Dear Alanna – Find a Smarter Friend


Julie Borowski of Libertarian Republic reports on an entitled princess from Oberlin, OH who went on an obscenity-laced rant about not getting the job after she showed up to an interview wearing, among other things, a T-shirt and heavy make-up. Elizabeth Bentivegna obviously has an over-inflated sense of her own intelligence and worth, as she screeched, “Fuck you, OnShift. You clearly are too stupid to realize who (sic.) you just turned down.” on her Facebook page.

Anyone who shows up to an interview looking like this and then publicly berates the company for noticing that she looks unprofessional can’t possibly be as smart as she claims she is.


Cute girl, right? But cute =\= professional. Cute =\= someone I would hire. Cute to go to a club =\= appropriate for work.

I can’t say more than what Julie already said in her article.

How you present yourself matters. It says a lot about you. That might require investing in an outfit a step above Charlotte Russe and Forever 21 to get the job you want. This isn’t patriarchal oppression. If a dude showed up wearing something “mildly sexual” for a job interview, he’d probably be escorted from the building. It just isn’t the time or place for all that.

And since this girl thinks that showing up for an interview looking “mildly sexual” is somehow appropriate, I have to wonder about her common sense.

Her friend Alanna posted the entire rant on her Twitter feed. I can’t tell from her comment what her actual reaction was to her friend’s little hissy fit, and whether or not she thought it was appropriate. Maybe she just posted it as a point of information.

Well, Alanna – it’s not just about the make up. As a hiring authority, let me tell you several things. Take them to heart.

If you show up to an interview wearing a “little booby” black T-shirt, I will wonder about your sense of propriety and your common sense. You want to present your best to your prospective employer. That means dressing professionally, regardless of what you think the standard office couture is.

Do not, show up to the interview wearing heavy make-up. It’s a distraction. I want to know about your knowledge, skills, and abilities. If you look like a circus clown in my office, there’s little else to which I’ll be paying attention.

Do not show up in my office with an entitlement attitude! No, I’m not obligated to give you a job. No, I don’t exist to pay you a salary. No, it is not my job to see your greatness. It’s your job to prove it to me! Don’t like that? Too bad.

And yes, had you been a man, it would have mattered what you were wearing. It’s not about your plumbing. It’s about your ability to determine proper attire to make the best impression in an interview. A few months ago, we had a guy show up for an interview wearing wrinkled slacks, a pink polo, a grey jacket and some loafers. Guess what! He didn’t get the job. The first words out of my mouth after he departed when my director and I sat down to discuss his qualifications were, “He couldn’t be bothered with a button down shirt and tie for an interview? No. Just no.”

What people wear to the office doesn’t matter. You. Don’t. Have. The. Job. Yet. So make the best impression you can, including being on time and not looking like you’re going to a dance party.

No one is saying you need to buy an expensive suit. But do invest a few bucks in something conservative and make that your interview outfit. No one gives a crap how original you think your outfit is.

After the interview, take the time to send a note to your interviewer thanking him or her for taking the time to sit down with you, and also do a short review of your qualifications and why you want to work there.

Appearances matter. Your attitude matters. Your ability to convey your intelligence, thoughtfulness, class, and expertise all matter. Class matters.

If I spend more time wondering what size paint brush you used to pile on your clown make-up than I do listening to your answers to my questions, you’re doing it wrong.

If your tits are falling out of your t-shirt (T-SHIRT… who the hell wears a T-SHIRT to a goddamn job interview?? Have you lost your fucking mind???), it says a lot about your taste, your sense of propriety, and your common sense.

Oh, and I realize you and your millennial pals just love to put your entire lives out there on social media, but really… I would advise against it. It’s not just the company that rejected you that will be reading that once it hits the Internet as it did a few days ago. Every company looking for a hire in your field that sees this will think twice, if they have any common sense at all. This is your social media footprint, princess. Congrats. You’ve shown yourself to be a petty, vindictive, immature little shrew.

