Civility Works Both Ways

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My latest from JPFO explores so-called “civility.”

Have you ever noticed how gun grabbers belittle, vilify and berate those of us who vocally support and defend the Second Amendment as “paranoid,” “irrational” and “extremist,” while hypocritically demanding “civility” when we begin to push back?

We are supposed to bow to their recently-invented, unreasonable “right to feel safe,” (which must be in the Constitution right between the right to a pony and the right to your very own leprechaun with a pot of gold) as justification for relieving us of our fundamental right to defend ourselves against violence. We are supposed to show respect for their hoplophobia, even if it harms us and destroys our freedoms in the long run. We’re supposed to be polite and civil, even as they berate us for merely wishing to freely exercise our rights. We’re supposed to subordinate very real basic freedoms to their irrational whims.

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I got sand in my vagina, and it’s all Twitter’s fault!


A self-proclaimed feminist and atheist from Washington claims she got Teh PTSD™ from Twitter, and not only that but it’s as bad as the post traumatic stress service members suffer in combat!

Yeah, I thought this was from The Onion too, but apparently it’s real.

Melody Hensley was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder 16 months ago following online abuse, which she says is the result of her being an outspoken feminist and atheist.

She caused upset to many military veterans and their families and friends when she claimed her PTSD from Twitter trolls was as bad as mental anguish suffered by those who do active duty.

Let’s, for a moment, assume that this woman really does have a disorder, and that it is so severe, that she cannot leave her bed or her house, as she claims. Let’s assume that her symptoms are comparable to those of vets who saw their battle buddies – people with whom they were as close as family – blown up, who held their friends’ mangled bodies as they died, who picked up pieces of their friends from the bloody streets, or even of those who spent a year under the threat of enemy fire every day.

(I should get a Medal of Honor just for being able to actually force myself to write that sentence!)

What kind of pusillanimous, spineless zero would allow Internet trolls to affect her in this manner?

What kind of FEMINIST would allow a bunch of idiots to victimize her to the point of incapacitation?

FEMINIST? My aching asshole!

So, I responded to Hensley’s claims on Twitter with my usual… eh… tact.  Hey, you all should be proud of me. I didn’t curse!

And wouldn’t you know it, I got a reply! Not from Hensley, but from a horde of shrieking harpies, who jumped to her defense like tics looking for fresh blood!

It started with someone claiming I’m an embarrassment to feminism, because I don’t subscribe to the “Hensley is a survivor” theory.

Yes, you read this correctly. This person actually believes that someone who got sand in her vagina because of a bunch of Internet trolls is a “survivor,” which implies an internal strength – intestinal fortitude – to fight and win against a challenge or threat.

As ridiculous as this sounds, these… uh… women apparently believe that curling up in a ball, sucking your thumb and claiming victimhood is somehow comparable to actually fighting a battle and winning it. (Added: Someone informed me that this Oolon thing is a male. Wow, I wonder if its testicles actually ever dropped!)

Another one joined the fray with the following (click on the twitter pic, if it doesn’t show up):

And she got the most appropriate reply possible, given her implication, and responded in the only way you expect ignorant cowards with no actual mental capacity to discuss anything of substance to respond.

Other Tweets followed from various feministas about how I’m a horrible person, about how I have no right “to dismiss someone’s claims of having PTSD” (I do have that right under the First Amendment, unless of course, Twitter decides I’ve used their service inappropriately and makes a decision to shut me down), and, of course, the ubiquitous claim of “harassment,” which is not covered by the First Amendment.  Never mind that one Tweet from one individual refuting the whole “I’m a feminist, I’m a victim, and I will persevere against mean people” PTSD claim does not qualify under the legal definition of harassment; these shrews persisted.

Of course, the problem with that claim is that one individual tweeting one critical thought does not harassment constitute. Not even under the most liberal of definitions. But you know what does constitute harassment per the shrew’s claim? The group of them attacking me. When I pointed that inconvenient fact out to the hag horde they quickly stopped tweeting at me for some unknown reason. Funny how that works, eh? But if you think it ended there, you’re sadly mistaken. Tweets ranged from “Fuck you, I have PTSD from a car crash” to this little gem here:

And you know what they all had in common?

