Yesterday was the first time I’d heard of this “first time” political ad for Barack Obama. I was driving to work, and the jabbering blabbermouths on the radio were acting appalled at a political ad that aired recently. Apparently, some whining, vapid actress recorded this nasally, irritating diatribe about how your first time should be special, how the guy should care about you and use government force to give you free shit. I only wish I was kidding.

The SOCONS went into immediate panty-shitting mode, because the ad somehow made light of a young woman losing her virginity.

Others compared the ad to a similar one the Russians ran during their elections featuring a young woman talking to her doctor (a very hot doctor) about her first time… voting for Vladimir Putin. Personally, that would be enough to make me shun sex for a while… the mere mention of Putin and the intimation of sex… but to each his own.

I’m not particularly concerned that Democrats are ridiculing virginity, or that the ad is full of double entendre. It just doesn’t concern me that they are so lacking in fresh ideas and imagination that they had to swipe an ad from Putin’s campaign.

What does bother me is this whining twit encouraging young people to demand entitlements and free crap they haven’t earned. And she’s using her celebrity to influence young people to make demands, entitle themselves to other people’s earnings, and generally not give a crap about anyone but themselves.

This country is in trouble. Unemployment is through the roof. People are losing their livelihoods. Soldiers are dying overseas. And this dumb twat wants you to worry about where your next batch of birth control will come from?