your rights is a big, fat lie. Even PolitiFact has kicked these shitbags in their shriveled raisins! Journalist Charles Johnson deserves all the kudos in the world for exposing these lies!

The traitor Bowe Bergdahl has returned home. There were no parades and no grandiose welcome home parties for this deserting piece of shit. Meanwhile, his daddy is apparently a creepy stalker guy. I guess the beard and the sympathy for jihadist scum wasn’t the only thing daddy dearest adopted while B was playing soccer and helping the Taliban. He also adopted a weird obsession with a pair of cute twins.


The IRS has apparently, totally by accident misplaced two years’ worth of Lois Lerner emails. No, really. It was totally unintentional! They’re sorry. Ya know what? That’s not something I will ever believe, given the redundancy in the federal government when it comes to backing up your electronic communications. They’re there. Find them and throw that pernicious cunt in prison with the VA officials who have been sucking up taxpayer-funded bonuses via fraud and manslaughter by denying veterans health care!


Happy 239th birthday, United States Army! You and I have been through good and bad together, but I love ya!


Who are we?


As most of you know, I’ve been in Germany, studying hard to improve my Russian language skills, so I haven’t been as diligent about catching up with blogs as I should. But for those of you who aren’t aware, there’s been a bit of Internet/Blog drama going on the past couple of days. Now that I’m caught up and have spoken with the main person involved, I feel confident that I need to write about this.

A few days ago, a blogger and commenter on this blog Erin Pallete wrote a very profound, very honest, very courageous blog entry about who she really is. I will admit I was surprised. Until yesterday, I thought Erin was a fairly hot, very tough, very intelligent woman, based on her comments here and on her writing on her own site. No, I’ve never seen her in person, and have never met her. Our dealings have been Internet-based only, although she and one of my closest frieds, Oleg Volk, are good friends as well. But to me, Erin is still Erin. Nothing has changed, except now I know what she looks like, and she’s not anything I imagined. To me it’s not a big deal.

If you want to read about Erin and her revelation, I would encourage you to do so via the link I provided above.

Done? Good.

Now, here’s what I want to say to Erin and to the rest of the blogosphere:

  1. I support Erin. I support what she did and I support her as a person. I think what she did took a lot of courage. Having made a lot of friends and gained a lot of readers over the years, who have undoubtedly developed their own picture of what Erin is/was, no doubt made the decision to reveal herself a lot more difficult. Good for Erin!
  2. Erin is still Erin. She’s a terrific writer with an incredibly sharp mind. If your opinion of her writing changes based on the fact that she didn’t fit your perception of her, you’re a moron. Period.
  3. If you have been a longtime reader or Internet friend, and are all of a sudden feeling “betrayed,” get over it! Erin is not your wife. She’s not your girlfriend. Most of you don’t even know her in person. Ergo, feeling betrayed, because she doesn’t fit the Internet persona you created for her in your own mind, is stupid.
  4. If you insist on feeling betrayed, fine. It’s a free country. Go sulk in a corner. Stop reading her blog. If you have a blog of your own, vent your sullenness there. But if you insist on using the Interwebs to castigate Erin, to ridicule or insult her and to express your feelings of general ooginess publicly, because ZOMG! ERIN PALLETTE IS NOT WHAT YOU IMAGINED, I promise you I will trash you just as publicly. And I guarantee you I can make up invective better than you can.
  5. I will continue my blog policy of never banning bloggers or deleting comments, even if they’re rude and offensive to me and/or my friends (unless you’re a spammer, an outright racist or post threats of any kind), so you never need to worry about getting banned.

Now, I need to write a few words about my own views. You all already know my views on gays, gay marriage, etc. I treat everyone alike. I believe in equality. I love my gay friends as much as I love my straight friends, and I refuse to pass judgment on whom they love. Period.

My views on transgender, transvestite, trans (insert description here) are much the same. People are people. I will treat them with respect if they reciprocate. I don’t care if you’re a 6’5″ football player who likes to wear women’s lingerie at night. It doesn’t bother me, and it’s your own business. I don’t care if you’re a former Navy SEAL who has decided to live his life as a woman after retirement from military service. You have earned the gratitude of a nation and my eternal respect. I don’t give a flying rat’s ass with whom you sleep or how you live your life. If you are a woman, then you are a woman. Your talents, abilities, skills and knowledge don’t change because of your gender. If you say you are a woman, I will refer to you as “she.” Period. It’s a matter of respect.

That said… Bradley Manning.

