We won’t miss you. Right out of the gate in his withdrawal announcement, he whines about the switch from a primary to a convention. Never mind that he was nominated for Lieutenant Governor twice at conventions. Never mind that he and McDonnell helped engineer the previous vote of the State Central Committee in favor of a primary specifically to give himself an advantage against Cuccinelli. Never mind that his political director, Marissa Pugmire, a Utahn Romney hack from the 2008 campaign who glommed onto Bolling after THAT ended in defeat, was openly dancing around at the SCC meeting after that vote was taken.

Then he plays the victim, talking about how the evvviilllll conservatives robbed him of “his turn” and Cuccinelli should have waited. Newsflash, Bill: EVERYONE KNOWS YOU AND MCDONNELL RECRUITED JOHN BROWNLEE  TO RUN FOR ATTORNEY GENERAL IN 2009 AGAINST KEN CUCCINELLI. You’re not fooling anyone. Ken has NO obligation to you at all. Stop whining.

Also, quit speaking as if the nomination was your personal sinecure. “…late last year Mr. Cuccinelli unexpectedly announced that he intended to challenge me for the Republican Party’s nomination for Governor.” As if you were the incumbent. This business with the establishment politicians lining backroom deals about who will run for what and/or wait their “turn” in exchange for support or whatever needs to end immediately. Ken Cuccinelli is everything you are NOT. Genuine. Popular with grassroots. Conservative. Unafraid to stand on principle.

Your weakness and pathetic petty jealousy were in plain view, when, less than 12 hours after your huffy little withdrawal statement, you did an interview with the Richmond Times-Dispatch earlier today and left the door open to a third party gubernatorial run, after demanding party unity behind YOU from conservatives:

His withdrawal notwithstanding, Bolling still believes he is the best person for the job, and appeared to leave the door open, albeit very slightly, to a possible gubernatorial bid as an independent candidate should a groundswell of support propel him back into contention.

“I think this does give me the opportunity to be more of an independent voice on a lot of the issues facing Virginia today,” Bolling said.

“I think there are Republicans who have concerns about Mr. Cuccinelli’s candidacy and Democrats who have concerns about Mr. McAuliffe’s candidacy, and there are probably a lot of independent voters who are looking and saying, ‘Is this the best that we can do?’ So we’ll just have to see how that campaign unfolds over the next few months.”

Do us all a favor, Bill. Get lost and stay there. You can start by resigning right now, since your party obviously can’t count on your loyalty with this kind of tantrum the first time things don’t go your way.