Not even on a tour.

Wanna hear something funny?

Rick Santorum is actually delusional enough to promote himself as a pro-freedom candidate. I kid you not!  After losing to Mittens in the Iowa caucuses by just 8 votes (if this doesn’t promote the stereotype of Iowa as a bunch of drooling, clueless, fundamentalist zealots, I don’t know what does), the Frothy One™ proclaimed in an unscripted speech that “The essential issue in this race is freedom.”


This is the guy who essentially wants to ban behavior between two consenting adults, who feels he is better qualified to tell individuals with whom they should spend their lives and use government force to execute his dictates. But he’s all about freedom.

Is there any candidate in the GOP race less invested in freedom, and the idea that individuals are better equipped than government to make decisions about their lives, than Rick Santorum? He’s for freedom, except for the freedom of same-sex couples to get married. He’s for freedom, except when state governments want to enforce sweeping bans on types of private sexual activity between consenting adults. He believes that government doesn’t do things better than we do for ourselves, except for “allocating spending” through pork-barrel earmark projects, and funding religious organizations to do social work, and spending hundreds of millions of federal dollars to promote the benefits of the same state-sponsored marriage that he’s worked so hard to deny to gays. He wants to avoid government-driven, top-down policy solutions—except when he votes to pass a brand new prescription drug benefit without paying for it. He’s a freedom fighter, sure. By which I mean he seems to spend a lot of time fighting against freedom.

I still remember watching one of the debates and hearing Santorum criticize Iran for trampling the rights of gays, and considering the obscene hypocrisy of his utterance!  Apparently, it’s OK for Santorum and his ilk to trample the rights of gays by using government force to enforce bans on private activity between consenting adults, but he can criticize other despotic regimes for violating the rights of gays?

Pot, meet Kettle. You both have something in common.

What really galls me is that this fascist fuck is enjoying any kind of traction! Are we really such complete Neanderthals in this nation that we would continue to use government force to impose our religious morals on others? Do people not see the disconnect between Santorum’s rhetoric and his views?

This is a guy who claimed that gays should just stop being gays! Simple, right?

This is a guy who claimed that “pursuit of happiness” harms America.

This is a guy who opposes individualism and feels the government has an obligation to impose morals and values on its citizens in order to promote his religious principles.

In other words, Santorum is an asshat who believes in freedom – but only for those like him.

Please keep him far away from the White House!