Social media is not private. Your rants – even if you’re just venting your frustration on what you think is a private account – will be out there for the world to see. In this case, your friend Tweeted out your stupid to the world, and a number of news outlets picked up the story.

And yes, everything you do and how you look is used to judge you. It’s not about your vagina. We judge males by the same standards. It’s about the fact that you are in a competitive market vying for work against a lot of incredibly bright, competent people. You are not special, snowflake, and that’s why you need to wow me with your competence, not your lack of ability to dress appropriately.

Given your poor judgment, any company would be crazy to touch you with a 10-foot pole. I certainly wouldn’t hire you based on what I’ve read.

The Internet is forever.

Gina Elise gets her say


If you remember a few days ago SpouseBuzz editor Amy Bushatz posted a smear on’s site about Gina Elise and the Pin-Ups for Vets organization. I took her to task not just because she saw it fit to whine that dog forbid military men be exposed to *GASP!* sexy women other than their wives, but also besmirch this worthwhile, tasteful organization as nothing but “some busty veteran supporting pin-up girls” who are apparently committing the horrid crime of using flirtation, titillation, and sex appeal to cheer up men!


Today, Gina Elise was invited to post a rebuttal on SpouseBuzz. Tasteful as usual, Gina described the work Pin-Ups for Vets does, the pride these strong, beautiful women feel at being able to help our wounded warriors. She didn’t castigate Bushatz, although, as far as I’m concerned, she had every reason to do so. She simply showed herself to be a class act.

We are very aware that our military spouses sacrifice much while their loved ones are deployed. Pin-Ups For Vets has pampered a number of military wives with glamorous makeovers, clothing, photo shoots, gift certificates, and dinner to help show our appreciation to these special ladies. Our local news stations have captured these touching events where our military spouses often weep because they have given so much to others, but often neglect themselves.

Many of our Pin-Ups For Vets Ambassadors openly say that their service with us has greatly improved and enriched their own lives. Our Veteran volunteers love serving their fellow Veterans. The VA hospital patients just open up to them, once they realize that the pin-ups have also served our country. Our ladies’ hearts are in the right places. Whether they are single or married, they are committed to joining us as beautiful Pin-Ups For Vets Ambassadors because they know that they can make a difference in the Veteran and Military communities.

I appreciate the fact that Gina was allowed to present her side of the story. She deserves a chance to show the organization as more than just a band of busty females wiggling in the faces of married men!

But at the same time, I still think Bushatz owes Gina and the PUFV Ambassadors an apology – a public one. She’s certainly entitled to her opinion, as she says.

Editor’s note: Some SpouseBuzz readers felt my original Pin-Up for Vets post was unfair. That post was an opinion piece and I stand by it. But at SpouseBuzz we also realize that there are two sides to every coin, which is why we are always open to running a post highlighting the other side of any given story.

Oh, she stands by it? Sorry, but painting an organization that objectively has done a lot of good, has entertained and supported our troops, and has been honored for its work with veterans as a bunch of borderline whores is not an “opinion.” It’s libelous, disgusting, and petty. While it’s perfectly acceptable to spew forth the opinion that there must be better ways to help the troops (without offering any worthwhile, unique, or imaginative suggestions), it is not acceptable to belittle those who have stepped up and done so much good as little more than vapid hookers. 

Bushatz owes Gina an apology. That’s my opinion, and I stand by it. 

Everything is racism!


Did you guys see the Lego Movie last year? We went with a bunch of friends, and wound up with the “Everything is Awesome” earworm for literally days afterward.

Well, there’s a new earworm. I like to call it “Everything is Racism,” and frankly, I’ve just about had it with the sniveling, hysterical, screeching social justice warriors tossing around the racism epithet like a shield for their stupid!

Criticize the current administration’s IRS? Racist.

Criticize the president? Racist.

Run a sci-fi campaign to include a more diverse slate in the Hugo awards that stands up to the (mostly white) leftards who have dominated the awards for years? Racist.

