So, it’s come to this. Whether it’s Patch articles about Ken Vaughn, posts here about Ken Vaughn, or anywhere else, the Perkins campaign is sending out email alerts to supporters to flock to the comments sections and attack and insult Vaughn and/or pimp Perkins. So be it.

Your candidate is the John McCain of Virginia’s 11th District. An honorable service record, but beyond that, not a lot to recommend him for the office for which he’s running. Let’s review:

His platform consists of meaningless platitudes combined with standard RINO pablum.

He doesn’t understand the Second Amendment (or doesn’t care.)

He’ll do nothing to end entitlements, which are not only the root of the power of the federal leviathan, but also the drivers of our national debt and its attendant annual deficits.

He indicated he’s not a fan of Ron Paul at a YR event, but apparently went out of his way to defend his former boss, noted former RINO party-switcher Jim Jeffords, there.

He owns a lobbying/government relations firm.

His campaign manager is great at issuing ridiculous statements that contravene “The Colonel’s” own platform.  After stating in an interview that he “would welcome the opportunity” to debate his primary opponents, he’s refusing to debate, claiming primary debates  are “divisive” and “counterproductive to the party.”.

All indications are that Chris Perkins personally is a great guy, but that’s not the issue here. The issue is who is the best choice for the 11th District, Virginia, and America. That’s Ken Vaughn. I’ll go further. It’s not even close. Ken has an excellent grasp of the fiscal issues facing America, and a real plan to restore fiscal sanity, as well as bring the federal government back within its Constitutional limits. Perkins does not.

Chris Perkins: You’re just another cog in the GOP machine… witness your endorsements from RINO 2011 GA candidates like Baker and Schoeneman. You also lean on your veteran status like Giuliani does 9/11. There’s a picture of you in your Class As on your campaign site! “Join The Colonel.” Quite frankly, it’s distasteful.

Tyler Harber: I am calling YOU out for talking ridiculous rumor trash about Ken Vaughn, from what I hear from some friends at GMU. Looking into that a bit more. Also, it’s particularly rich that you called Ken’s comparison of your candidate’s positions “blatant lies.” Newsflash: PEOPLE CAN READ THE CAMPAIGN WEBSITES. I’ll also go ahead and assume you’re behind Perkins’ sudden fear of debate. Know this, Tyler Harber and the rest of the Perkins campaign. It’s on. We will hound you and hold you accountable at every turn. Keep acting like you’re the inevitable nominee a la Mitt Romney. Go ahead.

Perkins supporters: NOW I am “attacking your candidate.”