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I’m typing this with one hand.  I had surgery yesterday on my right shoulder, where 5 spikes were essentially hammered into the bone.  That’s not conducive to blogging, so hang in there, guys.

Economic wisdom


Ran across this story on the Greek fiscal crisis on CNBC this morning, which contained wisdom of the year, as far as I’m concerned.

“You can’t take a country that’s over-borrowed and make it more creditworthy by lending it more money… They’re throwing Greece further and further and further in the hole by not addressing the problem directly and properly.”

Hey, Congress!  Are you listening?

Behold your nemesis!


They burn people alive, slice body parts from live victims, castrate, torture rape and kill.  And now they have hanged a little boy in public for…


The execution happened Tuesday in the embattled Helmand province, said Dawoud Ahmadi,a spokesman for the provincial governor.

“The innocent boy was not a spy, but he may have informed the police or soldiers about planted explosives,” Ahmadi told Central AsiaToday.

This is your enemy, America.  No matter how much Eric Holder dances around the issue of radical Islam – it is radical Islam that is the enemy! They don’t care whom they kill – children, innocents, women, babies, whatever…  And this is what we must eradicate from this earth.

This should be our new Great Seal

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Someone in Washington State has a terrific sense of humor… or a terrific understanding of reality.  A measure filed with the Secretary of State of Washington proposes changing the seal of the State of Washington from a depiction of George Washington to…

…a tapeworm dressed in a three-piece suit attached to the lower intestine of the taxpayer as the central figure and encircling the vignette the words, “Committed to sucking the life blood out of each and every tax payer.”

Given the current Congress and Administration, the seal would be more appropriate in Washington, DC.

Our growing bureaucracy

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I’ve never been a fan of the bureaucratic mess we’ve created within our government. I’m not unrealistic. I do understand the necessity of having some government institutions.  Hell… I’m part of the machine, and I certainly don’t want to shoot myself in the foot!  But I have to agree with Dan Mitchell – our bureaucracy is out of control. It’s bloated, inefficient, and costly. 

With our debt threatening to surpass our gross domestic product, isn’t it about time we did something about it?

Now, to be fair, Obama is not the only one responsible for the unprecedented growth of the federal government, and neither is the current batch of Congressleeches, who passed measures that will create yet another bloated bureaucracy and give said inefficient beast control of our health care system.  Bush did his share, according to a 2004 article from the Independent Institute.

Since 2001, even with record low inflation, U.S. federal spending has increased by a massive 28.8% (19.7% in real dollars)—with non-defense discretionary growth of 35.7% (25.3% in real dollars)—the highest rate of federal government growth since the presidencies of Richard Nixon and Lyndon Johnson. This increase has resulted in the largest budget deficits in U.S. history, an estimated $520 billion in fiscal year 2004 alone.

This current administration, however, is doing absolutely nothing to remedy the situation. As a matter of fact, it’s getting worse!

In 2000, the federal government spent $1.8 trillion while debt held by the public stood at $3.4 trillion. A mere decade later, the federal government is on pace to spend $3.7 trillion while publicly held debt is approaching $10 trillion.

There’s no blame game left to be played. President George W. Bush left office having presided over one of the largest expansions of federal spending in history.

President Barack Obama appears intent on pulling off the amazing feat of making Bush look like a relative tightwad.

And Congress has become so addicted to spending that the new Capitol Visitor Center — itself a $600 million fiscal boondoggle — might need to be converted into a giant methadone clinic.

 I work here, and I never cease to be amazed by the sheer number of bureaucrats who inhabit federal agencies.  There’s a joke here that every presentation must include an org chart, and do they EVER!  The organizational charts give you a pretty good idea of just how much bureaucracy exists within any government agency!

Should I ever become a benevolent dictator, I’ll contribute to the short-term unemployment problem by slashing the bureaucracy by at least half.  And I do mean, at least.  I’ll start by eliminating redundant agencies and SES employees who do nothing but surf the web and look at porn all day. I’ll also eliminate the redundant “leadership” positions, which provide no actual leadership whatsoever.  I figure I’ll release several million federal employees into the market, forcing them to find jobs where they actually produce something. The billions spent on paying these losers will not be spent by the FedGov, but returned to the taxpayers. 

Oh, and redundant agencies? Gone. Education department? Gone. EPA? Gone. IRS? Gone.  IRS? Nearly gone. It will manage government revenue, which will be drastically reduced, and ergo, there will be no need to have one Leviathan agency with thousands upon thousands of employees with way too much time and power on their hands.  We will have a strong national defense, so I will keep the DoD.  DHS will be gone.  That’s why we have the DoD, and I’m sick and tired of the redundant incompetence of the new bureaucracy.  Interior, Health and Human Services, Agriculture, Labor, Commerce, Housing and Urban Development? Gone.

There would be a whole lot more cuts, and none of them will be pleasant for the millions of bureauleeches sitting on their asses daily and sucking up taxpayer resources.

Now, THAT’S what I call a stimulus, sparky!

Ding! Dong! The witch is…


Well, she ain’t dead, but she’s gone!  Retiring.  Outa here.  Forced out of her job as a “reporter” after her foul, obscene and repugnant comments about Jews.

And it’s about damn time.

After her quip (to a Rabbi, no less!) that Jews should “get the hell out of Palestine” and go back to Germany or Poland, the White House rebuked her, and she was well on her way to irrelevance .

By yesterday morning Ms Thomas had been dropped by her speaker’s bureau, disowned by the co-author of her latest book and called an“anti-Semitic bigot” by Lanny Davis, a former close friend and Clinton administration lawyer.

She had also agreed not to give a graduation ceremony address as planned at a high school in suburban Maryland where one parent predicted she would have been booed off the stage.

You know, she may be a senile old toad, but she held a venerable seat among the White House Press Corps.  It was a seat of authority and credibility, and she soiled it.

Good riddance to bad garbage.

How about we send Helen Thomas straight to hell where she belongs?


As if you didn’t know already, Helen Thomas is a rancid, oozing, wrinkled, anti-Semitic cunt.

That’s right. The festering twat has just told Jewish people to go back to Germany and get out of “Palestine.”

I’d like to tell that filthy troll to get back under its bridge and get out of the United States of America.

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