Last year, Rob got me the 25th anniversary concert of Les Miserables. I can’t tell you how many times I have popped it in and watched, and I can’t even describe the number of times I burst into tears from sheer joy, listening to this music! And yes, I subjected Teeny to it too, and she enjoyed it. Dammit!

We got back from lunch today, and the concert was on PBS. I sat there once again and watched in awe as these amazing voices and actors took me away from everything. I particularly enjoy the end, where four men who played the role of Jean Valjean, including the original Colm Wilkinson, sang “Bring Him Home” in a quartet! When Alfie Boe hits the high note, that’s when I lose it. My second favorite portion is when the original cast joins the current one in singing “One Day More.” The effect of this entire brilliant cast singing this grand, passionate, flagship song is absolutely stunning.


I can’t wait until the movie comes out next month!