Marry someone of a different race? Racist, and you’re using your spouse and child as a “shield.”

Justice system doesn’t work the way you want it to? Racism.

Correct grammar and spelling from college and graduate students who should possess basic written and oral communications skills? Racist microaggression!

And now, in a new bout of stupid, blogging about the treachery and evil of Edward Snowden is also racism.

If you’re looking at your screen like a monkey fucking a football, I don’t blame you. Some basement dwelling social justice warrior decided to weigh in on the debate, and in the process threatened me (yeah, my generation would totally destroy you and your blog, if you were more mainstream), called me a fake Christian (I’m not a Christian at all. I’m an atheist.) Claimed my information about Snowden is “incorrect,” because apparently having graduated from SUNY New Paltz and studied “political science and international relations” trumps the knowledge and experience of someone who has been actually working in national security and the military and has a Bachelors degree from Johns Hopkins and a Masters in national security from AMU. Mmmkay?

Oh, and apparently I’m a racist. Because Snowden… or conspiracy… or I disagree with something the Chafed Vagina Club has barfed out into the cybersphere lately… or something.

It must be easy to continue distributing this hate and (just straightup incorrect) “information” when you have a bunch of senseless birds cooing to your nonsense. You’re lucky you aren’t as mainstream as you want to be, because if my generation got wind of the garbage you proliferate to make an extremely dull point, you wouldn’t have a blog anymore. They would shame you for bending over to a ideology and a party that uses your racist, simpleton worldviews to keep themselves in power. You ammunition hungry fake Christians are the joke of the Millennial generation. And thats what matters. We are the future. You and people like you are evolutionary primates. Your small minds will be phased out. The future is here, and I don’t give a fuck if you don’t like it. #EdwardSnowdenALLDAY #TrueHero #FuckOff

Racists are some of the most repugnant people in the ‘verse! I know. I’ve lived it as a Jew in the former USSR. (But of course, regardless of their history, the discrimination, and the FUCKING HOLOCAUST, Jews are apparently now considered part of the privileged class, ostensibly because they were able to overcome their desperate, violent history, and therefore they’re no longer victims.)

So when you happen to show the members of the Irritated Labia Society that they’re wrong, or challenge their worldview in any way, they hurl the first and only piece of excrement they have at you like angry monkeys – RAAAAAACIIIIIIISM!

Because the more repulsive you make your opponent out to be, and the more you hurl such disgusting public accusations – true or not – the more you dehumanize and degrade your opponent. And once you dehumanize him or her, it becomes easy to threaten, to doxx, to denigrate, and even destroy.

In “Less Than Human: the Psychology of Cruelty” David Livingstone Smith – co-founder and director of the Institute for Cognitive Science and Evolutionary Psychology at the University of New England – explores this phenomenon.

During the Holocaust, Nazis referred to Jews as rats. Hutus involved in the Rwanda genocide called Tutsis cockroaches. Slave owners throughout history considered slaves subhuman animals. In Less Than Human, David Livingstone Smith argues that it’s important to define and describe dehumanization, because it’s what opens the door for cruelty and genocide.

The repulsive racist is the new rat/cockroach/subhuman animal. Not that I disagree with the description. Given my own experiences with racism, I’d call them much worse.

The problem is that when you call any opponent – even if it’s just someone with whose political views you disagree – a racist, what you’re doing is dehumanizing them in the eyes of the world merely for opposing or challenging your views. It’s a dull arrow in the quiver of a dull mind, but in today’s environment it’s been disgustingly effective. Because racism is something against which we can all unite.

By painting their opponent as someone everyone should hate, these whining, lying, ennui-ridden mediocrities have galvanized hordes of their comrades to stand with them against the object of their ire. Again, who doesn’t hate a racist?

Because they can’t carry their own water. Because they can’t make an effective argument. Because they can’t be strong, competent, forceful, or impressive.

And when faced with that unpleasant reality, their only weapons are ad hominem attacks and downright lies. Once you’ve called someone a racist and made them out to be less than human, it really doesn’t matter what they say. That brush holds some seriously permanent paint.