The claim that somehow their “victimhood” gave them moral authority over their adversary.

These people claim their weakness is their strength. They couldn’t possibly fight their adversaries without the pedestal that is their oozing sore. They couldn’t possibly defeat challenges without using the ladder of victimhood. Their claim to martyrdom is, in their eyes, what gives credibility to their claims and bolsters their arguments.

It’s pathetic.

If they fail to achieve something, it’s because they were victimized.

If they did achieve something, they aggrandize the accomplishment by their “survivor” status.

They need validation at every turn about how strong and capable they are, and if you don’t give it to them, “Fuck you! I’m a survivor.”

And this is what is considered feminism nowadays?

This simplistic, sad excuse doesn’t even come close!

Feminism is a state of mind. It’s the recognition that you may be at a disadvantage, but you will figure out a way to defeat your adversary anyway. It’s not clubbing your opponent over the head with your festering wounds and claiming a moral victory, but rather the ability to win despite those wounds, so your enemy never knows you had them in the first place.

Feminism does not involve curling up in a ball and sucking your thumb in defeat, and then using that defeat to claim victim status. It’s not reveling in being a victim and not advertising your weakness to the world, but overcoming that suffering and persevering anyway.

These women aren’t feminists.

They are deplorable, miserable victims, who think so little of themselves and their abilities, that their weakness becomes the single most important weapon in their arsenal – a weapon they use to shame others into submission.

You’re hurtful…

You’re harassing…

You’re an awful person…

You’re privileged (always my favorite one)…

You’re blaming the victim…

You’re appropriative (that’s one I haven’t seen before, but I’m sure it has everything to do with my so-called “privilege”)…

All this translates to is “You’re mean to me. I’m weaker than you are, and you should therefore genuflect in front of my defects.”

There’s no strength. There’s no struggle, except what is in these aching twits’ minds. There’s no effort. There’s no fight, no matter how much Hensley and her sniveling legions like to pretend there is.

Once you have admitted the ache in your vagina and relegated yourself to a bed for more than a year, you have lost. Opening your laptop to expose to the Twitter world your miserable, leaking sores does not qualify as “fighting,” no matter how loudly you whine to the contrary. It qualifies as nothing more than weak mewling, and that ain’t feminism either.

Get this straight – your failure is your own. It’s not mine, because I refuse to bow to your mediocrity. It’s not the world’s because their refusal to agree with you has caused you butthurt. It’s yours.

And to compare your inability to cope with the world to real trauma experienced by those who lose limbs, lose friends and lose lives is insulting and weak.

You want to be a whining martyr? Choose another category. I’ve taken feminism back.


Too bad he didn’t shoot himself in the nuts and take the stupid out of the gene pool


Deputy approaches dog playing with kids. Tries to shoot dog, because he’s a shithispants coward, shoots himself in the leg instead, because he’s an incompetent clod (thankfully), and tries to claim this was a vicious, terrible, huge dog attacking him.

Not so much, if you watch the video.

Yeah, real super aggressive. Video doesn’t lie, but apparently Riverside does just a bit.

“A dog came at the deputy in an aggressive manner,” Munoz said. “The deputy, (attempting to defend himself) pulled his service weapon, shot one round, and injured himself in the leg.

Yeah, just a bit.

A Riverside County sheriff’s deputy was hospitalized Wednesday after accidentally shooting himself in the leg when a large dog approached him at a Riverside home.

Sure it did. I can certainly tell how horribly aggressive that wagging little tail and the goofy, lolling tongue is. Goodness, these little kids must be terrified!


Dude, do yourself a favor and shoot yourself in the groin next time, so your kind of cowardly stupid doesn’t breed.

This is why we’re raising a bunch of victims


I often have written about school zero tolerance sense policies and obscenely biased, wimpy, cowardly and downright idiotic policies that are churning out panty-soiling ignorami into our society. These are victims who are unable to stand up for themselves, who are too weak and ineffective to defend themselves, too lazy to take personal responsibility for their own safety, and dependent upon others – anyone but themselves – to keep them safe.

