Mitt who?

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Good lord! I wonder if Mittens has multiple personality disorder! He needs a Thorazine drip or some talcum powder to make him less slippery, because there’s no way I can figure out what this guy stands for.

My ultimate guess is he stands for nothing at all. What does that mean? It means he’ll be led around by his wee-wee by anyone with political clout.

I mean, we’ve heard about the flip-floppery, but I haven’t seen a video that better compiles Mittens’ lack of spine and political opportunism better than this! Have you?

Look, at this point, I don’t care if you’re pro-choice, or pro-life. I don’t care if you liked Reagan or hated him. I don’t care if you were for TARP before you were against it.  I don’t care if you even understand the definition of “assault weapon.” Just pick a goddamn stance and have the testicular fortitude to stick to it!

Because quite frankly, I’m getting nauseous just trying to follow the merry-go-round of your political views from day to day!

h/t: Misha

Talent… right here

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The Redhead has a Twitter account. He and his friends seem to like the brief, goofy way to build their online networks.

Yes, I’m aware of the dangers.

Yes, I monitor the account.

No, you may not tell me that I’m wrong letting my 14-year-old boy have a Twitter account. He’s responsible. He’s honorable. He’s honest. He’s got common sense.

That’s not what this blog entry is about.

A few days ago, the Redhead got a new follower on Twitter. This guy.

It’s rare that I’ll actually find a gem on Al Gore’s Interwebz, but this time, the gem found my son.

The guy is a poet. No, he’s not a rapper. He’s an actual poet, and he’s TERRIFIC!

Not only is he an exceptional writer, but he performs said poetry in a very clean style, with no frills and no contrived “ghetto” speech. Just him and the rhythmic music of his words.

The first poem I listened to is called “Nerd.” It’s emotional. It’s raw. It’s touching.  It’s something that a lot of us felt as awkward kids in our schools.  Hell, I have, and I can relate.  A simple reading evokes empathy and a certain amount of guilt, because you can’t protect the kid in this poem.  Do yourselves a favor and watch the reading “Nerd.” It’s a couple of minutes out of your day, but I guarantee you will walk away feeling it was a few minutes well-spent.

His poetry is beautifully rhythmical and well written.  It’s both touching and professional. It’s emotional by its very nature, but also because of the straight, clean, beautiful reading performed by one courageous young man.

In a world where talentless pop-bots like Rebecca Black churn out irritatingly unbearable pseudo-music that makes me want to throw my computer through a wall, this young man shines with the striking elegance of his words.

Thanks, Darrell. You’ve made my night, and given me hope for your generation.

Cain’s latest bimbo eruption

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I know I haven’t blogged in a while. I’ve been busy with family, holidays and a gargantuan vat of phlegm that seems to have settled itself in my lungs. I’ve been hacking it up in gradual doses during the past couple of days. Robitussin, Mucinex and TheraFlu are my friends.

You’re welcome for the free advertising, drug companies!

Anyway, so I was reading about Herman Cain’s latest bimbo eruption. I really haven’t blogged about it much, because a) I have nothing to say without having any concrete evidence to incorporate into my rant and 2) I was kind of hoping Cain would dissipate. Never been a fan. He’s a n00b, and he really has little to offer the Presidency. But you know what? This just seems like a concentrated effort to destroy the guy!

None of these women felt compelled to come forward until Cain began to rise in the polls.

Sharon Bialek waited more than a decade to publicly reveal a story of nothing less than sexual assault! Why now? If events had gone down the way she described, Cain committed a crime.

And now this Ginger White.  A woman who:

  • Sued another employer for alleged sexual harassment;
  • Is penniless and unemployed with numerous evictions to her name;
  • Had an order of protection filed against her by a former business partner, as well as a successful libel suit;

She claims she’s had a 13 year affair with Cain. Given this woman’s prior history, I have a hard time believing her.  But more than that…

…it shouldn’t matter.  It didn’t matter to me that Bill Clinton was sticking his cigar into Monica Lewinsky. It did matter that he was doing it in the Oval while he was supposed to be doing the job of President. What adults do in their relationships – as long as they’re consensual – is none of my business. It’s between Cain and his wife.

What really pisses me off is that these women are actually making it more difficult for real victims of sexual assault and sexual harassment.

Sexual assault and sexual harassment happen. I know this, and I don’t wish it upon any woman! But these women are painting a picture of opportunistic swinery that will make it difficult for real victims.