To be honest, I’m just not sure how honest he is about this whole wanting to live his life as “Chelsea” thing. We always knew he was gay. So what? What’s the big deal? But he REALLY started to whip out the “Transgender Card” when he realized he was in danger of serious consequences in court. All of a sudden, “Chelsea” was an excuse to violate his oath, betray his country, and do incalculable damage to our diplomatic relations worldwide, not to mention endanger innocent people. So yeah… I’m going to kick that assmaggot as often and as hard as I can. Not because I think being transgender (if he really is) caused him to do these things, but because he’s now using it as an excuse for the inexcusable.

And a final word…

This has been an interesting experiment in Interwebs. How well do we really know our Internet friends? Can you consider them friends, if you’ve never met, had a drink or shook their hand? How much do you all really know about me? Is my photo real? (It is.) Is Rob’s? The great Claire Wolfe hit the nail on the head with the following:

…Erin’s story is also a great testimony to one of the best (and least mentioned) things about the Internet — the ability to relate to others by their heart and soul, not by their age, color, location, sex, gender, or other non-essentials. Pretty damn good testimony for “gun nuts,” too. Gun nuts. You know — those ignorant, racist, homophobic, redneck intolerant good ole boys.


You all have been reading my blog for a while now. You know who I am. You understand my views. You may or may not agree with them, but you read them. I’m grateful for each and every one of you, even those with whom I ardently disagree. But will I match my public persona? I leave that for each and every one of you to decide. Ultimately, if you ever meet me in person, you will either love me or hate me. That’s your business. Mine is to remind you that I’m me, and I will not ever conform to anyone’s ideal of me.

Deal with it.

First Few Days


Well, this is the third day of class. My brain is bleeding out of my nose. I think I’m having a stroke. And I may have a rash.

Just kidding!

The class is somewhat difficult. I won’t lie. I’m not used to having to speak Russian every minute of the day. As a matter of fact, after class yesterday, when I stopped by the local Irish pub (yes, in Germany) for a cider, I all of a sudden lost my ability to speak English, and couldn’t figure out how to conduct a coherent conversation. This inability was soon remedied by a very tall glass of Strongbow.


This is the first time I’ve logged into the site in several days. The amount of homework and the amount of beer to be had is kind of overwhelming. On a daily basis, I’m not sure which to start first – beer, or homework. Monday it was beer. Yesterday it was Strongbow. Tonight… Well… I don’t know yet. I’m thinking about it.

I woke up this morning to Piers Morgan screeching shrilly on AFN about the latest high-profile shooting. Apparently two youths – or “yoots” shot an Australian student “just for fun.” The 22-year old Christopher Lane was visiting Oklahoma on a baseball scholarship at East Central University. His murderers – one 16-year old shitbag and one 15-year old shitbag – have been charged with first-degree murder, and are being held without bond. Another 17-year old shitbag is being held as an accomplice.

Piers Morgan’s answer to a violent crime committed by feral thuglets who weren’t in legal possession of a firearm is to deprive those of us who legally possess these tools of self defense and have not committed any crime with them of our right to keep and bear arms.

Shocking, I know.

The thuglets shot Christopher Lane in the back with a .22 caliber revolver. These pernicious fucks identified Lane as a victim, got into a car, followed him and murdered him in cold blood.

Piers Morgan, of course, used Lane’s death as a platform to shrewishly screech his bloody gun control mantra.

In an interview with Australia’s former Deputy Prime Minister, Tim Fischer, Morgan used his microphone once again as a means to tout gun control and Fischer as a bat to club the free people of America over the head with his agenda.

Fischer – the primary champion of Australia’s restrictive gun control laws – appealed to America to rethink its respect for the people’s right to bear arms. He also superciliously instructed us on the meaning of the Second Amendment, arrogantly claiming that we are somehow misreading the law – and that the Second Amendment does not apply to semi-automatic and automatic weapons.

For the record:

Lane was shot with a revolver, asshat.

Whether the law applies to semi-automatic weapons has already been settled by the Supreme Court.

We don’t need some Australian petty tyrant telling us what OUR law means.

But aside from that, here are some interesting actual facts about Australia’s gun control and its effects from John Lott.

Here is the actual data from Australia.  First note that gun ownership exhibits a very interesting pattern that isn’t often acknowledged.  There was a large gun buyback in 1996 and 1997 that reduced gun ownership from 3.2 to 2.2 million guns.  But immediately after that gun ownership increased dramatically and is essentially back to where it was before the buyback.  Why is that important?  Well, if it is the number of guns that is important, you should initially see a large drop in suicides or crimes and then see it increasing.  Yet, in none of these data series do you observe that pattern.

