Folks, let’s get over ourselves! If we as gun owners ardently defend our right to keep and bear arms as protected by the Second Amendment, we need to ardently defend others’ rights as well – rights that when exercised, may give us heartburn. Freedom is freedom, and we need to understand and respect it, whether we agree with the way it is exercised or not.


“Comcast Spotlight has decided it will not accept new advertising for firearms or weapons moving forward,” the company said in a statement.


This month, Comcast acquired NBC Universal in a $16.7 billion deal reported by Media Decoder.

NBC Universal had a longstanding policy against accepting advertisements related to guns, according to a report from an ABC affiliate in Michigan.

I don’t like this policy. It’s ridiculous and reactionary, and I passionately disagree with it.

However, that said… I also disagree with some people’s contention that Comcast’s refusal to accept new firearms advertising is somehow an infringement on gun owners’ constitutional rights.

“There’s no reason why we can’t promote what we believe in and something that’s guaranteed under the Second Amendment.”


Other gun shop owners and Second Amendment supporters are outraged. One, in the ABC report, called Comcast’s blacklisting of gun advertisements a “direct infringement on our constitutional rights.”

Let’s grow up, people!

The Constitution protects our rights from government infringement, NOT from others’ refusal to deal with us in a free market. The Constitution is a limit on government powers, not on the right of other free entities to do business or not do business with us.

Yes, we can promote what we believe in.  No one says we can’t.  Find a media company that will accept your advertising dollars. Build your own media outlet and advertise away. No one is taking your right to advertise away.  But if you try and FORCE a company to deal with you, and accept your business despite its desire not to, you are no better than the petty, pathetic tyrants who want to force private companies to provide services they may be morally opposed to under… say… ObamaCare.

Get the picture?

If we desire true freedom, we need to understand and accept the fact that not all entities will want to do business with us, and they have every right to say, “No!”

This is not an infringement on your Constitutional rights. There is no right to force someone to deal with you against their will.

You have every right to speak out, to promote your products and to exercise your right to keep and bear arms. But there is no constitutional requirement for others to provide you with a microphone, an advertising medium or a gun, for that matter. No one is required to do business with you if they are morally opposed to your business practices or your products, for that matter.

We may find Comcast’s refusal repugnant, but it is their right to decline doing business with firearms companies, and it is your right to take your business to a media outlet that wants to deal with you.

Or are you really going to claim that this gun shop owner should be forced to do business with everyone, even if he morally opposes the potential customer’s views?

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