I resent that.

Things to be thankful for

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I sometimes get lost in this thick fog of anger, doom and gloom that almost makes me want to give it all up, buy an island, dig a moat, populate it with man-eating piranha, build turrets with lots of machine guns to ensure that no one ever comes for an unauthorized visit, and curl up in my fortress with old movies and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream for the rest of my life.

But every once in a while, I do stop and think how much I really do have, how much my life continues to improve and how fortunate I am to have the life I do have.  My life could have turned out very differently.

I’m thankful for my parents, who brought me to America as an 8 year old kid – who had the guts to start a completely new life in a completely new land, with little more than $300 in their pockets and the determination to not be held back.

I’m thankful for my kids – Redhead and Teeny – who give me hope for the future.  They’re smart, they’re loving, they’re talented, generous, kind, honest and honorable. Can’t ask for much more, can I?  They have developed their own views, and they’re not afraid to ask questions and share their ideas. Most of all, I’m grateful that they have enough respect and love for me to approach me with any problem and know that I will do everything in my power to help. I’m really thankful for the relationship we have.

I’m thankful for Rob. Yeah, it sounds cheesy, and he thinks I’m crazy for thinking he’s rare, but he is.  He’s honest – in this world, you don’t encounter many people who are willing to be direct. He’s independent and a free thinker – tough to find someone who has enough courage to stand on his own convictions. He’s smart, loving and fun. I’m glad we found one another.

I’m thankful for the Army. I entered the Army, because I thought it was an honor to serve the country that has provided so much opportunity for a kid who came here in 1980 without a word of English and a beaten down attitude thanks to years of abuse by the Soviet system for being a Jew. The Army gave me training, direction, inspiration and strength. The Army also gave me opportunities I never imagined, like working on the radio as a DJ, being a newscaster and writing the Army story for America to see. The Army also gave me the opportunity to travel, to see other cultures and appreciate them and to help those who needed it.

I’m thankful for my job. It’s a career and a calling. For the first time in my life I feel completely at home in my environment. I love coming to work every morning. I look forward to a new day and what it will bring. I know I’m doing something worthwhile for the country I love.  Oh, and I get paid for it… how many people can say that?

I’m thankful one of my good friends is strong enough to kick cancer’s ass, and is doing so.

I’m thankful another one of my friends survived what should have been a fatal car crash, and is healing well enough to actually try push-ups after having had his chest crushed.

I’m thankful my mom beat cancer’s ass.

I’m thankful I don’t have cancer.

I’m thankful I live in Arlington, that we live near a park on one side and skyscrapers on the other. I love tall buildings of steel and glass.

I’m thankful that despite numerous falls, ligament tears, surgeries, etc., I’m still in decent health and shape and can kick ass when need be.

I’m thankful that the vast majority of my friends are enjoying successful careers, children, family and lives.

I’m thankful that when a friend is in trouble, I have the resources to help out if need be.

I’m thankful that I’m working two jobs, because in this economy, people are having trouble finding one.

I’m thankful that my friends who are deployed are taking care of one another and themselves. I miss them, but I know they’ll be back soon.

I’m thankful for Homemade Pizza, Crystal Lite green iced tea with peach and mango, Tiramisu, meatloaf from Boston Market and homemade apple pie that a friend of mine brought to work, made from scratch by his boyfriend, and absolutely incredible!

I’m thankful one of my co-workers has a roommate who bakes cookies.

I’m thankful I have a bay window in my kitchen that allows the cats to lounge around in the sunlight.

I’m thankful for warm Rob snuggles and long conversations in bed until early morning hours.

Happy Thanksgiving.

You don’t need to understand Russian to understand this (UPDATE)


Apparently Russian newscaster Tatiana Limanova doesn’t like the American President much.

In a no-nonsense tone, Limanova introduces the segment by saying Medvedev gave a presentation in front of APEC organizers. Then she notes that the Russian president is soon to be taking over APEC leadership responsibilities that were previously held by American President Barack Obama. It’s when she says his name that she jabs her middle finger into the air in the traditional obscene salute.

I couldn’t believe it when I first saw it. I thought there might be some digital editing magic going on. I watched it several times, and sure enough, Limanova flies the bird right after noting that Zero held the leadership post at APEC previously.