Yes, it’s sad, but in today’s world where most have the intellectual death of a teaspoon, this is the ultimate weapon.

Titillation – it’s not a dirty word


Gina Elise has been entertaining and thrilling America’s hospitalized veterans since 2007. Her 40s-style pin-up calendar has raised and donated thousands of dollars for veterans’ hospitals, and has delivered calendars featuring photos of beautiful, scintillating, vintage-styled women to bring a little cheer to our wounded warriors, as well as sent them downrange for a morale boost. The photos are sexy, but not trashy. There is no nudity of any kind. And Gina Elise has been lauded for her volunteer work for the troops, visiting, entertaining, delivering calendars, and thanking them for their service. What’s not to love, right? PinUpsForVetsCover2014

Enter Amy Bushatz. Now, I don’t want to call her a dependapotamus, because it’s obvious, she at least has a brain in her head and is doing well in her own right, without glomming on to her military spouse. She’s the editor in chief of’s spouse and family blog and covers spouse and family news for She’s a journalist who has been featured as a subject matter expert (ostensibly on military family issues) on various media outlets. So one would think this person would have a healthy enough ego that she wouldn’t need to whine about military spouses looking at a sexy calendar. But no… Apparently, Gina Elise is “parading” herself in front of other women’s husbands, and Amy’s labia is chafed because of it.

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m pretty sure there are better, more effective ways to support veterans than by parading yourself around in front of someone else’s husband while wearing sexy retro outfits and burlesque costumes, shooting provocative pin-up calendars and holding a burlesque show fundraiser.

Judging from some of the comments, it’s not just you. There are a whole lot of other insecure, whining sows out there, who are threatened by sexy women dazzling the troops for even a few moments! And there probably are better, more effective ways to support veterans, but you apparently aren’t taking any steps to discover and implement them. Instead you’re impugning an interesting, unique, and beautiful way to not only raise money, but morale!

Or maybe I’m crazy. Maybe I’m “just” another jealous military spouse who would prefer her husband’s eyes be on her, not on some busty veteran supporting pin-up girl, regardless of her good intentions or “good cause.”

If your husband is looking at the pin-up girl, instead of at you, then there is probably a problem, and it’s not caused by a photo of a pretty girl in vintage wear. The two are not mutually exclusive.

Donating money? Good. Visiting vets in hospitals? Very good. Using sex as support, especially when there are other options? In my opinion, very not good.

Wow, sniveling prude much? Sexy doesn’t always equal sex. Titillation doesn’t mean smut. Flirtation doesn’t mean adultery. The female body is beautiful. And Gina Elise’s work is certainly no more erotic than a Titian, and I’m fairly sure you wouldn’t have a problem with your husband looking at one in the museum, would you? Venus here certainly has less clothing on than Gina Elise in any given photo, and yet you’ve got sand in your vagoo about the calendar?


Oh, but that’s not a photo, and it’s just different! Yeah, it’s different. Gina Elise and the girls in the Pinups for Vets calendar are strong, beautiful, secure, real women! Are you threatened by their power, their commitment to our troops, and their allure?

I get that some of this is supposed to be a throw-back to World War II era pin-up paintings on bombers and risque support “for our boys.” I probably wouldn’t have liked it then, either.


Guess your kids are going to miss out on some great works of art, Amy. No Guillaume Seignac. No Titian. No Lorenzo Lotto. No Tintoretto or Reubens. What a sad, sheltered, uncultured life you must lead!

So maybe I’m a prude. Maybe using sex to boost morale (because really, that’s what is going on here in a way) is A-OK and I need to get my act together.

Yeah, you do. You’re vilifying beautiful women whose only goal is to bring a little joy to our troops. You’re maligning them as some kind of sluts. Instead of expressing a modicum of respect and gratitude for people helping our service members, you treat them like whoring homewreckers. Maybe you should be looking in the mirror and asking what is wrong with your own relationship that you feel threatened by these women.

