Boris Johnson, the current mayor of London, is apparently absolutely intent on doing his part to raise a generation of hoplophobic cowards, dependent on the state for everything, including their very lives.  Apparently the skyrocketing crime rates and the continued persecution of those who take defense of themselves and their loved ones into their own hands is just not enough to satisfy the drooling Nanny Statist of London.

He wants to ensure that the children of England never even glimpse a gun, let alone the positive use thereof!  Showing kids that shooting is a sport. Showing them responsible use of firearms.  Showing them that guns can be used for recreation as well as self-defense, and that they aren’t the evil killing machines the politicians say they are.  All of that is bad.

Ergo, BoJo has decided to do his part to ensure that British kids are barred from watching Olympic shooting events next year if they receive a ticket to the Olympics via a government giveaway.

Want a (taxpayer funded) ticket, kiddies?  Well, then you won’t be getting into cool events – only ones approved by the politicians.

Children will be banned from watching shooting events under Boris Johnson’s Olympic ticket giveaway.

London schoolchildren are eligible for 125,000 Olympic tickets but these will not include any featuring guns, as Games organisers and City Hall fear a backlash from the anti-gun lobby.

Giving children tickets to the events, at the Royal Artillery Barracks in Woolwich, could have appeared at odds with Mayor Boris Johnson’s bid to quell teenage gun and knife crime.

To lower teenage gun and knife crime, Boris wants to ensure that kids never see safe, responsible use of firearms.  He’s obviously been listening to senseless parasites such as Danny Bryan.

Danny Bryan, founder of Communities Against Gun and Knife Crime said: “I agree with Boris. It is good kids should enjoy the Games but there’s no way we should glorify guns.”

No.  We should glorify government dependence and foster it in every aspect of life instead.  The government is the only entity qualified to protect you, feed and clothe you.  That’s why you should encourage the welfare culture – a culture that breeds vermin such as the Daveys and the Houghtons, who squirt out fuck trophies just to get more government cheese.  This same culture will also eventually rely on the state to protect them – especially when self defense is punished by law, even if you’re trying to protect your mom from attack.