The funny thing is she does it with a straight face, and doesn’t break the broadcast persona for even a moment!  She continues to read the segment as if nothing happened, but you don’t have to understand what she’s saying to get her intent.


h/t: Misha

UPDATE: Limanova was fired.

Debate raged inside Russia over whether Limanova’s gesture was aimed at Obama or someone inside the studio, but REN TV took no chances.

“On 14 November, on the News 24 programme, anchor Limanova, on live TV, allowed the use of an inappropriate gesture (a synonym for an obscene expression),” the channel said in a statement on Thursday.

“This gesture was addressed to members of the production team, had no subtext, and was not linked to the information Limanova was reporting at the time.”

I remember the kind of crap we pulled on one another on air when I was doing radio. Similar stuff. I’ve flipped off quite a few of my co-workers who would come up to the glass of the studio and make funny faces or otherwise try to distract me during my news cast. But that was radio, and this is TV.

Just like there’s no gun that’s unloaded, there’s no camera that’s not “on air.” Limanova is a veteran newscaster. That’s something she should know.

Religious nutbaggery at its worst


Listen, I waited tables and bartended my way through college. It’s not an easy job. It requires a certain amount of stamina and physical strength, as well as the patience of a saint!

Imagine you’re a college student, living on Rahmen  noodles and tuna. You hop a bus every day (not being able to afford a car or insurance for said conveyance), and you head to work after a day of classes. It’s a job where you’re lugging around heavy trays filled with either food or dirty dishes after said food is eaten. You generally have at least 4-5 tables at a time, with at least one of them occupied by either a) screeching, dirty kids, who think throwing food across the restaurant floor is a form of amusement or b) demanding shitbags, whose sad existence dictates that they must be obnoxious and shitty to those who serve them at a restaurant (read: those whom they perceive to be lower on the food chain than they are) to boost their fragile egos.

But you have to be nice to them. Know why? Because you’re working for a little more than $2 per hour, and the rest of your “salary” depends on how nice you can be to said trash, how quickly you can get their food, how accurately you can remember their order, and how satisfied they are after stuffing their faces.

So imagine your joy at seeing a $10 sticking out from under an empty plate!  Cool! A good tip!

You’re stoked until you realize it isn’t…


Not only is it not real, but there’s no real tip in sight, so it’s not a joke, and the reverse of this oh-so-clever fake is a cheesy attempt at proselytizing – sanctimoniously advising you to come to Jesus.

This is enough to make anyone who’s ever waited tables to make ends meet want to hunt these freaks down and shove that fake $10 up their… nose…

Not only are these people ungrateful cheapskates, but they’re also unctuous dickwarts, who think their “holy message” is a suitable substitute for an actual value for value exchange – money for service.

Granted, I don’t know the whole story. I don’t know if the person in this particular story was a crappy waiter.  And yes, the writer was excited about nothing more than being able to purchase a video game. So what?

As a former waitress and bartender, unless the service was truly horrible – so bad that I would consider demanding my money back from the management – I will at least leave something for the poor kid who’s running around all night dealing with hungry, sometimes rude customers.

These people not only left him nothing, but somehow were conceited enough to believe their little practical joke would warm the heart of the waiter whom they just defrauded with a fake bill.

No, this doesn’t give me a warm fuzzy about religious types.

I don’t take kindly to someone attempting to force their religious views down my throat – especially not while I’m trying to earn a living. And I certainly wouldn’t be swayed to find me some Jesus, if a jerk on whom I’ve been waiting for the past hour, bringing food, drink refills, condiments and ensuring they have everything they need for a pleasant dining experience left me a fake tip with advice to find religion.

And if you do feel the need to witness… if you do feel that you just can’t survive if you don’t attempt to “save” the person who is taking care of you as you gluttonously stuff your fat face, at least leave them something in addition to the preachy, worthless fake. Leave them a fair exchange for their labor.




It’s a Sunday. It’s a beautiful fall day in Arlington. Rob and I just got back from a wonderful brunch and a matinee showing of Immortals. Nothing in the world could disturb my peace.

Except this

Oneal Ron Morris, 30, was arrested Friday after an investigation by Miami Gardens Police and the Florida Department of Health.

According to police, the victim saw Morris in May and was injected in her buttocks with a substance consisting of cement, “Fix a Flat,” mineral oil and super glue.

I understand the desire to improve your shape. Squats, running, dance…

But Fix a Flat??


Super glue???

Carry on!

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