Just got an email from the campaign. Ken Vaughn has far exceeded the state’s 1000 signature requirement to get on the Virginia 2012 Republican Primary ballot.  And I mean FAR. W00T!!! From the release:

Last year, Vaughn concentrated his efforts on helping state and local candidates; over the last two months, the focus has been on getting on the ballot. Now the focus will shift to a proper discussion of the issues in this election.

“I am the strongest candidate to finally defeat career politician Gerry Connolly,” said Vaughn.  “I look forward to a series of debates on the issues.”

Let’s see if the good Colonel actually decides to engage in debate.

BRAIN DROPPING ADDITION:  You know, folks… Something is interesting to me here.

I did a search on articles on Ken Vaughn during the past several months. And in nearly every single one, Chris Perkins supporters have come out in droves to insult and denigrate Mr. Vaughn.

Here are some examples:

Here – a simple article taking about each candidate’s cash on hand. Note the slew of Perkins supporters engaging in insults.

Here – a Q&A with the candidate.  Note the insults coming from the Perkins supporters in the comments section.

And of course, on this blog, as soon as I posted anything positive about Ken Vaughn, the slew of assbaggery has been staggering, even though the article didn’t insult Col. Perkins in any way and merely wrote a positive article on the former.

I haven’t seen those types of actions on the part of Vaughn supporters.

I’ve always said that a big part of Ron Paul’s problem is that very loud, obnoxious, know-it-all portion of his “fan base.”  Some of the people supporting Perkins are rapidly approaching that status, while hypocritically accusing Mr. Vaughn of personal attacks.

So…. grow up.