These women are elegance. These women are nostalgia. These women are joy and light and entertainment for thousands of troops. These women are sheer beauty. And you are a bitter, insecure hag who feels threatened by art and strives to tear it down to mere tits and ass. I say this as a woman and a veteran: grow up, Amy. You’re pathetic! And Gina, I support you and your mission and admire your grace, style, and imagination! Keep it up.

Amen, Sista!


I haven’t been involved in the Sad Puppy “controversy” manufactured – maybe too strong a word – but certainly promoted by the shrill, shrieking shrew K. Tempest Bradford of “The Social Justice Warrior Racist Reading Challenge”. If you haven’t 40558488@N00_rread this bit of pompous spew, do yourself a favor, and don’t – unless, of course, you like having your blood pressure rise so quickly and so high, that your brain explodes out of your eyeballs. The bottom line of this porcine twunt is: stop reading literature written by straight, white males. You’ll be better off. (translation: Talent and writing ability don’t matter. Choose your reading list based on the plumbing, color, sexual orientation, and gender identity of the author, because RACISM… or something.)

Given how many of my friends are authors, I figure this manufactured “controversy” deserves at least a mention here.

The Sad Puppy campaign, according to one of its creators author Larry Correia, “was a campaign to get talented, worthy, deserving authors who would normally never have a chance nominated for the supposedly prestigious Hugo awards.”

I started this campaign a few years ago because I believed that the awards were politically biased, and dominated by a few insider cliques. Authors who didn’t belong to these groups or failed to appease them politically were shunned. When I said this in public, I was called a liar, and told that the Hugos represented all of fandom and that the awards were strictly about quality. I said that if authors with “unapproved” politics were to get nominations, the quality of the work would be irrelevant, and the insider cliques would do everything in their power to sabotage that person. Again, I was called a liar, so I set out to prove my point.

Notice the campaign wasn’t meant to get straight, white males nominations for the awards. It was to get TALENTED, WORTHY, DESERVING AUTHORS recognition. The background to all this is in the link I provided above, so if you want to read it, that’s a great place to start – from the keyboard of the talented, worthy, deserving author who started the campaign.

And guess what! It was a resounding success! Authors supported by the Sad Puppies got a ton of nominations in an arena that for a long time has been dominated by exclusionary social justice warrior types, who are now spitting, crying, and wringing their collective hankies that talented authors that weren’t approved by their clique have gotten nods. Because dog forbid the nominations include anyone other than their approved pet victims!

Tempest over there went on an obscenity-laced Facebook tirade about it. Not that I mind obscenity. Please. I revel in it… if it’s creative and appropriate. Unfortunately it was neither in her case – surprising, considering that she’s supposedly a writer or something. Witness the lack of originality, and revel in the teeth gnashing!

Here’s a thing: I need people to stop responding to this Sad Puppies/Hugo thing with “well, if you want to change things, you should have voted.”

First: Fuck you.

Second: Has your ass been paying attention to the conversations in this community for the past 5, 10, 20, 30 years on this topic? because, if you haven’t, I invite you to shut your damn mouth.

You see, if you had been paying attention you’d know that lots of people do and did nominate. And in the past few years more and more people who care about diversity in SFF have been making an effort to join the WorldCon voting ranks.

THIS IS WHY SAD PUPPIES EXISTS. Not because some people just happened to decide, but because the mostly white mostly male contingent of whiny assholes saw that there was a shift happening toward a more diverse Hugo slate and away from their ilk and decided to work against it. And bring in people fro outside of the community to help them.

If you don’t fucking know this then you should keep your opinions in your head.

Third: If you can’t or don’t attend WorldCon, the only way to vote is to become a supporting member. That costs $50. Does everyone have $50 to spend on this? No, no they don’t. As I said, in the past few years there has been an upsurge in people willing to do so because they feel it’s important. But again, the mostly white mostly men who are involved in Sad Puppies and the mostly white, mostly men brought in from gamer gate have money to spare (this is often a result of said whiteness and maleness). For them $50 is no big deal. For others it is not.