Want to see how schools spawn such gutless, torpid, pathetic excuses for actual human beings? They start with this.


This is the advice a school in Nebraska gives to children faced with bullying.

Do not stand up for yourself.

Do not treat bullies like enemies.

Be a good sport, and don’t tell on the person who is abusing you.

Just sit there and take it like a good pathetic victim!

This repulsive set of rules may be the most egregious example of the seeds of cowardice and ineptitude. This is where it all starts – in schools that breed spinelessness and impotence.

Luckily, after being inundated with a plethora of parental outrage, the school apologized and sniveled and finally sent home a flyer that at the very least doesn’t encourage kids to lay down and take it like good little victims.

When the Redhead was just a little guy – all of maybe 2-3 years old – he attended a private daycare near where we used to live. A small kid I’ll call Projectile (you will understand why in a minute) picked the Redhead as a chew toy. To this day I’m not sure what in the world the mother of that kid was doing to him. He bit, scratched and hit. He ate gravel. He refused to stop, no matter how much the staff of the daycare center tried to control him.

Poor little Redhead came home every day with welts all over his body – arms, legs, neck, torso – no part of his little body was immune to Projectile’s teeth! The staff didn’t know what to do other than to lock up Projectile the entire day, but that wasn’t exactly an optimal solution. So the Redhead and I sat down and had a little talk. And by talk, I mean I taught him how to hit – how to hit hard. If you think toddlers can’t learn this effectively, you’re sadly mistaken. We practiced for several hours, and I told him that if Projectile bit him again, he was to defend himself the way I taught him.

Well, wouldn’t you know it, I got a call the very next day. Apparently, Projectile decided that the Redhead tasted better than his lunch, so he sunk his teeth into his leg yet again.

That’s where it ended. The Redhead, I was told, struck out. He struck Projectile with such a forceful punch, that Projectile apparently flew back about three feet (hence earning his nickname), and sat there dazed for a minute.

The daycare director told me that while they do not condone violence, and they had no authorization to use corporal punishment on a child in their care, they could only watch the Redhead’s strike (and applaud internally, I was told).

End result: Projectile never bit the Redhead again. Ever.

He was still an odd child. He was sort of a savage kid, who still insisted on eating gravel and destroying books and toys. But at least he didn’t use the Redhead or any other kid as a chew toy.

Sometimes, you just have to stand up for yourself. In the end, you are your last line of defense, and no one in authority should encourage the idea that your natural state is that of a victim.

That just ain’t true.

Stupidest thing uttered by politician this week


That dubious honor goes to Nanny Bloomberg – the gun-banning, soda-limiting, salt-hating tyrant from New York, who has decided to dub himself saint.

In an interview with the New York Times, Bloomberg asserted he was doing God’s work by controlling every aspect of his subjects’ lives.

“I am telling you if there is a God, when I get to heaven I’m not stopping to be interviewed. I am heading straight in. I have earned my place in heaven. It’s not even close,” Bloomberg said.

Thank goodness I’ve already decided I’m going to hell. I going, buying a hotel and charging extra for air conditioning, bitches! Because if that oozing hemorrhoid in the asshole of life is off to heaven, it would be an unbearable place to spend eternity.

No thanks.

Official “entrusted with the duty to protect and serve the American public” Serves Himself and his Pals

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My latest for JPFO.

Once upon a time, there was this agency. It was created in the aftermath of a gargantuan tragedy in a country whose enemies supposedly hated it for the freedoms it protected. The country decided to do something about this “freedom hatred,” so it created an agency that terrorized little children, victimized the elderly, stole money and property and molested passengers in airports nationwide. That’ll show ‘em! They can’t hate us for our freedoms any longer! See? It’s all for your safety!

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“Mental Health” as a Disarmament Tool


What happens to all those vets who may need some help getting acclimated when they return from downrange? Will they be disarmed? Will their personal relationship with their counselor or VA psychiatrist be revealed to anyone who accesses the NICS system, just so politicians can claim they closed that “mental health loophole”?

My latest for JPFO. Read it below.

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