For example, homicides didn’t fall until eight years after the laws.  It is not clear what theory they have for why the long delay would occur.  Nor can I even find an acknowledgment of that long lag in the cited literature.   A more natural explanation for the drop at the eight year point would be the substantial increases in police forces that occurred at that time.

Australian Armed Robberies Bef & Aft gun regulations

Australian Homicides Bef & Aft gun regulations

Not so simple, is it?

Additionally, let’s remember the following:

The shitbags in question possessed firearms illegally. They were not legal adults. What kind of additional laws would have stopped them? A law to prohibit the violation of the law? Stupid.

But it’s not like Piers Morgan is going to let that stop his hysterical campaign against guns in a nation that not only allowed him to live and work here, but actively protects his right to not be a victim or a subject.

Go figure.

That said, I hope the shitbags who murdered Christopher Lane spend the rest of their worthless, pathetic lives getting ass raped by large men with rhino-sized cocks… and maybe a few inanimate objects as well, until their intestines fall out of their overstretched assholes.

Oh… and to the spammers whose comments have been trapped in the spam filter (thank you, Akismet!):

I have no idea what this “To be sure with your imagined.Thank you for your own sharing.” means.

No, I cannot recommend any blogs and sites that deal with the same topic, because I don’t want them to have to deal with you assholes either.

No, I have no idea why you chose to ramble on about a line item veto.

Yes, I realize you don’t “considerably into reading,” and I’m gratified you find my site “intriguing.”

My blog platform is WordPress. I’m sure you were wondering.

No, I don’t have renal failure. I don’t plan to get it anytime soon either.

And no, I don’t have kidney disease.

Thanks for your attention.

Vacation! Finally!!


I didn’t think we were going to be able to take our annual vacation to Las Vegas this year. Between the forced little vacation otherwise known as a furlough that will result in a 20 percent loss of pay and outrageous legal bills stemming from my continued battles with the ex over his abject refusal to support his children, I figured I was stuck here in humid Northern Virginia hell this year.

Luckily, thanks to the awesome, magnificent, super-terrific Hotwire.com, Rob and I got a deal to Vegas that it would literally be criminal not to take! So, we’re going. I don’t plan on blogging from my perch by the pool at the MGM Grand, but I will if the mood really strikes me. I’ll still be able to moderate comments from my phone, so don’t hesitate, newbies!

Otherwise, you all enjoy yourselves, and don’t cause trouble while I’m away!


A Neat Place to Visit

Comments Off

I got an email from “Chuck Wilson” recently. No, that’s not his real name. No, his real name is not relevant here. No, I don’t know it.

But he asked me to look at his website, which has news and reviews of holographic sights. I told him I would. Always glad to help out a fellow gunnie.

It’s a cool site, and one you might like to visit sometime.

I don’t use holographic sights. I’ve shot firearms that had them – most recently a pretty nice, decked out MP5 – but frankly, I can’t afford one, so I will continue to rely on my eyeballs as long as I can.

That said, Chuck’s site has all sorts of info from a basic intro to the holographic sights, to reviews, to their history.

Good info, so check it out.

Note to Commenters


The first time you attempt to comment on this blog, you will be moderated. This cuts down on the amount of spam, but also allows me to gauge new folks.

I don’t generally block or delete any comments, unless they contain spam, have Privacy Act issues, or are threatening or racist in any way. You can view the rules here.

I will sum up for those of you who are in some way literacy challenged.

Blatant racism, threats against public officials or any statements similar in nature will be deleted.  Sorry, guys.  You’re free to think and believe what you want, but I have a job I love, and I’d like to keep it.  And additionally, my site is not your soapbox to advocate revolution, revenge against tyrannical public officials or vent ignorant rants against blacks, Jews, gays, veterans, hedgehogs or marmosets.  OK… maybe marmosets, because they’re creepy.  I don’t censor, but you endanger my job or my credibility with your tinfoil hat lunacy about government jack boots and black helicopters, and how you’d like to down Marine One with your homemade RPG, and I’ll delete your comments post haste.  Got it?

I’ve had to delete two such comments in less than 24 hours. So if you’re planning on posting more of the type of stuff I mention above, I would suggest you back the fuck off. I’m not going to allow this crap on my site. And it is my site. I pay for it. I write it. I own it.

I love dissent. I love a good argument. I love inappropriate language, especially if it’s creative. But you start spouting the kind of shit I’ve had to delete of late, and I promise you that you will not like the result.

I hope that’s clear.

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