So fucking cut it out acting like “Oh, you can just vote”. It’s not that simple.

This is a class issue, a race issue, a gender issue. In other words, it’s intersectional. And I know some of you have a hard time with that concept. I don’t care. You’ve had plenty of time to figure it out. I’m real tired of your inability to understand these things,

Speaking of “whiny assholes…”

I won’t bother fisking this cunt nugget’s dull-witted rant, but Sarah Hoyt did a fantastic job doing just that, so I would urge you to read it. And she does it without all the creative invective I would have used.

Here’s the thing, boys and girls. Tempest and other teeth gnashers lie. They refuse to acknowledge that the Sad Puppy slate this year included women and minorities, as well as white males. They refuse to acknowledge that the Hugos and any other awards aren’t a bloody affirmative action program, and they shouldn’t be. And when whiny social justice warriors drool about the unfairness of using objective criteria rather than just handing an award to a black-pansexual-illegal-alien-transgendered-paraplegic because they happen to be a black-pansexual-illegal-alien-transgendered-paraplegic and not because they’re a talented writer, you have to wonder about their ability to reason and comprehend.

Stuff it, SJWs. You lost. Deal with it.

Still think this POS is a “whistleblower?”


The only whistle he blew is on classified programs that exist to target terrorists, drug trafficking organizations, and transnational organized crime groups. He handed over critical pieces of information to the world, including our adversaries. He didn’t bother reading what he released. He just stole a bunch of files and handed them over to the media.

Anyone who thinks this douche pickle is a hero needs to have his or her head examined.

In a television interview the fugitive squirmed as he admitted only ‘evaluating’ the files stolen from GCHQ and the US National Security Agency.

The former US spy also acknowledged there had been a ‘f***-up’ when newspapers that were handed the classified material failed to redact sensitive details exposing operations against Al Qaeda.

But in an outburst of arrogance, Snowden said such potentially catastrophic blunders were a ‘fundamental’ price of liberty.

The only fuck up is that this traitorous piece of garbage is still walking free.

Fundamental price of liberty? So endangering lives, handing critical national security secrets to aggressive enemy states, and cutting off access to critical access is the fundamental price of liberty? Death of innocent people is the fundamental price of liberty?

Fuck you, Snowden! Just fucking die already, you piece of shit!

Shaneen Allen finally pardoned (also, the poop trifecta is complete)


For those of you who were hoping for a poop trifecta, I was going to burst your bubble this morning, because I didn’t see anything poop-related to complete the cycle. I did read a story this morning about a woman in India who had apparently been urinating into her in-laws’ tea for a year and was finally discovered squatting over the tea pot by her mother-in-law. Apparently Creepella didn’t like the way she was treated by her husband, who was a whining, spineless snot who massaged her feet, did chores around the house, and cooked for her until his mommy came along and put the kebosh on that arrangement. And that’s when she decided to add something special to the in-laws’ tea.

Gross, but not the same as pooping in Wal Mart.

Well, my friend Casey obliged today by sending me this.

The story comes to us from Florida (where else?) after 27-year-old Michael Anthony Johnson was arrested and charged after he allegedly broke into an ex-girlfriend’s home and pooped on her stuff.

But that’s not what I really want to talk about today.

I want to mention some good news. I already blogged about this at the Zelman Partisans, so I don’t want to rehash the entire thing. Go over there and read it, will ya? But the short of it is that after a year and a half of what I can only imagine was a shit show of a stressful time, worrying about prison, about a criminal record, about a job, etc., the opportunistic swine of a governor that currently infests New Jersey finally pardoned Shaneen Allen – the young, single mother of two, who mistakenly drove into New Jersey with her legally concealed (in Pennsylvania) firearm.

I have no doubt that the only reason Christie signed the pardon is because he has higher political aspirations. For that, he can go eat a large bag of dicks. But it’s good news for Shaneen Allen, and I’m happy for her and her family.

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