Yet more proof that some school administrators really need a hot tar enema.

Patrick Timoney, a fourth-grader at PS 52, South Beach, was
nearly suspended yesterday after playing with LEGOs during
his lunch period because one of the action figures was
carrying a toy machine gun.


While the action figure was a standard LEGO policeman
figure, the brand of the gun could not be determined.

“She took him into her office in the middle of the
lunch period and he was crying,” said the boy’s
mother, Laura Timoney. “He was afraid.”

The principal called Ms. Timoney and said she considered
the toy suspension-worthy, and that she was going to
double-check with a security administrator from the city
Department of Education.

You just can’t fix stupid.  You can eradicate it from the face of this earth, but you can’t fix it.  This dumb bitch terrorized a child for playing a harmless game with his friends, because she happens to lose bladder control at the mere thought of a firearm.

Cowardly, sniveling morons such as this are teaching your kids!  What are they teaching them?  How to be petty tyrants?  How to fear inanimate objects?  How to avoid common sense?  How to overreact?

Courtesy of Oleg Volk

I wonder how this school administrator would react to this.