What in blue hell is this?

It’s what the guys over at This Ain’t Hell call a Soup Sandwich.

It’s what I call… HOLY FRACKIN’ SHI’ITE!!!!

Those of you in the military, see how many uniform violations you can spot.

Please refrain from commenting on the chick’s rack and focus on the CIB on the wrong side, and the Ranger tab on the right pocket, and…

Holy hell! Where do you start with this?

Apparently, this Tillson guy didn’t like being outed by the guys at TAH, so he sent someone the following:

I resent the fact you call me a fony soldier. Please check the latest regulation an where I purchases my clothing, by sending in a copy of my DD214′S WITH RIBBONS AUTHORIZED. I EXPECT A FULL APOLOGY THANKYOU

And I expect someone who is apparently a senior NCO (BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!) to actually be literate. I guess my expectations are kind of high.

I kind of feel sorry for his bride, though. It’s bad enough she married a phony (or a FONY, as this fuck-up put it)… it’s bad enough she married someone who looks like Grandpa Munster’s retarded half cousin… But now he’s been outed, and maybe she’s beginning to realize she needs to run.

Run fast.

Run far.